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The Big Score

Find all the trophies on the Payday Level.

The Big Score-0.1
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Achievement Guide for The Big Score

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    For this achievement you need to pick up all 20 of the trophies in the Payday map:

    Trophy 1: Is found where you first spawn on top of the flamingo's cage

    Trophy 2: Is found on top of the building next to the pirate ship, the building on the right-hand side when you are facing towards the sea.

    Trophy 3: Is found south of the pirate ship quite nearby, at the end of the fork of the water before you go into the water.

    Trophy 4: Is found behind the hut on the beach if you go past the pirate ship and then turn to go towards the town you should see a hut/building on the beach that has the trophy behind it.

    Trophy 5: when your standing at trophy 4 and look towards the town you should see a building with an advertisement on it next to the train track, the trophy is on top of that building under the advertisement.

    Trophy 6: On top of the 2nd biggest building in the map. (The big building in the town that doesn't have the whoopie cushion on)

    Trophy 7: half way up the biggest building on the map at the back there is an outside bar, number seven is behind the bar.

    Trophy 8: on the very top of the casino (big red building at the top of the map)

    Trophy 9: inside the casino in the middle of a ring of 8 betting machines.

    Trophy 10: in the town, there is a big building that is black and blue, in the alley behind that building you will find number 10 with the rubbish.

    Trophy 11: In the chicken shop in the town which is the building to the left of the black and blue building, the trophy is in the kitchen

    Trophy 12: In the prison courtyard, The Prison is directly opposite the chicken shop and you can get into the courtyard from the outside you will find number 12 there.

    Trophy 13: Behind the chicken shop there is a large advertising board the trophy is on the scaffolding/ walkway around the bottom of the sign.

    Trophy 14: west of the large advert there is a bank which is an easter egg for one of the missions in the real payday. Trophy 14 is on top of that building right near to the flute band.

    Trophy 15: Is on the top of the floating island which is next to the football pitch on the west of the map.

    Trophy 16: Is found near the entrance tunnel for the train near the floating island. If you follow the tracks until you see a trampoline on the ground, jump down next to the trampoline. one of the walls in the corner is made of wood that looks a bit crooked. If you hit that wood you will find a secret room with the trophy inside.

    Trophy 17: Is found Under the large outdoor cinema screen found on the west side of the map.

    Trophy 18: Is Found in the caravan park next to the race track, behind the biggest white caravan. Between the caravan and the hill next to the set of ladder's you will find it.

    Trophy 19: Is found on the end of the pier next to some sunbathers at the pond at the south-west corner of the map.

    Trophy 20: Is found at the race track in the sandy part of the map. It is hard to describe where is but there are two large rocks in the middle part on top of the small of the two rocks youwill find the 20th and last trophy once you have collected that your achievement will pop.

    If you need any help finding these trophies or would like a video guide to visually show you where every trophy is I will leave a link to my video guide below

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