Questions Later achievement in Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Questions Later

Deal damage to every enemy champion in a match before any of them damaged you.

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How to unlock the Questions Later achievement

  • iMaginaryyiMaginaryy1,530,928
    15 Mar 2017 15 Mar 2017 26 Jan 2018
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    Using the starting character Kinessa seems a reasonably surefire method of getting this done.

    NOTE #2: CRUM LEE has noted that this can apparently be done in the training mode now, making it far easier. 1/25/2017

    Kinessa is the starting sniper character. Try to hang back, not be noticed, and use cn_LT to zoom in and cn_RT to fire. It often helps if you lurk around corners or stick between two boxes or other pieces of cover. Be very aware of counter-snipers.

    You need to hit each member of the enemy team (usually 5 unique players) at least once before any of them damage you at all. If you're careful and sneaky enough this can be done very easily.

    VGM 007 has an addition to this method, details in the comments, but revolves around:
    "Throw your mines right near where the Payload is spawning and when the other team runs out to start pushing the payload, they'll all take damage from the mines."

    This may take you a few tries, but can certainly be done with this method pretty quickly. I got it essentially by accident while trying to get the "Sniper" achievement (which you have to be quite far away for).

    If it helps, I was playing on the map that has the huge dock over the water, I'll update when I find the name of the map or if someone comments to help :) Can be done on any map though. Must be done against other players.

    NOTE that you must play against bots until your account level is 5 upon starting the game before playing against other players to unlock achievements. This usually takes 4-6 games depending on if you win and how well you play.

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    KiRRAYNEMay want to add a note that this can now be done in the "Training" game mode now. The bots are really bad... making this super easy.
    Posted by KiRRAYNE on 26 Jan 18 at 00:55
    iMaginaryyDone! toast
    Posted by iMaginaryy on 26 Jan 18 at 01:08
    thomaskoratGot this with Viktor. Long-range, and long-range grenades.
    Posted by thomaskorat on 15 Jul 18 at 11:25
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  • CondaConda318,682
    01 Apr 2017 02 Apr 2017
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    I just wanted to offer another character option for this achievement, especially since you cannot select the same character as another player in a match.

    I found Viktor was a good character to attempt this achievement with as his grenade can be used to hit multiple enemies without having to be exposed for very long. You need to hit each enemy at least once before any of them hit you. I can also confirm that stupidly hitting yourself with your own grenade (thankfully) does not stop you from unlocking this achievement.

    Hang back from the rest of your team, giving the other team a chance to group up on the point and be distracted by your teammates. Head off to the right or left of the point and on your way, throw a grenade using cn_LB at the point (where hopefully the majority of enemies are waiting) then flank the enemy to pick off any snipers that are lurking nearer their spawn point. Hanging around corners and behind cover really helps for this achievement.

    As mentioned above, your account level needs to be 5 before you will play other players and be able to unlock achievements.
    08 May 2017 08 May 2017 08 May 2017
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    This achievement requires a player to rely on stealth. Skye is the perfect character to use. Her Hidden and Smoke Screen skills make it easier to navigate throughout any map without being detected by opponents. Use the following cards for maximum efficiency:

    *Cloak III ( this allows players to remain invisible for 6 seconds on the battlefield. This gives players enough time to setup a distance position and accurate aim on an opponent)

    *Specter II ( this ability grants invisibility for 3 seconds when Skye is within it radius. Note: Skye does not have to stay inside of the smoke screen for her invisibility to remain active. Touching the smoke screen once is enough)

    *Ninja II ( This allows Skye 16% additional movement speed while Hidden/ Invisible. This will give players the necessary speed to move from one enemy's location to another in a short amount of time)

    *Shadow Affinity IV ( this ability shortens the cool down time for Skye's Hidden skill by four seconds. This is also required due to decreasing the waiting time to reuse this ability, allowing players to become invisible as soon as possible)

    *Dissipate I ( this increases Skye's movement speed by 15% whenever a player enters the smoke screen)

    The technique is to use Skye's Hidden ability first. Once an opponent is struck, preferably from behind, you will become visible. Quickly toss a smoke screen at your feet, granting you three seconds of invisibility. Smoke Screen is used for retreating. Repeat this method on Siege style multiplayer matches. Master this combination. And, in no time, players will gain this achievement with ease.
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    LiquidSodasI got this completely unplanned in an onslaught bot/training match playing Pip.
    I just ran to the point and started firing instantly, the whole enemy team must’ve walked headfirst into the slaughter.
    The bot matches are good for grinding out Battlepass quests.
    Posted by LiquidSodas on 12 Jun 18 at 11:31
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