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Quick Collector

Achieve 100% completion as fast as possible!

Quick Collector-2.5
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How to unlock the Quick Collector achievement

  • smozak7smozak7805,357
    29 Dec 2016 31 Dec 2016 01 Jan 2017
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    Since there Isn't a proper guide up yet, for now I'll just leave a few tips.

    Firstly, the required times are:
    Any% - 3 hours
    100% - 4 hours

    Play on Hero mode (unlocked after beating the game) this gives you all base transformations from the start. This way you can speed through most stages using the Harpy form.

    Copy your save into another slot before entering Risky's Hideout.

    After beating the any% time, reload the copied save and backtrack for all additional items.
    You should have plenty of time for this (took me just under an hour for the backtracking).

    Make sure to use every transformation atleast once, otherwise you wont reach 100%.

    Additionally, going for some of the easier to reach Heart Containers on the Any% part may save some pain with some of the trickier bosses.

    If you find yourself stuck for money, use the Gem Jug transformation in the Bath House with Max Attract for infinite gems, it takes about 10 to 15 mins to reach 999 Gems. You may need to do this if like me you skip most of the stages with the Harpy form the first time through.

    Lastly, pausing the game (entering the item menu) pauses the timer.

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    Bucko13bDone it twice now and neither speed run will unlock. Did something change?
    Posted by Bucko13b on 17 Mar at 15:24
    Davvvide 3I just wanted to add that there is a glitch involving the gemjug, blobfish and Sophia III forms.
    They are required for the achievement, but if you have one of them equipped when you collect the last item for 100% completion the achievement may glitch and not unlock... That's what happened to me.
    So just pay attention and give them back to the snake merchant before reaching 100% completion.
    Posted by Davvvide 3 on 19 Mar at 04:50
    KylnnTheLostMissed the regular run by 7 minutes :/ oh well lol
    Posted by KylnnTheLost on 04 Jun at 04:55
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  • AussieG17AussieG17519,619
    13 Mar 2020 07 Apr 2020 07 Apr 2020
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    Attached is a playlist for my 100% Walkthrough on YouTube, I show you how to complete the game and pick up all of the achievements in a single playthrough (including the speedrun AND 100%).
  • DanTheWhaleDanTheWhale485,191
    15 Jul 2019 04 Apr 2020 04 Apr 2020
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    Here's a guide I wrote up a while ago in July of 2019 but had forgotten to post. It outlines a run through the game in order to go through the game and I believe achieve 100% completion. Let me know if there's anything that needs to be updated! Happy hunting!

    First off, it's important to note that pausing the game also pauses your timer.

    You will have 4 hours to complete this 100% run.

    Make sure to use each transformation at least once.

