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Last One Standing

Be the only player alive in a match.

Last One Standing+0.3
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  • TranierxTranierx359,296
    14 Jan 2017 04 Mar 2017 26 Jul 2017
    22 1 12
    Your account level must be at level 5 to play against other humans which is required for most achievements.

    How do I unlock Last One Standing?
    Just to clear any confusion about the achievement, "Be the only player alive" means everyone, both your allies and your enemies, must be dead at one time while you are alive. In turn, this implies that you got the last kill or the enemy killed themselves.

    This is a very luck dependent achievement as it's not easy for multiple people from both teams to die simultaneously and, while a 12 second respawn time makes this more plausible, this achievement will still be hard to unlock in Siege and Payload. Even with 45+ hours on this game, I have yet to see this happen in a real game.
    Having a Skye on each team seems like the best way to earn this achievement as her ultimate is able to deal immense amounts of damage while surprising the enemy team.
    Boost Method (Requires 10 People):
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Should work similar to Siege. Very luck dependent.
    Boosting method should work similar to Siege. Would like confirmation on this.

    Removed Game Mode Solutions
    As a few comments have pointed out, Survival has been removed. It feels strange that the developers would just remove a game mode (then again it is beta), so I'm keeping the solution in a separate spoilers tab just in case.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
  • BellstenBellsten280,524
    08 Sep 2018 08 Sep 2018
    8 2 6
    Queue for Team Deathmatch Training with 9 bots and on the Abyss map, as soon as the game starts the bots will walk of the starting platform resulting in 9 bots dying at the same time.

    Side note
    It will take a few tries for the game to register it like most of the achievement issues in this game, so keep trying until it unlocks. It took me like 5 tries.

    Kudos to MthsD for this trick
  • YuumedaYuumeda161,889
    09 Aug 2018 11 Aug 2018
    4 1 1
    This achievement is NOT glitched:

    Change the server to Australia or Brazil so you are alone with bots
    Go in Team Deathmatch Training and Terminus (A small map would be the best).
    Charge your Ultimate, save it, wait near the point, once all your bots teammates are dead, go on point, die, Ultimate, kill the last one if he's not dead and you should have it.

    You need to do the Penta when all your allies are dead, Skye's Ult. also works but I did it with Terminus
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