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Glorious Gladiator

You have walked the fields of battle, and proven your worth

Glorious Gladiator+1.9
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  • xBLTx HoT RoDxBLTx HoT RoD196,534
    23 Mar 2017 23 Mar 2017
    15 1 17
    To unlock this you need achievement you simply need to reach level 50 in Trove's PvP, which can be accessed through the Battle Portal in the Hub World in the building to the left of where the main portals are. It can also be done through PvP portals in club worlds if there are enough people to get the matches to start. To help speed up the leveling process make use of the +50%/!00% Arena xp on Sundays, or when the weekly bonus is somehow PvP related. This is quite an annoying achievement, so I will go into some more detail below.

    This will take a very long time no matter how you play the PvP. You have to actively play the games to get the rewards at the end as far as I'm aware, so you need to get at least a kill, a flag capture, or a flag return for xp to be counted at the end of the match. I found the Candy Barbarian to be the best all around class for winning matches, as it can one hit with it's Candy Cone ability, but is also tanky and relatively fast, which allows it to capture and defend simultaneously. Losing games rewards nearly no xp, and I believe this is because xp bonuses only apply to the winners of the match, so winning will make the grind a lot shorter.

    To put it in perspective, I have just gotten to level 50, and my stats show me that I have 258 games won out of 490 games played, and 152029 seconds recorded in PvP, which is close to 43 hours. So be prepared for a very long, annoying, and really rather crap grind as you can't bring your teammates into the regular online very easily, so you have t rely on teammates that don't know where flag capture points are, or what a flag is in a lot of cases. Hopefully, this will help someone in some way to reaching level 50, because it is worse than getting to 300 mastery.

    PS - Use /stats in the in-game chat and scroll up to see your PvP stats for games played etc.

    PPS - When a double PvP xp event is on, play on Sunday as a win gives a lot more xp than normal. Also, Patron doubles xp, or at least adds a little to it, so try getting that too if you are a high enough level.
  • JayCubzJayCubz304,428
    06 Feb 2019 18 May 2019 19 May 2019
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    When the developers added Uber 10 into the game they added bomber royale as a means of getting this. To get this in bomber royale you need to get 500 total kills. This should take about 20 hours more or less so you should probably save this achievement for last. If you're having trouble finding people you may have to wait for saturday (xp day) to play. TRACKEY has commented on the older solution to type "/stats" into the game chat to check how many bomber royale kills you have.
    If you're new to the mode or having trouble here is a link to the basics . I would especially pay close attention to where it talks about powerups. Knowing about how they work and what they do will make you a better player. The more powerups you pick up the better. The rubber bomb is your main source of damage so the rubber bomb powerups should almost always be your #1 priority. When you're using your rubber bomb don't throw it directly at people. You could throw it at the ground and have it bounce to where a person is heading or throw it at a wall and have it ricochet towards them. You could also use the blocks of the world to your advantage. Anywhere you see a 90 degree angle where two blocks are touching you can throw your bomb in that corner to make it blow up much quicker. The climbing claw is only used for staying alive or getting somewhere else quickly. You should always have a health powerup on you; you can only carry 1 so if you're next to another just use the one you have and pick up the new one so nobody else gets it. The lava bomb isnt great for killing and is mostly just used for limiting people's options. The sticky bomb's explosion goes through blocks so its smart to hide the location of where it's thrown rather then just throwing it out in the open. If you're chasing someone down it can be a good idea to throw a sticky bomb ahead of them, limiting their options and then spamming your rubber bomb in the new direction they go towards. When someone is chasing you don't go in a predictable direction. I would only use the bomb jump as a means of damage to another player if you think they're under 5000 health. I suggest that you learn the layout of the maps and where the powerups spawn so at the start of the game you have a route in mind you can use to grab powerups before other players get to them.
    Being in enclosed spaces can be dangerous but will net you a lot of kills if you know what you're doing and are better then the person you're fighting. Some maps have waterfalls you can use to save yourself if you fall off the map, just go in the middle of the waterfall block and spam a to go up. I'm not sure if this has been patched yet but sometimes there's a glitch that happens that creates a infinite source of water you can abuse and stay in til someone kills you, which is not easy. Don't be that guy that abuses it, chances are you probably won't be getting many kills in it anyways. Remember you're here to get 500 kills in this mode, don't hide or wait for people to come to you.
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