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Phenomenal Cosmic Power in Trove

Phenomenal Cosmic Power725 (100)

You have attained Power Rank 10000

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LV 1 Blue Slime
720,535 (344,563)
LV 1 Blue Slime
Achievement won on 27 Oct 17
TA Score for this game: 4,451
Posted on 24 May 17 at 22:37, Edited on 08 June 17 at 01:46
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Alright I'll take a crack at this. A lot of things affect your power rank.

-Mastery. Each level of mastery gives you 2 points of power rank. So if you want the mastery level 300 achievement, you'll have at least 600 PR by the end. If you check the collections menu in-game you can see any of a zillion things you can do for mastery. Maybe one day I'll write something for that too, but it's not worth covering for a mere 600 PR here.

-Level. Each level gives 15 power rank, for a maximum of 450 PR at level 30. Depending on whether Lady Luck is on your side, you might be level 30 before you reach PR 10k PR.

-Ally. Your ally gives a certain amount of power rank based on it's rarity (and/or stats?). Anywhere between 5-75 here. You can see how much PR it gives in it's stat window when looking at it. There's a ton of them, so I won't say too much about them since they give so little PR.

-Dragons. Each dragon buff you get adds 30 PR. While they are worth the effort long-term they take a long ass time, so you should be looking elsewhere if you're rushing to 10k PR.

-Vials and Emblems. Your healing flask and flask emblems gives 25 PR each, for a potential total of 75.

-Equipment. Your weapon, face and hat all add PR. Trove has your typical rarity system, with blue, green, orange, red etc items. Black items are shadow, and these are the ones you should concern yourself with. Items below this can't be upgraded to a new tier. So relic items can't be upgraded to resplendent quality, and as a result you should only use stuff below that until you have shadow stuff. Once you're to the point where shadow items can drop (seems like uber 3 or 4ish), you should start looking for shadow equipment that has good stats for your class. For that, I used this spreadsheet, which is not mine and I take zero credit for it :

The important thing to note is that you can reroll the 3rd and 4th stats with a Tentacle of Q'bthulhu at a chaos forge, so if the top two stats are what you need, the rest can be rerolled to what you need later on. Equipment only has 3 stats, so to get a 4th stat on an item you need to use a Pearl of Wisdom. These are quite rare, and I've only really seen them from chaos chests, which require patron or spending real money right now. They can be purchased from the marketplace though. Once you have the equipment you like, you can start upgrading it. To upgrade from star level 1-5, you just need Eyes of Q'bthulhu and flux up until stellar rarity. Once you reach star level 5, you can upgrade it to the next rarity, and that requires special stuff. Note that rings add to PR, but cannot be upgraded. So what you get is what you get. Boxes with random ring drops can be made with the ringcrafting bench, or you can buy rings from other players. Anyway, upgrading rarity looks like this.

Shadow level 2 - Nothing special, just Eyes and flux.
Shadow level 3 - You need (2) twice-forged souls, which you get from loot collecting shadow level 2 items. Or from the marketplace.
Shadow level 4 - You need (2) thrice-forged souls, which you get from loot collecting shadow level 3 items. Or from the marketplace.
Shadow level 5 - You need (2) quad-forged souls, which you get from loot collecting shadow level 4 items. Or from the marketplace.
Radiant - You need 3 penta-forged souls and 3 purifying dragon flames. The souls come from loot collecting shadow level 5 gear. The purifying dragon flames can be made at the dragon crucible in the hub world. Both can be purchased from the marketplace.
Stellar - You need 2 forged radiant souls and 10 shaper's stars. The souls come from loot collecting radiant or stellar gear. They can be purchased from the marketplace. The shaper's stars are not nearly as simple, and you can't buy them from the marketplace. Step 1 is working on the shadow tower. You need titan souls, which come from the first 3 bosses in the shadow tower (1 for each boss in the normal tier, 2 from hard, and 3 from ultra difficulty). With 5 of them, you can buy a shaper's key. Now, when you have 5000 PR, you can head to the shores of everdark uber-8 world. You want to finish a shadow coliseum here, and then at the end you can open a vault with the shaper's key to get shaper's stars. It would be nigh impossible at 5000 PR, but whenever I go there other people are doing it, so I just show up and pretend to help or work with them to do it, depending on how high they are. You get 2 stars per key in uber-8, and 3 from uber-9. Need 10k PR to enter uber-9 though. The shadow tower is a weekly event, so needless to say you'll be stuck at radiant rarity for quite some time.

Lastly, another note about those Pearls of Wisdom. Each stat can have 2 pearls, with a maximum of 8 total for an item. They give a boost to a random stat that doesn't have 2 pearls already. Not worth the trouble unless you really need the PR, or intend to keep the item you're using them on forever.

