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Kill an enemy player from over 300 units away.

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Achievement Guide for Sniper

  • Siren SaintSiren Saint412,035
    21 Mar 2017 21 Mar 2017
    20 2 3
    A fairly simple achievement, get a kill at 300 UNITS take note this is not meters and I have only needed to be about 80-100 meters away for it to pop. There is also a little trick that works better than the actual snipe.

    You're gonna want Kinessa she wields the sniper rifle that once scoped takes 1-2 seconds to charge. When fully charges it will half or kill a hero regardless of their distance from you but you have to get the finishing blow. ALSO Kinessa has a deployable shock mine that deals damage over time! Drop two of these bad boys on the point and backing up to a far distance can snag you the achievement in no time.

    Best Maps
    Timber Mills - - - Near the spawns while the enemy team is escorting
    Frog Island - - - there are several places overlooking the point but again distance is key
    Serpent Beach - - - again from spawn but this time aiming onto the point

    Benefits of dropping your mines on point and running away are, you don't need to aim and they can and will target several enemies probably snagging you 25G in a game or less of trying.
  • mformemesmformemes73,943
    12 Apr 2017 22 Apr 2017 22 Apr 2017
    12 0 0
    This is a fairly simple way to get the sniper achievement! All you need is torvald, if you do not have him you can get him for 200 crystals or 5000 gold! This tactic works on any map where you can knock them out into the water or over a cliff (most maps) all you need to do is charge your ultimate and then find someone to kill! Now use your ultimate and try to aim them at the top of your hyper beam and throw them into the water or off the cliff! The achievement should pop up after that!
  • 6 1 0
    Using N3ON Saints information on the maps, the easiest way to do this is with Viktor.

    Earn your mortar strike ability then line up as far away as you can from the capture point then when enemies are in there, just call in your strike.

    With a sniper you aren't guaranteed a kill unless the enemy doesn't move. With the mortar strike they can run but you are likely to get them with the splash damage.
  • Fir3Blad316Fir3Blad316499,890
    30 Apr 2017 01 May 2017 01 May 2017
    6 3 0
    Very easy way to do it extremely quick!

    Champion: Torvald (Ultimate ability)

    Map: Fish Market

    +another Achievement "Send Off"

    Here is a Video
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