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Untouched achievement in Paladins: Champions of the Realm


Win a match where the enemy team scored no points.

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How to unlock the Untouched achievement

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    Your account level must be at level 5 to play against other humans which is required for most achievements.

    How do I unlock Untouched?
    You must stop the enemy team from earning any point. Points are earned in various ways depending on the game mode you have selected.

    The way to score points in Siege is capturing the payload, pushing the payload to the objective, and defending against a team that has initial capture.
    You must capture the payload and push it all the way twice to score all 4 points and not allow the enemy to score any points

    For a more detailed explanation of Siege:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    The way to score points in Payload is by pushing the payload to the objective or defending against the other team when it's their turn to push the payload.
    You must capture the payload and stop the enemy payload to score both points and not allow the enemy to score any points.

    The way to score points in Survival is by eliminating the other team before they eliminate your team.
    You must win 5 rounds in a row to score all 5 points and not allow the enemy to score any points.
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    DoonDoonsSame as AliceFairy 4 - 3 but they didn't deliver any payloads.
    Posted by DoonDoons on 28 Mar 17 at 21:31
    guns vs kittensJust won this on a Siege mode game, the score was 4-3, the enemy team definitely scored points. Not sure how it popped but figured I'd report it in.

    Also, the enemy team DID deliver the payload. It was 0-2(they capped and pushed), then 1-3 (they capped and we stopped them), then 3-3 (we capped and pushed), then 4-3 (we capped).

    One more note, I also unlocked the 100k damage achievement this game, though at the end stats screen it shows I only did 89,428 damage. I'm pretty sure these achievements are all glitched up. I also unlocked the achievement for killing someone 100 units above ground a few matches ago, but I was just killing a Viktor who was ulting.
    Posted by guns vs kittens on 31 Mar 17 at 15:07
    TranierxConsidering the game is still in beta, I'm not surprised this (and other achievements) are glitched. I'm going to hold back on including this in the solution as it's still beta, but if people are still reporting this after the game launches, I'll include it.
    Posted by Tranierx on 02 Apr 17 at 16:51
    Lord KhazmirI won a PvP match 4-0 and no achievement. A couple of games later I lost a game 3-4 and the achievement unlocked. My theory is, that if you at any point win a game 4-0, then the achievement will unlock eventually at any given time.
    Posted by Lord Khazmir on 26 Apr 17 at 18:52
    Lord KhazmirCome tothink of it, it may be that I won when not being lvl 5 and when I reached lvl 5 it unlocked. Cant tell though.
    Posted by Lord Khazmir on 26 Apr 17 at 18:54
    Okidokie98I just won a game of siege with 4-3 and the achievement popped, it is for sure bugged, or something like that...
    Posted by Okidokie98 on 06 May 17 at 13:41
    REJECt444Just won a survival match 5-3. Got the achievement to my surprise. I should note too that this was the very first public match I played after hitting level 5.
    Posted by REJECt444 on 23 May 17 at 14:58
    Leo AscendentThis is either still glitched or poorly worded. I played my first PvP match, I was Pip (seems a lot of people are, but probably a coincidence) and played.... whatever the mode is where you just hold one point King of the Hill style, 400 to 1XX something and unlocked it.
    Posted by Leo Ascendent on 04 Aug 17 at 21:42
    TranierxIt's glitched. Just read half of the comments.
    Posted by Tranierx on 04 Aug 17 at 21:59
    ThaHawkaI too just completed a game of Siege, with our team scoring 4 and the other team 3. Buggy.
    Posted by ThaHawka on 01 Sep 17 at 01:03
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