Gems - My equipment is maybe 20% of my PR, and gems are the other 80%. Gems are where most of your PR will come from, and they're also both heavily time-gated and very RNG dependent, so strap yourself in for this step. Refer to the spreadsheet I linked for the stats you want on your gems. There's 3 types of gems. You have normal gems and empowered gems, and also class gems (these go in empowered gem slots). You can equip 2 normal and 1 empowered gem for each of the 3 elements, and the slots unlock as you level up. Normal gems can go all the way up to stellar rarity, while empowered are only either radiant or stellar. Normal gems are acquired from gem boxes you get from finishing dungeons, and the higher the difficulty of the world (i.e. uber 1 or uber 9) the better the quality of the gem. Empowered gems can only be acquired from empowered gem boxes, and all the ways to get them are time-gated.

-You can get an empowered gem tome from the store with real money to get one box every week, or buy it from the marketplace, though it's quite expensive.
-You can get one box for each lunar soul from the shadowy market in the shadow tower. They are earned from the top boss in the shadow tower (daughter of moon) and you get 1 from normal difficulty, 2 from hard, and 3 from ultra. So you can potentially get as many as 6 in one week. This resets every Monday morning. I think it's about 6 AM central time.
-If you go to leaderboards in the main menu and then check the contest tab, you'll see the leaderboard contests running. There are generally a few for PR in certain classes (this week is knight, tomb raiser, candy barb), and a few for other things. This week it's mastery and monsters killed. On the right of the leaderboard you'll see a prize list, and most of them tend to have an empowered gem box as a reward, though the rank needed for it may vary based on the board. For the class PR usually you just need to be rank 25000 or higher. I have 500 PR on a knight and I'm rank 19000 or so, so these are easy gem boxes. You can get other useful stuff too, though the competition near the top tends to be intense. I was on vacation the week that blocks destroyed was one leaderboard, and I would have had to spend my entire vacation breaking blocks to stay in the top 250, so balance effort with reward here.
-At an Adventuer's Crafting Bench, you can make a stellar empowered gem box out of empowered gem fragments. You need 10 fragments. You get 1 from loot collecting a radiant empowered gem, and 2 from loot collecting a stellar empowered gem. This box guarantees a stellar empowered gem. Though if you're like me you'll always get boned by the stat RNG.

Finally, class gems are acquired in much the same way Shaper's stars are. The difference is the key can either be found whole in an empowered gem box, or you get a fragment from an empowered gem box, and you'll need 3 to complete the key. With this you can head to the shores of everdark and finish a shadow coliseum, then use the key on the vault to get a class gem. While this will have the damage type for your class (magic for tomb raiser for example) you can still be boned by RNG, like how both of mine so far had useless ass health regen. I would also google around for your class, as not all class gems are actually useful, so you may just want 3 regular empowered gems in your slots. One final note is that you can only equip one empowered gem ability at once. So, you can't have 2 gems called pyrodisc, because you can only have one empowered gem with that ability.

As you've probably caught on by now, RNG can bone the hell out of you with gems. Not only can they spawn with shitty stats for your class, but they can spawn with anywhere from 1 to 3 stats, and it seems gems with 3 stats from the start are better and give more PR than ones that don't. Those 3 stat gems usually have 2 stars on them to start for normal, and empowered usually has 3. Once you have gems you like, you need to upgrade them. For this you need gem dust and flux. You get small stat gains for every level that isn't a multiple of 5, and at 5, 10 and 15 you get a big stat boost or you get another stat (20, 25 etc just give a stat boost bigger than the other levels, but lower than 5, 10, 15). This is why you want a gem with 3 stats to start. If you have one with 2 stats, and you get to level 5, instead of that big boost to a stat already on the gem, you just get a 3rd stat instead. Gem dust is acquired from loot collecting gems of that element, though gem boxes can also give gem dust. Also if you check the shop's deals sections, you can sometimes find gem dust boxes for free there. Since 15 is the last big boost, the consensus is generally to leave them at level 15 until you have stellar gems with the absolute perfect stat setups you want and every gem at 15. Another thing to consider is that gems can break when trying to upgrade them, so you would have to buy a regeminator to fix them, which costs cubits you should be spending on other things (like flasks/emblems/dragon coins). To remedy this you can use boosters like the clovers, which stop a gem from cracking, but are used each time you try to upgrade a gem. You can get these from tomes and also from the leaderboard contests.

The main thing to remember with gems is that if all your gems aren't stellar, you're going to get rid of the gems you have now eventually. So your main concern is getting just strong enough to enter higher difficulty worlds and get better gems, limiting the amount of dust and flux you use to upgrades things to situations where you can't progress any farther and have no choice. If you don't mind leeching, you can enter the highest level uber world you can enter at X:00 time (8:00, 9:00 etc) when the hourly challenge is happening. There's generally a bunch of people running it, so you can tag along and get gem boxes even if you can't solo anything there. Sadly I'm only sitting at about 6k PR, as all the empowered gems and class gems I've been getting have been subpar for my class (or physical damage, which is useless for me). So you may be stuck for a few weeks trying to get to 10k, but RNG has to go your way eventually. Surely?

Anyway, that's a lot more typing than I expected to do. If you have any questions or corrections or whatever, feel free to comment.
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