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Workin' Hard

Complete all Trials

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How to unlock the Workin' Hard achievement

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    ***MISSABLE!!!*** Unfortunately, if you upgrade your fortitude too much before doing "Geronimo" in multiplayer, the trial will become impossible to complete. Hopefully a patch will address this.

    EDIT: Changed formatting to hopefully make this guide a little less confusing.

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    Here is a listing of each trial, in case you want something to cut and paste:
    Starting Out – Get a C-Rank photo in any category.
    Getting Better – Get a B-Rank photo in any category.
    Great Shot – Get an A-Rank photo in any category.
    Fantastic Shot – Get an S-Rank photo of any category.
    B/A/S-Rank Brutality – Get a B/A/S-Rank Brutality photo.
    Tribute I, II, III – Take a Capcom Tribute photo of ANY QUALITY/A-RANK/S-RANK.
    B/A/S-Rank Destruction – Get a B/A/S-Rank Destruction photo.
    B/A/S-Rank Drama - Get a B/A/S-Rank Drama photo.
    B/A/S-Rank Horror - Get a B/A/S-Rank Horror photo.
    B/A/S-Rank Outtake - Get a B/A/S-Rank Outtake photo.
    B/A/S-Rank Conspiracy - Get a B/A/S-Rank Conspiracy photo.
    War Zone – Get a B-Rank photo of Conspiracy and Destruction.
    The Silly Dead – Get a B-Rank photo of both Horror and Outtake categories.
    Humans vs. Zombies – Get a B-Rank photo of survivors fighting zombies.
    Slasher Flick – Get an A-Rank photo with Brutality and Horror.
    Infighting – Get an A-Rank photo of soldiers and zombies fighting.
    Man’s Inhumanity to Man – Get an A-rank photo of soldiers and survivors fighting.
    Feeding Frenzy – Get a photo of 3 fresh zombies feasting.
    No Hope Left – Get a photo of a human transforming into a zombie before your eyes.
    Lemmings – Catch at least 3 zombies falling in one photo.
    Pounced I – Snap a photo of a fresh zombie mid-pounce.
    Pounced II – Catch a photo of an evolved zombie mid-jump.
    Fresh Pack – Get a photo of a pack of 5 fresh zombies.
    Fresh Horde – Get a photo of a pack of 10 fresh zombies.
    Evo Pack – Get a photo of a pack of 5 evolved zombies.
    Paparazzo – Photograph every person of Interest.
    Wide Body of Work – Take at least one photo of every category.

    Zombie Slayer I-X – Kill 100/250/1k/2.5k/5k/10k/25k/50k/100k/250k zombies.
    Wheels of War – Kill 300 zombies with the Warmonger.
    Electric Ave – Kill 200 zombies with the Kill-O-Watt.
    These Beats Are So Fresh! SSSNAP! – Kill 200 zombies with the Plunger Lure.
    Big Zapper – Kill 200 zombies with the Tripod Zapper.
    Carpet Bombing – Kill 200 zombies with the Tread Maker.
    And My Axe! – Kill 200 zombies with the Electric Axe.
    Making (Zombie) Chum – Kill 100 zombies with the Roto Killer.
    Drop the Bomb – Kill 400 zombies with the Bazooka Cannon.
    You Shall Not Pass!! – Kill 200 zombies with the Gandelf.
    65 Million BC – Kill 100 zombies with either the Flaming Helmet or the Jurassic Barf.
    Fresh Infected Purger I-VI – Kill 10/25/50/100/250/500 fresh zombies.
    Hammer Time – Kill 30 fresh zombies with the Acid Maul.
    Stop All the Downloadin’ – Kill 30 fresh zombies with a Keyboard.
    Evo Hunter I-IV – Kill 10/25/50/100 evolved zombies.
    The Food Chain – Kill 10 evolved enemies with the Fish Launcher.
    Kill or Be Killed I-IV – Kill 10/25/50/100 hostile survivors.
    Tango Down I-IV – Kill 10/25/50/100 enemy soldiers.
    Big Boy Down I-II – Kill 10/25 Exo-troopers.
    Fire Track – Kill 10 Flametroopers.
    DON’T Give Him the Stick! – Kill 10 human enemies with Hockey Sticks.
    Cool Cuts – Kill 50 human enemies with the Ice Sword.
    CQC Champ – Kill 100 human enemies with Deck the Halls or Glass Knuckles.
    Make it Rain – Kill 100 enemies with the Acid Rain.
    Stepping in It – Kill 300 enemies with traps (Floating Lantern, Suckmaster 3000, Santa Traps).
    What About the Future? – Kill 300 enemies with the Holey Terror, Umbrella Gun, or Ion Cannon.
    Fa-la-la-la-lah! – Kill 200 enemies with the Ornament Gun.
    Expellius!! – Kill 100 enemies with the Magic Wand.
    Chop Till You Drop – Kill 200 enemies with the MowerHawg.
    Deep Fry Everything – Kill 100 enemies with the Creep Fryer.
    Captain Cryonic Commando – Kill 200 enemies with the Cryonic Commando.
    Punchy – Defeat 200 enemies using close quarters weapons and unarmed attacks.
    It’s Froztee!! – Kill 100 enemies with the Froztee Penguin.
    Hole in One – Kill 200 enemies with the Bogey Monster.
    Hot Stuff – Burn 250 zombies.
    Brain Freeze – Freeze 250 zombies.
    Acid Reflux – Burn 250 zombies with acid.

