Survivor achievement in Paladins


Survived more than 50 battles with less than 10% health.

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How to unlock the Survivor achievement

  • TranierxTranierx399,284
    06 Jan 2017 05 Jan 2017 29 Sep 2017
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    Your account level must be at level 5 to play against other humans which is required for most achievements.

    How do I unlock Survivor?
    You will see a meter below your health bar. This will meter will deplete and, once depleted, will regen health. You will have to get below 10% of your champions health (Champion's Max Health * .1) and not take any damage for a while to regen. You must restore all of your health for this to count.
    You can view your progress under Profile >Awards

    What Champions are good for this?
    Any Champion can earn this and, if you're planning on playing this for a long time, this should come naturally, but naturally, some champions are better to disengage than others.

    Pip - Solo/Fastest Method
    Pip can inflict self-damage, so simply point the weapon to your feet and shoot until your health is lower than 10%.

    Blink travels short distances which can allow you to get around corner good, but the real reason she's good at escaping is Soar. Soar allows Evie to not only move quickly, but to fly as well.

    She has Smoke Screen which gives her Stealth for 3 seconds if she enters it. Her ability Hidden also gives her Stealth for 3.5 seconds. Along with the invisibility, she gains a 25% movement increase. Enemies close to a stealthed Skye can see her.

    Hustle allows you to run for an unlimited amount of time at 65% of your regular speed, but you're still grounded, so you may get hit by a stray bomb.

    I don't see anything on my award screen.
    The award screen seems to be broken right now. Once you play a game the award screen will break. If you see a broken awards screen, simply quit out of Paladins and launch it again.

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    AL1With the new training mode, I did this with Pip in about a game and a half of Onslaught. Still waited until I was only human player in the match though. I also did not have to regain all my health. As soon as the health increase 'cooldown' ended (bar under your health), I started shooting again.
    Posted by AL1 on 15 Feb 18 at 18:56
    Hero2NoneWont keep progress in onslaught training. Trying with Pip
    Posted by Hero2None on 18 Jul 18 at 23:10
    meanmachine832Anyome had any luck with unlocking this recently? I can't seem to make progress
    Posted by meanmachine832 on 26 May at 23:06
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  • Tyson1800Tyson1800481,201
    06 May 2017 06 May 2017
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    Just to clear up some confusion I had on my end. All you need to do is use Pip and weaken yourself by shooting your feet until you have less than 10% health ( 250 hp ) and then let yourself recharge to full. Rinse and repeat 50 times. Don't need any sort of combat or "battle".
  • McGradyatorMcGradyator210,741
    19 May 2017 19 May 2017
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    Just like Tranierx and Tyson1800 said pip is indeed the best character to get this quickly because you can shoot yourself until you get to below 10% health. I found that when I was doing this during a round all of my teammates got upset with me. A suggestion so you don't piss off your teammates is to get 4+ times of damaging yourself below 10 % while the objective is being capped in siege and then once your team or the other team caps play the round normally and then rinse and repeat until you get the achievement. This took a bit longer but it's more fun this way and you won't grind too many gears this way. It took me 4 matches to complete this and I was already at about 20/50 towards the achievement. First time making a guide let me know if I should improve it.
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    KiRRAYNE+1 for a solution that doesn't hurt others :)
    Posted by KiRRAYNE on 16 Aug 17 at 12:34
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