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Bounty Hunter

Kill an enemy player who is on a 15 killstreak or higher.

Bounty Hunter-0.1
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  • TranierxTranierx346,425
    14 Jan 2017 14 Jan 2017 16 May 2017
    28 4 4
    Your account level must be at level 5 to play against other humans which is required for most achievements.

    The misconception about Eliminations and Killstreaks
    Let's start off by defining things for the clarity of the solution.

    An elimination occurs when you deal damage to an enemy and they die within a certain time after you have dealt the damage.
    Your eliminations are visible on the Scoreboard during the game (view with cn_back).

    Killing Blow
    A killing blow occurs when an enemy dies due to you dealing the last bit of damage nessecary for that player to die. When a player deals a killing blow, it will be displayed in the kill feed to the bottom right (Killer x Victim).
    While the total number of killing blows is not shown, it will always be equal to or less than the number of your eliminations.

    Elimination Streak (Killstreak - According to the game)
    ES - Elimination Streak
    Whenever a player gets an elimination, the clearly shown, in-game killstreak (I will refer to this a ES) will go up. If a player dies, their ES will be reset to 0.
    Any player's current ES is visible on the Scoreboard. It is the one in the fire by their name. Your personal ES is displayed on the bottom left.

    Killing Blow Streak (Killstreak - According to the achievement)
    KBS- Killing Blow Streak
    Whenever a player gets a killing blow, the hidden achievement killstreak (I will refer to this a KBS) will go up. If a player dies, their KBS will be reset to 0.
    Your personal KBS is only visible when you reach a KBS of 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, or 15. An enemies' KBS is never clearly shown, instead you will have to hear an audio queue that plays when an enemy gets a KBS of 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, or 15. A player's KBS will always be equal to or less than their ES.

    So what does that all mean?
    When people report that this achievement isn't working, they usually say, "I saw the enemy had a 15+ killstreak and I killed him and didn't get my achievement." The number they are referring to is the one in the fire by a players name when they view the scoreboard which, as stated above, is their ES not their KBS.

    Getting Eliminations > Build Elimination Streaks (THIS IS NOT THE CORRECT KIND KILLSTREAK)
    Getting Killing Blows > Killing Blow Streaks (CORRECT KIND OF KILLSTREAK)

    This is very confusing and I think it may be a mistake the way it works, but for now this is how it works. If you are still confused or something has changed, feel free to comment below or send me a message.

    How do I unlock Bounty Hunter?
    Firstly, you will want to go for someone with a large KBS, not just a large ES.
    It is very hard to tell who has a large KBS, unless you are listening closely. When ever an enemy gets a KBS of 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, or 15, the announcer will state similar phrases that depend on the KBS that the enemy is on. The varies levels include:
    3: Killing Spree - "Enemy killing spree"
    5: Rampage - "Enemy rampage"
    7: Unstoppable - "An enemy is unstoppable"
    9: Savage - "Enemy is savage"
    11: Immortal
    13: Godlike
    15: Annihilation
    As soon as you hear a KBS that is 9 or above, look at the kill feed in the bottom right of your screen. The kill feed goes from most recent kill at the bottom and least recent kill on the top. The Champion at the bottom should be the one with the high KBS, but you can double check their ES to make sure (since their ES has to be equal to or greater than their KBS).
    I would suggest keeping an eye out for them and actually counting their KBS since the announcer can sometimes talk over himself.

    What Champion should I use?
    I would suggest using a Champion with high DPS (damage per second), but, more specifically, a high DPS ultimate to more easily take out opposing players. These will most likely be your Damage and Flank heroes.

    How do I boost this?
    1. Create two groups of five, change your region (Play > Region) to Australia or Southeast Asia (these seem to be the least active) and queue together.
    2. When the Match Ready menu pops up, make sure no one confirm. If there are no confirmations, you will know that you have found each other. Confirm.
    3. Let them come to your spawn and let them kill you until they reach a 15 KBS.
    4. Kill them.
    5. Remember to return the favor!
  • el tuaya argel tuaya arg262,109
    01 May 2017 02 May 2017 25 Jan 2018
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    In addition to the very detailed explanation on Tranierx's solution, this is the way I came up to boost this, which can save you lots of time... Because finding both boosting parties on any server can be hard, frustrating and very time consuming!

    1) form one single group of five. Try to pick all Damage or Flank champions, and avoid Support or Frontline champions.
    Damage champions have the greatest damage output and can deal the most damage per second. Recomended players: Victor, Tyra, Drogoz.
    Flank champions have the greatest sneaky skills and can get you past the first enemy line quite easily so you can attack from behind. Recomended players: Skye, Lex, Zhin.
    Basically pick whichever Champion you're most confortable with. You will only need to get 1 kill.
    Also bear in mind you can use your Ultimate attack for easy wipes.

    2) find a Payload match, go out there and get your asses kicked over and over again. Just don't shoot, don't do anything but rush to the objective and get killed.
    If you are lucky, enemy players will just attack you right after you leave your base, making everything a lot faster.

    Payload has been removed from the game and is no longer an option. Any casual or arcade Siege mode would be fine. Just avoid TDM because the game will be over when the team reaches 40 kills, and also Onslaught, which lasts a max of ten minutes.
    Both of these might just not give you sufficient time to complete the task.
    I recommend spending your in-game credits on the yellow trait Morale Boost which will increase the charge rate of your Ultimate.

    3) as enemy players increase their kill count, you will want to keep track of the kill log in the bottom right corner of the screen to be certain which enemy player delivered the killing blow. You can assign one of your players to keep specific track of only one enemy player, that way you can be sure that an enemy player has gotten their fifteenth kill (not eliminations, but 15 actual kills).

    4) once that happens, go berserk on him/her. Focus your entire team fire on that single target. Remember to use your ULT if it's ready. After you kill them, try and see if there is time for a second enemy player to make it to 15 kills and then kill them too. Otherwise, just let them win already, and move on to the next match.

    5) At this point, 1 player has unlocked the achievement. In the following match, repeat the process but this time only four players will attack when it's time to attack, while the rest can keep rushing to the objective in order to gain time, or distracting enemy players so your teammates can get their kills.

    All 5 members of your party should unlock this achievement within 3-4 matches.
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