    Blunt Combo Creator – Create 15 Combo Weapons of the Blunt category.
    Blade Combo Creator – Create 15 Combo Weapons of the Bladed category.
    Unarmed Combo Creator – Create 15 Combo Weapons of the Unarmed category.
    Elemental Combo Creator – Create 15 Combo Weapons of the Elemental category.
    Pistol Combo Creator – Create 15 Combo Weapons of the Pistol category.
    Rifle Combo Creator – Create 15 Combo Weapons of the Rifle category.
    Launcher Combo Creator – Create 15 Combo Weapons of the Launcher category.
    Master Combo Creator – Create one of every Combo Weapon
    Driving’s for Chumps – Destroy 100 vehicles.
    The Grinch – Destroy 50 holiday decorations.
    Willamette Sightseeing I-V – Discover 25/50/100/150/163 locations across Willamette.
    Art Watcher I-X – Photograph 5/10/20/30/40/50/60/70/80/100 Zombie Tags.
    Newsie – Collect all Newspapers.
    Number One DJ – Collect all Podcast recordings.
    Can You Hear Me Now? – Collect all Cell Phones.
    Eavesdropper – Collect all of Vick’s logs.
    A Little Safer – Level an Emergency Shelter to level 2.
    Safe and Sound – Fully level up an Emergency Shelter.
    We Own This City – Fully level up all Emergency Shelters.
    Don’t Panic – Find every Panic Room.
    Buy All the Things! – Buy 200 items from vendors.
    Asking for Directions – Buy all maps from vendors.
    Picky Shopper – Buy 50 Combo Weapons from vendors.

    Bling I, II, III – Create 1/5/10 Gold Combo Weapons.
    Like a Boss I, II, III, IV – Kill 1/10/25/50 bosses in multiplayer.
    Epic Loot I, II, III, IV – Kill 1/10/25/50 Loot Zombies.
    Teamwork I, II, III, IV – Complete 1/25/100/250 missions in multiplayer.
    Holiday Hellraiser – Complete 3 missions in episode 1.
    Plaza of Pain – Complete 8 missions in Episode 2.
    Boardwalk Butcher – Complete 12 missions in Episode 3.
    Amazonian – Complete 15 missions in Episode 4.
    Day Tripper I, II, III, IV – Complete 1/10/25/50 days in multiplayer.
    Helping Hand I, II, III, IV – Revive another player 1/10/25/50 times.
    Combat Medic I, II, III, IV – Heal allies for a total of 1,000/5,000/10,000/20,000 health.
    Looter I, II, III, IV – Loot 5,000/20,000/50,000/100,000 scrap from zombies.
    Glutton I, II, III – Eat 10/20/30 times in one day.
    Counting Calories – Survive a day without anyone dying or eating food.
    Pacifist – Survive a day and complete a mission without anyone killing a zombie.
    I Get Knocked Down – Finish a day where every player is revived once, but no one dies.
    Zombie Killer MVP I, II, III, IV – Earn the Zombie Killer MVP title by killing the most zombies in a single day 1/5/10/15 times.
    First Blood I, II, III, IV – Earn 1/5/10/15 First Blood bonuses.
    Close Call – Reach the Safehouse with less than 50 health.
    Geronimo – Lose more than half your health from falling damage without dying.
    All This Love to Give – Heal 3 different players in a single day.
    Team Building – Kill 500 zombies in a day as a team.
    Speed Demon I, II, III, IV – Be the first to arrive at the Safehouse 1/5/25/50 times.

