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2.397,2053,829 (53%)1-2 h

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Show off your vehicle air control skills in the desert.

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Achievement Guide for GoatBall

  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi1,952,946
    07 Dec 2016 07 Dec 2016
  • Mr GizzardsMr Gizzards241,284
    08 Dec 2016 09 Dec 2016
    72 2 6
    If you are like me and crap with the car, theres another way.
    Just use the flamingo and fly through the hoops, with this method, you don't even have to go through the green hoops that proceed the ramp. Just stand the pink birdie at the base of the ramp, the hoop will light up infront of you. Take flight and glide through the airbourne hoops.
  • PensiveOregonadPensiveOregonad763,441
    15 Dec 2016 15 Dec 2016 08 Jan 2017
    27 2 3
    Just an add on to Mr Gizzard's solution: The green rings seem to disappear after a few seconds, but they are still there: just invisible. You can still fly through them even though they are invisible if you remember where they are.
    21 Dec 2016 24 Dec 2016
    22 2 1
    For this achievement you need to drive/fly through 6 rings, The rings are located at the dirt track on the left side of the map. You can do this achievement one of two ways and I am going to show you the glitched way. Choose the flamingo animal then fly through each ring the ring does not have to be visible when you go through it you just have to make sure to pass through each one. Once you pass through the last one your achievement will pop

    If you need any more help I will leave my video guide below.

    *please note even though I have my flamingo as a dinosaur this is not required and I just decided to be a dinosaur for the banter*

  • Stuffyjimi18Stuffyjimi18557,848
    07 Dec 2016 09 Dec 2016
  • BoogieBoogie591,082
    30 Mar 2018 30 Mar 2018
    7 0 0
    Other solutions weren't working out for me I was terrible at flying as a flamingo. So I figured something else out, use the wheel mutator to pause time. You have to unpause and pause after passing through the ring to get the next one appear but as long as time is paused you can fly as the flamingo to the next ring at your own pace.
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