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Brain Basher achievement in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

Brain Basher

Put a stop to the mechanized madness!

Brain Basher0
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How to unlock the Brain Basher achievement

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    Slight spoilers as this is the last boss in the game.

    The Tinkerbrain boss has two phases and can be easily defeated or a pain in the ass depending how upgraded you are. If you go for the 100% you have the magic tiara and the invincibility shield for this fight. Just activate them and whip away. If not then it is wise to stock up 9 potions (fills health and magic to full) or you will have a bad time in the second phase.

    The first phase is relatively simple, activate invincibility if you have enough (or infinite) magic. The boss has two big screws where its ear should be. When one lights up, run it the OPPOSITE direction until it lights up completly green and 5 coil comes up. Whip them with your hair until they spark brightly (you can do two at a time on average). The boss attacks are realtively easy to avoid:
    - targeting attack: just keep moving in either direction
    - pilar of laser: run in the opposite direction
    - bouncing cogs: you can either time it and run under them (easiest with the mouse) or just fly up in the air with the harpy until it stops

    The second phase is harder and could be annyoing if you can't get to time your shots right. Honestly I always did this with invincibility since it is really easy to get hit by the flying genies around the boss. So now the boss has a rotating force field around him with an opening slowing down or speeding up from time to time. The genies around the boss have an invincibility force field from the start and shooting at you constantly both on the floor and in the air. One genie always drops his field from time to time. After a few jumping whips with your hair this unprotected genie turns into white energy. When the opening of the force field is behind the energy ball, you need to jump and hit it to send towards the heart of the boss. After 10 or so successfull attempt the boss is defeated and you get the achievement.

    Worth to note there is another boss before the Tinkerbrain, Risky Boots. Her fight is pretty simple however she has tons of health and the reason she is in to wear you down. If you don't have your attack upgraded, the Armored Bikini, the item which halves your magic consumption to half and at least the weaker healing dance you will run out of healing items for the Tinkerbrain. The fastest way to defeat risky is a fully upgraded hair and either pikeballs or scimitars around you all the time.

    Fun Fact: the Risky Boots fight is the same as in the first (Gameboy Color) Shantae Game
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