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Blizzard Mountain

4.5746,8464,609 (10%)15-20 h
Blizzard Mountain

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What's "Safety"?

Beat the Ski Jump World Record (825ft) from a Danger Sign in the 1975 Lancia Stratos HF Group 4.

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  • B0BCATB0BCAT1,308,021
    13 Dec 2016 14 Dec 2016 23 Jan 2018
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    I have uploaded an AWD S1 tune called What's "Safety"? for the 1975 Lancia Stratos, Creator: B0BCAT (0 is a zero) to help with this achievement.

    Once you have upgraded your car, play through the Blizzard Mountain DLC until you earn 60 stars which will unlock the Hot Springs Danger Sign on the upper right of the map.

    Your starting point for the jump is behind the Hot Springs Bucket List Blueprint. Reverse up the snowy bank near a small rock for an extra run up. Try to reach 100mph+ as you hit the jump and aim slightly right off the ramp as you take off.

    It has been requested that I include the jump distance in metres for those using metric settings. A quick Google search reveals that 825ft is 251.46 metres.

    Thanks to AussieBigfoot for noting that it takes 60 stars to unlock this Danger Sign in the single player career.

    It has been mentioned in the comments that this Danger Sign can be attempted at any time in Online Freeroam (thanks to FullNietzsche for the heads-up).

  • Maka91Maka91985,121
    13 Dec 2016 17 Dec 2016
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    Car: 1975 Lancia Stratos HF Group 4
    Tune Recommended: S2 952 "Snow Beast" by "EndlessObject"
    Drift Zone: Hot Springs Danger Sign

    Next, you'll need to get a very good run into the ramp with the highest speed possible. To accomplish this, you'll want to make sure you keep as much grip in the corner around the hot spring before the ramp and power out with full grip. This will allow you to reach the ramp with a high speed.

    As you come off the ramp, try to aim for the middle or left. As seen in the video, it's all about maintaining your grip through the turn! Having too much speed in the hot spring corner will make your jump much shorter.
  • G00N3R01G00N3R01139,279
    13 Feb 2017 13 Feb 2017 13 Feb 2017
  • WritesCode4FoodWritesCode4Food47,156
    16 Dec 2016 17 Dec 2016 29 Jan 2017
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