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No fruit comes after death achievement in Happy Dungeons

No fruit comes after death

Resurrect allies 77 times.

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How to unlock the No fruit comes after death achievement

  • heavenbullets1heavenbullets1860,864
    09 Dec 2016 08 Dec 2016 09 Dec 2016
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    Fastest way I have found so far
    Load up chapter 2: Blazing inferno
    Level 2 Infected
    On human difficulty
    Have 2-4 players
    4 players being the fastest

    Go to the 4th room before the exit door and have 1-3 players stand in the purple poison next to each other so all can be revived
    fake soma's will pick up all 3 players
    A first aid kit will only pick up one and allso will the cleric's revive skill

    For the revives you can only carry 10 of each fake soma's first aid kits per floor if your low on these or don't want to use them up I suggest to use the cleric's revive skill which will take the longest time

    This can be done on any level with cliffs walk off them, by enemy's and room's that have the poison on the floor

    To make this the most efficient have your team die by each other as you can pick up more then one player with fake soma's

    Make sure to finish the level so it saves

    Happy hunting
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    MrKetoskyit can be done with 2 controller?
    Posted by MrKetosky on 10 Dec 16 at 19:10
    lightsup55It should be noted that...

    Happy Miracle team skill (lv1 unlocked at level 30) does NOT work for this achievement.

    Resurrect (lv1 unlocked at level 16) Cleric skill and Fake Soma (consumable) are easily the best option.
    Posted by lightsup55 on 16 Dec 16 at 05:37
    Calex dEUSDid this using 3 extra controllers and fake soma, also if your short on controllers you can use game streaming to windows 10 and use 360 pads if you need to.
    Posted by Calex dEUS on 18 Dec 16 at 22:22
    foreverzerov2this cant be done solo? i cant seem to get in a quick match with other players
    Posted by foreverzerov2 on 08 Mar 17 at 19:28
    ResinousHashishHas anyone recently tested this solo?
    Posted by ResinousHashish on 06 Aug 17 at 04:23
    lightsup55What do you mean, solo?

    You need either extra players (friends/boosters) or extra controllers signed-in as guests. Both methods work, but only with Fake Soma / Diluted Soma consumables (any class can use), or the Cleric's Resurrect skill.
    Posted by lightsup55 on 06 Aug 17 at 04:32
    ResinousHashishby solo I mean with extra controllers, and yes it can be done. Thanks.
    Posted by ResinousHashish on 08 Sep 17 at 00:40
    Cro11Does anyone know if this can be done at the end of the level after the timer has stopped?
    Posted by Cro11 on 05 Jan 19 at 17:25
    vzr326We tried it at the end gate, but if someone died after finished the quest it automatically revived by the game. I guess it's not possible to do this with stopped timer.
    Posted by vzr326 on 09 Jan 19 at 07:31
    lightsup55You can do this after the timer stops, but you must be quick. Most players choose to use the Cleric's resurrect skill, but it has a longer cooldown and takes longer to cast. You can use any tool, including First Aid Kit, Fake Soma (smaller range), and Diluted Soma. Tools are useable by any class. Fake Soma and Diluted Soma are the best tools to use, especially when reviving 3 players as you can revive more than one player with 1 Soma (all players need to die together in the same area).

    Note 1: Diluted Soma is available for purchase using Happy Jewels on Fridays and Sundays in the Item Shop. (you can get free Happy Jewels for logging-in to the game daily)
    Note 2: The tracker for the achievement won't update until you complete the dungeon (results screen) and "Saving..." appears on the screen.
    Posted by lightsup55 on 09 Jan 19 at 10:46
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