    1. Talk to Uncle
    2. Talk to Bolo in bathhouse then talk to towel lady in bathhouse
    3. Talk to item shop person
    4. Give magnet to uncle
    5. Go to Sky's hatchery
    6. Go to Main street
    Kill 30 pirates in chef house, return health permit for salted caramel
    7. Kill TinkerSlug (first boss)
    8. Grab mermaid falls map from towel lady at far right of scuttle town
    9. Go to mermaid falls
    Get bat dance from top left of Mermaid Falls part 2
    10. Free Mermaid boss
    11. Give salted caramel to girl in bird place
    Give monster egg to lady outside bird place
    12. Give bird seed to bird guy in item shop
    13. Give Copper Ore to Uncle
    14. Talk to Mayor on streets
    15. Go to Tassel town
    16. Use Crab to get first Skull in first pond (1 skull)
    17. Use Bat to get gallery key, Tassel Town part 2
    18. Use Bat to get over to chest by wooden platforms (Heart Locket)
    19. Give two gator steaks to racer chicks for race ticket (1)
    20. Go back to Mermaid Falls
    21. Use crab to get skull in first pond (2 skull)
    22. Go back to Mermaid falls and help Grandma Blowfish for race ticket (Get crab snap) (2)
    23. Get third skull with crab near Grandma Blowfish water (3 skull)
    24. Get fourth skull near two blowfish (4 skull)
    25. Bring two tickets back to zombie girl at Scuttle Town
    26. Bring dark shard to Uncle
    27. Go to Cape Crustacean
    28. Kill the twins
    29. Go down second set of hatches for gallery key
    30. Go down third set of hatches for Heart holder
    31. Go to Main Street part 1 and get Heart Locket using crab in pipe
    32. Use crab in second pond to get green stone
    33. Go back to Tettle Town and go in portal for Spider Dance
    34. Get elephant stomp from man at bottom of worm tunnel (get all remains to get SICK)
    35. Use mouse maze half-way up to get gallery key
    36. Push block out of way on right side for another gallery key
    37. Build big mouse maze on left side for another gallery key
    38. Go through statue on left near top for another heart holder
    39. Go through maze next to last step and then portal to get mouse bite
    40. Use spider at top of maze to get heart holder
    41. Go back to beginning of tassel town, go to purple block that can be stomped, get skull (5 skull)
    42. Next to previous skull go through pipe and through fire shooters to get heart holder
    43. Go back to Mermaid Falls then use elephant stomp on fire (1 scrap metal)
    44. Go through to next area of first part and go through portal to get Mermaid dance
    45. Go to Mermaid Falls second part and stomp flower on bottom for (2 scrap metal)
    46. At middle of going up second part on right side is a block to stomp, this chest has another gallery key (6 gallery key)
    47. Go to very top with cave entrance to get (Data Chip)
    48. Go back to Scuttle Town and stomp flower on left for scrap metal (3 scrap metal)
    49. Go back to Cape Crustacean, go to second area, at first hatch go down and use elephant to get gallery key (7 gallery key)
    50. Move to Crustacean part 3, use spider at top part before going down and through door to get red stone
    51. Go down platform near two lasers, stomp flower for scrap metal (4 scrap metal)
    52. Get to part with many chains, go to right side with elephant blocks, go through this monkey bullet maze to get heart holder
    53. Go back to Scuttle Town and give Sick to doctor for the Lollipop
    54. Go back to Mermaid Falls, in part 1, get skull in second pond (6 skull), then use crab for another skull (7 skull)
    55. Go all the way around to the right in this pond for next gallery key (gallery key 8)
    56. Go through mouse maze at second Naga, once through give Lollipop to wizard for Light Shard
    57. Go up to left-side platform, use bat to go right, go through mouse maze, get gallery key (9), get heart holder
    58. Go back to Scuttle Town, give Light shard to Uncle
    59. Go to Hypno Baron's Tower
    60. Go straight through middle, drop down a level then through door, up one level, through door to get heart holder
    61. Go back through same level door, go down a level then all the way to the right
    62. Go through second part, kill squid and hypno baron
    63. Get Harpy after fight
    64. Go back to Main Street (final time), go all the way to right, use mermaid in third pond and go through pipe to get Vorpal blade
    65. Go to second part, fly straight up to get Waterfall relic
    66. Go to spot with cracked blocks, use elephant stomp to get (scrap metal 5)
    67. Go back to Scuttle Town, give Vorpal blade to knight, get Grandma hat
    68. Give Grandma hat to Grandma Blowfish, get Mermaid bubble
    69. Go up nearby waterfall, through portal, get Harpy Talon
    70. Go in second pond down and over for skull (skull 8)
    71. Go to right side of pond, through pipe, up waterfall for heart holder
    72. Go up nearby waterfall, through portal, get Harpy Talon
    73. Mermaid falls part 2, before two light bugs, break rocks and get skull (skull 9)
    74. Go back to tassel town, go to second body of water, break rocks, get skull (skull 10 final)
    75. Go through nearby pipe for Iron Slab
    76. Go back to Cape Crustacean, third part, go to platform where scrap metal was, go to right with mermaid, up first waterfall, up second waterfall, down fifth waterfall, down fourth, get gallery key (10 final)
    77. Go to third part of level with small hole in wall, use harpy to go through dark maze, get Spider Venom
    78. Go back to Hypno Baron's Castle, get to ceiling, go through portal for Bat Sonar
    79. Fall down farthest right hole at ceiling, get zombie hamster
    80. Get Magical Tiara by turning in all gallery keys
    81. Give Uncle the hamster and iron slab
    82. Give items to Techno Baron, Hypno Baron, Ammo Baron then Squid Baron to get velvet poster
    83. Go back to Hypno Baron's Castle
    84. Go through two doors traveling right, give Velvet poster to Frankenstein lol
    85. Give Squid poster to Squid Baron
    86. Talk to Uncle to magic thing
    87. Go to Risky's hideout and finish the game
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    Osmo76Just started doing my second playthrough in Hero mode. Right off the bat I realized that you don't mention anything about obtaining the Monkey Bullet.
    Posted by Osmo76 on 03 May at 12:25
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