Gourmet Chef achievement in Stardew Valley

Gourmet Chef

Cook every recipe.

Gourmet Chef+0.3
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How to unlock the Gourmet Chef achievement

  • Rusty Nail zhRusty Nail zh891,081
    09 Feb 2019 03 Jan 2017 17 Jul 2018
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    This is a guide to help you cook all recipes required for this achievement.

    As you may know, recipes are either learned by watching the cooking show "Queen of Sauce" on TV (Wednesdays and Sundays). Or you will get random mail from people that you befriended with their favorite recipe for you to learn.

    These friend recipes are unlocked as follows:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    All other recipes are learned by watching "Queen of Sauce".

    Below is a checklist of all ingrediens you have to keep in order to cook all recipes:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Here are all meals you can cook in picture form.


    Note: It doesn't matter if the ingrediens have silver or gold star, the cooked dish will always have the same value(s) of gold or buffs. So best to just use no-star ingrediens to cook all recipes.
    Also, please note that eating them won't count to this achievement. So if you receive meals in the mail or as loot from monsters, you still have to cook them yourself!

    Here is the link to the god-site, which will help you a lot! Not only for this achievement:


    Warning!: Please see below comment of Cower Before me - The "Cookies" recipe can glitch, if you have either a George or an Alex cutscene at the same time! Be sure to gain hearts in this house one after another. And if you're on more than 3/4 heart on one of either Evelyn, George or Alex go to the house and check if there is a cutscene.
    "Solution" to above glitch: See below comment from Axtrica - In his Winter of Year 2, Gus sells the cookies recipe in the bar.

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    Rusty Nail zh@o SeduLOUs o : Did you complete many tasks in the community center or Joja store? I've read in forums that people only unlocked certain recipes after completing tasks there, even though they had the amount of hearts required. Good thing is that Caroline only has 1 recipe to give, so you can't glitch out of a "lesser heart recipe".
    Posted by Rusty Nail zh on 09 Dec 19 at 09:57
    o SeduLOUs oI’ve already completed the community centre (via bundles not joja) and every friend is now on maximum hearts. I’ve obtained and cooked every recipe except for vegetable medley so I don’t think it’s fixable :(
    Posted by o SeduLOUs o on 12 Dec 19 at 16:36
    II DanzaaYour list doesn’t include the midnight carp and squid ink needed for one of the recipes
    Posted by II Danzaa on 16 May at 22:03
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  • Pure Pip RaptorPure Pip Raptor285,624
    27 Nov 2019 09 Nov 2019 09 Nov 2019
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    Here is a list of all the Ingredients you will need for all the recipes and what season you can get them in.
    Any questions? Feel free to ask.


    Apricot - 1. Need apricot tree.

    Blue Jazz - 1

    Bream - 1. After 6pm in river

    Carp - 4. After 7pm in mountain lake

    Cauliflower - 1

    Dandelion - 1. Foraging

    Eel - 2. after 4pm in ocean

    Garlic - 2

    Green Bean - 2

    Kale - 2

    Leek - 1. Foraging

    Morel - 1

    Parsnip - 2

    Potato - 2

    Rhubarb - 1. get seeds at Oasis

    Sardine - 2. During day in ocean


    Blueberry - 2

    Corn - 2

    Fiddlehead fern - 1. secret woods

    Hot pepper - 2

    Melon - 2

    Poppy - 1

    Radish - 2

    Rainbow Trout - 1. During Day in river/mountain lake

    Red Cabbage - 3. Summer year 2

    Tomato - 6

    Tuna - 1. During day in Ocean


    Amaranth - 1

    Apple - 1. Need apple tree.

    Artichoke - 2

    Beet - 1

    Blackberry - 2. Forage. Bushes fall 8 - 11

    Bok Choy - 1

    Common Mushroom - 3. Foraging

    Cranberries - 4

    Eggplant - 2

    Hazelnut - 4. Foraging. Click on maple tree for chance to get them as well.

    Pumpkin - 3

    Salmon - 1. During day in River

    Sea Cucumber - 1. During day Ocean.

    Wild Plum - 2. Foraging

    Yam - 2


    Squid - 1. After 7pm in ocean

    Winter Root - 1. Till dirt. Can easily find in beach soil. If you dont get it after tilling all soil. Leave. Re enter.


    Egg (Chicken) - 8

    Crab - 1. Crab pot in ocean

    Crayfish - 1. Crab pot. Found in River ponds, river, mountain lake.

    Cave Carrot - 5. Dig in mines

    Cheese - 3

    Clam - 1. Found on beach or in crab pots in ocean.

    Coconut - 1. forage in oasis

    Fish (Any) - 2

    Green Algae - 5. From fishing

    Largemouth Bass - 1. Mountain lake. Day

    Lobster - 1. Ocean crab pot

    Maple Syrup - 1. Tap maple trees

    Mayonnaise - 2

    Milk - 11. (+3 for Cheese)

    Mussel - 1. Beach

    Oak Resin - 1. Tap oak trees

    Oil - 10

    Periwinkle - 2. River crab pot

    Rice - 2

    Seaweed - 1. Ocean

    Shrimp - 1. Ocean crab pot

    Snail - 1. River crab pot

    Sugar - 16

    Sunfish - 1. River Day

    Wheat Flour - 22

    White Algae - 2. Mines fishing

    Vinegar - 4

    Void Mayonnaise - 1
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