Prairie King achievement in Stardew Valley

Prairie King

Beat 'Journey Of The Prairie King'.

Prairie King+1.8
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How to unlock the Prairie King achievement

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    Copied over from the Fector's Challenge guide, but the same points apply, you just have much more Leeway. Even with poor luck on the life drops you should have 10+ lives.

    One thing to note is that when you die coins disappear, this can make purchasing all the upgrades difficult. If you don't get ammo 2 by World 3 then this achievement is going to be extremely difficult.

    This achievement is a bit of a nightmare, but it is not impossible. With a bit of practice you should be able to reliably make it to levels 2-3 and then 3-3 without dying (these are the main pain points where you risk ending a run).

    From that point on it's just a matter of being lucky with coins, power-ups (particularly on those maps) and Fector. You'll find you can beat every map without dying if they are taken in isolation, it's just stringing those together. More a test of perserverance and luck than just pure skill.

    The outlaws and Fector both can be beaten easily with the right tactics as detailed below and should be less of an impediment to this achievement.

    In game luck (as noted on the television) does not impact on coin/power-up drops. (I still like to play on high luck days though, for the psychological boost!) However you will have varying luck each run and will need to be lucky with both coins (especially 5 coin drops) and power-ups coming at the right time.

    Purchases during the run

    Ideally you will end your run with one boots upgrade (speed), two gun upgrades (fire rate) and two ammo upgrades (damage per shot). It is possible to succeed with only the one fire rate upgrade though.

    This outlines a typical run. If you get exceedingly lucky with 5 coin drops though you may be able to get ahead of this.

    • After 1-2 you want to be purchasing the ammo box (15), purchase the gun (10) if not. If you can afford neither quit and start again.

    • After 1-4 you should purchase the other upgrade. Again, quit if you don't have both. (It's easier to restart here than finding you don't have enough coins later)

    • After 2-1 you likely won’t have enough for either the gun (20) or ammo (30). Purchase if you do. Skip the boots.

    • After 2-3 Purchase the 2nd ammo upgrade (30). If you don’t have enough for this world 3 will be impossible, this is why we skipped the boots in 2-1.

    • After 3-1 Purchase the second gun upgrade (20) if you are able to (unlikely). If not purchase the boots. If very low on coins consider skipping the boots. (Makes Fector Method #3 impossible)

    • After 3-3 Purchase either the boots (8) or second gun upgrade (20) (depending on your 3-1 choice) if you can afford it.

    Ideal Run

    To give you an Idea of an almost ideal run with drops, see below. This was the total number of coins dropped, I wasn't able to collect 6 of them so still had more than enough for all standard upgrades. (83 coins). As long as you are getting enough coins for Ammo2 by world three, a good number of pwer-ups is what you should be hoping for in a run.

    Note: This was also a high enemy number run, the power-up drops more than make up for this. You actually want a lot of enemies in a run with a good power-up drop rate. (Given any of the gun power ups make you almost invincible, and help clear Mummies in world 3).

    On a Run like this (due to the Power ups) it's much easier to make it through. I died stupidly on 3-1 on the below run, otherwise sailed through no problem and would have had the achievement.


    Total Coins: 98. I've had runs with well over 100 though.

    Below is a video of why you need ammo 2 for 3-3. This was a near perfect run, I just didn't get the coins for Ammo2 by the end of 2-3 or even 3-1. It's possible to get through 3-2 without it, but 3-3 is then next to impossible.

    2-3 Tips

    • Try and stick to the middle, just off to the left and right (not directly above a bridge) and clear the fast enemies from the left and right. The bridges will slow/block other enemies from the top and bottom.

    • Alternatively you can try camping in a corner just away from the wall. You have even fewer avenues to cover, but need quick reactions against the Moths when the spawn. I have less success with this method but some who have the achievement have used it. (Thanks to UnfurledEmu75 in the comments)

    • You'll need to move between bridges to collect power ups /coins and prevent being swarmed. Again, try and use the bridges as a block and not stand in front of spawns due to the fast enemies. Shooting into the spawns when moving here can help save some deaths.

    • Don't be afraid to use your power ups. You will need them to survive at some point, and should try and conserve them, but better to use them and risk not getting a replacement than dying for sure.

    3-3 Tips

    • There are a lot of enemies here, but this can be an advatage. The flying enemies are blocked by the mummies so you can use the horde as a buffer and focus on one/two corners.

    • Swarms of flying enemies will come (particluarly with about 25% left to go). Try and keep a power-up for these, it's extremely hard to survive otherwise.

    • Because of this you'll be a bit luck dependant on getting a machine gun or sheriff star for Fector after the 25% point as few enemies will remain and you will have likely burned your banked power up.

    • Use nukes! You now use these if you know you have enough coins for your final purchase, you can stop worrying about coins.

    • Avoid the sides as much as you can as the flying enemies spawn all over the edge.

    Easy Boss kills.


    For the Outlaws simply hide behind your cover and pop out to fire off some rounds to get them moving, then hide again. Wait until they stop moving to the left or right and shoot them diagonally. This is a safe, easy method to never die on these guys.

    Fector Method 1

    If you have a Sherrif Star or Machine gun going in, and ammo upgrade 2, this is the easiest option. He will fire directly up at the start so simply position yourself in the center, activate the power-up and shoot directly down. He will be dead before he can unleash his tracking/random shots.

    See this Video at 19:20 for an example.

    (note, not my own, I just found it useful and have linked it, credit to the owner)

    Fector Method 2

    If you don’t have the upgrades, start the same way. To then avoid his fire simply move quickly left and right and his shots will always go wild. Getting this method down should see you able to defeat him regularly without dying, consider fighting on to face him even on a run that you die on to practice.

    See this video at 21:20 for an example:

    (note, not my own, I just found it useful and have linked it, credit to the owner)

    Fector Method 3

    The standard method most use, and the most difficult. You will need at least 1 boots (speed) upgrade. Move to the far left/right corner and dodge his shots. It will take a lot of practice/timing. As he begins to spawn more enemies he will shoot less so the later stages of the fight will be easier.

    See 19:10 in this video for an example:

    (note, not my own, I just found it useful and have linked it, credit to the owner)

    General Tips

    • Coins and power ups are random, not affected by luck. You'll need a lucky run to get enough to get through.

    • All the bosses can be easily beaten with no damage when used to them. It's levels 2-3 and 3-3 that will wipe you.

    • Try and hold the centre, it gives you the most room to move and react and in later levels flying enemies can spawn at the edge.

    • Save your power ups for when you are in danger, don't just use them to clear the room.

    • When you are 'safe' collect power ups only when they are flashing if you can to maximise the time. That few seconds extra may just see you through a tight spot.

    • Try and kill enemies a little out from the middle so you can get their coins/power ups, it's no worth trying to get those in their spawn zone as it can end a run needlessly.

    • Don't use the nuke, it leaves enemies dropping no coins. (can be useful for 3-3 if you have enough coins by then though). It also glitches the bosses.

    • Enemies move slower diagonally, use this to your advantage.

    • Flying enemies can be blocked by others. This is most useful on 3-3 when you can use the mummy horde and a block to focus on the flying enemies that can reach you.
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