Joja Co. Member Of The Year achievement in Stardew Valley

Joja Co. Member Of The Year

Become a Joja Co. member and purchase all the community development perks.

Joja Co. Member Of The Year-0.3
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How to unlock the Joja Co. Member Of The Year achievement

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    27 Jul 2017 28 Jul 2017 16 Nov 2019
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    UPDATE: Unfortunately since the multiplayer patch, this method no longer works. If you want to still earn this achievement through the below method, you will need to buy and install from the disc and play offline.

    There is currently a cheat/bug/exploit where if you set your name to be certain characters, then whenever your name is said you will receive items. You could potentially earn over 300 million in one day, and tackle the JoJa achievement at the same time. I do recommend doing this on a completely separate save though (your "JoJa save") as it's incredibly game breaking.

    This video demonstrates what you need to do - it is not my video.

    In case the video gets pulled, start a new save, set your name to be [163][166]. The rest doesn't matter. You can use other numbers to get different items but there's just no point as your name isn't changeable in game.

    Once you've started, head over to the Saloon and wait for it to open at 12:00, then enter and speak to Gus. After he says hi, immediately speak to him again.

    Upon doing so, a large fish and a treasure chest - the two most valuable sellable items in the game at 5000G each, will suddenly appear in your inventory. Keep pressing A to spawn more (the video shows 1 spawn after each button press + Gus speaking to you each time, but for me I just received 4 per button press). You can fill up your inventory completely with three sets of 999 of each item, take it back to the chest in your house where you sell stuff, then head to bed to sleep. You will then receive enough money to get the 1 mil and 10 mil achievement, which in turn will give you enough money to buy everything in JoJa and get that out the way. Repeat visits are completely unnecessary as you'll have enough anything to buy literally everything multiple times over.

    This may be patched in the future (to which I'll try to remember to remove this guide).

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    Thanatos522Still works March 2019 on Xbox One
    Posted by Thanatos522 on 18 Mar 19 at 22:08
    Squ4rexThis has now been patched November 2019
    Posted by Squ4rex on 11 Nov 19 at 23:34
    OrlosNovember 2019 - iOS version still works, Xbox unfortunately not :(
    Posted by Orlos on 16 Nov 19 at 18:23
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  • Waldingo07Waldingo0764,017
    30 Dec 2016
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    This achievement requires a second playthrough from the Community Center, as buying a Joja membership destroys the Community Center. I recommend going for every achievement you can in your Community Center playthrough, as you will get many of those achievements along the way.

    In total, you need to spend 140,000g to get the membership and perks. You can make this money any way you want, but I recommend farming crops, as they are good short term investments. Certain crops can become giant crops if left in a 3x3 square after maturing. They produce twice the usual yield of harvesting right after maturity. I also recommend buying very little other than seeds and a backpack upgrade or two.

    Below are the best crops to plant in each season based on average gold earned per day. Crops that can become giant are marked with (gc).

    Crops to plant:
    Any Free Seeds: This may be a little obvious, but any seeds gotten for free should be planted
    Mixed Seeds: Seeds that become a random crop from the season they are grown in. Plant these in the summer or fall for the best possible profit.

    Cauliflower 7.92g per day (gc)
    Green Bean 7.2g per day

    Blueberries 20.8g per day
    Melon 14.17g per day (gc)

    Cranberries 18.89g per day
    Pumpkin 16.92g per day (gc)
    Grapes 16.8g per day

    The greenhouse costs 35,000g, an I recommend buying it ASAP. It allows you to grow crops in any season. Plant a ton of cranberries and blueberries in it for maximum profit.

    Good luck!
  • Zoa376Zoa376402,076
    01 Jan 2017 01 Jan 2017 13 Feb 2017
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    Since most people are going to do this on a second playthrough, I thought i'll inform everyone of an exploit that makes this achievement a little under and hour to obtain. On the 27 of Fall the Spirit's Eve event will occur at 10pm. At this event you obtain the golden pumpkin at the end of a simple maze, which can be sold for 2500g. However there is a way to duplicate the pumpkin.

    *to speed to the 27th of Fall you can just sleep away the days*

    1. Make sure you have a full inventory, this will not work without it.
    2. When you take the pumpkin from the chest, drop it on the ground a leave the menu.
    3. Open the chest again and drop another, repeat this 10 times.
    4. Once you have dropped 10, open the chest to access your inventory (during the event you can't access it normally) and delete one item. When this happens the game will pick up the 10 pumpkins on the floor and glitch giving you 512 pumpkins. DO NOT TAKE ANOTHER PUMPKIN.
    Doing this will take away pumpkins, for some unknown reason.
    5. Now leave the festival and sell the pumpkins, granting you 1.2 million, NOTE: this will also give you those money achievements if you didn't have them already.
    6. Now the next day got to the JojaMart and purchase the membership for Morris and wait a day.
    7. Now the warehouse will be built and each day you will have to buy one project from Morris.
    8. Once you've bought all 5 upgrades go the warehouse for a small cutscene and boom, achievement unlocked!

    Also for those wanted to do the exploit in there main playthroughs, the max amount of money you can get is ~3mil. To get that much you need to take out 31 pumpkins, and you will have to trash 3 items instead of one. I wouldn't recommend doing the exploit if you are enjoying the game because it allows you to get everything really early. This is good because it can cut your time in down for a lot of achievements, but it removes a lot of the challenge.

    Happy Hunting! laugh
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    DnB GnasherCame to see if this was already posted, works like a charm.
    Posted by DnB Gnasher on 03 Jan 17 at 23:37
    BoxlorTried this last night. Looks like the patch is out. Once you drop the pumpkin, the chest goes away. You can't reopen it.
    Posted by Boxlor on 05 Feb 17 at 01:25
    Chakaal Starrdoesn't work anymore
    Posted by Chakaal Starr on 06 Feb 17 at 21:44
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