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    magikman79The formatting has altered the base page formatting as well, making it totally unreadable when in a window & only using 1/3 of the screen in fullscreen
    Posted by magikman79 on 23 Jun 20 at 22:29
    BajerKR08.09.2020 I am doing multiplayer trials, I have done everything except Teamwork 4 and Like a boss 4, so if you want to do other trials I can help you or we can do these 2 above togheter. Add me if you want :)
    Posted by BajerKR on 08 Sep 20 at 16:28
    DA DANNYBOY24Need to do the four man multiplayer trial, Gt is the same send me a message if you’re up for it
    Posted by DA DANNYBOY24 on 28 Jan at 00:11
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  • Removed Gamer
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    30 0 4

    My friend and I discovered an easy solution to doing the 250 missions and 50 bosses easily.. let start with the bosses

    Two people are required for this, both of you will be taking turns doing this. The friend that is the host will not be doing this first. Start off by loading up episode 1 then both of you getting some Bazooka Cannons, they can be purchased from a store or make with a Toy Cannon and Chemicals which can be found in Ye Olde Toybox in the area you Spawn in.

    Now that you've done that, complete the main mission and do the kill zombies side missions up until 100/100 kills(this is so the boss spawns on day 2)then just do whatever until day 2.

    *1 Day Later*

    Now that you've got to day 2 still with your Bazooka Cannons(Make them gold if you can for bonus damage), do the main mission and any side missions that follow, once that is done it should be roughly 12 noon - 1 pm and the boss should spawn. Make sure you both run over there to the gong(DO NOT HIT THE GONG)and have the host get somewhere safe. Here's where the method comes in.

    Have the host kick you from the game and you'll notice you'll be in a game by yourself, spawn and kill the boss then join your friends game in progress, once you spawn in his/her game pick up the Bazooka Cannon( It'll be where you were last standing in his/her game before they kicked you, if not have the host drop you one that they should of picked up)
    Make sure the host doesn't spawn the boss in their game, when the day is going to end then they spawn and kill the boss so at least they get 1 kill.

    Have the host kick you, kill the boss, join back and pick up the gun, host kicks you, kill the boss, join back....yeah you get the idea

    Alright so for the 250 missions it's almost the same thing, load up epsiode 1(pay attention here) clear out the area it says to for the first main mission and it should say collect your reward to complete it DON'T collect the reward. Have the host get somewhere safe and kick you, once you've been kicked collect the reward and you'll get credit for the mission, join their game, get kicked, collect reward, repeat.

    Hope I helped everyone out! :D

    P.S if you have no one to do this with message me on Xbox asking me for help on DR4 multiplayer and I'll spend some time helping you out :)
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    Thank you for your feedback :) Glad it helped
    Posted on 24 Jan 17 at 02:17
    DonkkeyWorks like a charm!
    Posted by Donkkey on 30 Nov 17 at 04:22
    I tried several times to do the boss repeat, and it only allowed us to repeat the boss once. After coming back twice, the game split us up and glitched out.

    As for the 250 missions part. It worked. Best to start and go and get the zapper tripod in the camera store. it clears the enemies in any store quickly, even running up to get it and coming back down to clear the store down stairs is worth it. by 11am you finished your mission and you can get 8-10 or more completed before 9pm
    Posted on 22 Feb 18 at 01:48
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