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You destroyed 1,000,000 blocks

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How to unlock the Blockbuster achievement

  • JbeansemJbeansem209,947
    23 Dec 2016 23 Dec 2016
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    The sad part is no matter how you complete this achievement, it is incredibly time consuming.

    That being said, I believe the fastest way to get this achievement is using the Boomerang class. The Boomerang class's RB ability is to drop a bomb. Used correctly, this bomb can get you 250~ blocks every time.

    First, dig straight down until you are very deep in the ground. Drop a bomb and throw a boomerang. Every time you throw a boomerang it reduces your cooldown time. Then, switch to build mode and dig straight forward like 3 depth. Throw your boomerang a second time and you'll have your bomb back. Rinse and repeat.

    With this technique, you only have to repeat roughly 4000 times. It will take you around 9-12 hours of doing it repeatedly.
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    Hurricane HamAny idea if this is character or account bound?
    Posted by Hurricane Ham on 25 Dec 16 at 18:17
    xBLTx HoT RoDIt's account bound and you can keep track of your progress either by the leaderboards for blocks destroyed or by checking your gameplay badges that you can accumulate.
    Posted by xBLTx HoT RoD on 28 Dec 16 at 14:35
    GUYS GHOSTNoooooo :( my time
    Posted by GUYS GHOST on 04 Jan 17 at 22:47
    SquiggleBucketIf you have a mount that can shoot while flying then you can shoot with cn_RT while you are gliding, and each fireball will destroy about 10-40 blocks. This easily adds up and if you're gliding around anyway you might as well just tap the button lol. (The only mount I have found that can shoot is the beta dragon that you get for buying any of the real money packs, like the 5$ starting pack. I'm sure any of the mature dragon mounts can, but that's the only one I have currently.)
    Posted by SquiggleBucket on 09 Jan 17 at 00:12
    D4rkTrooper90You can speed this method up vastly by using the bomb ability at the top corners of the holes your bombs make, since the bomb blows up everything above it it's still destroying 250 blocks at a time and saves you from constantly digging tunnels. The Chronomancer Qubesly ally also reduces cooldown times by 25% but is quite expensive, there are several allies much cheaper or as rewards that give 10% too.
    Posted by D4rkTrooper90 on 12 Jan 17 at 22:48
    LarkiasYou can also get this quickly with the Primordial Flame Dragon, which has a much faster rate of fire (you can literally just hold down cn_RT while flying for constant fireballs). This requires you getting a Diamond Dragon Egg from an Empowered Gem Box. I'm not sure how rare they actually are (I got 2 in a row after buying a Gem Box pack, which was annoying at the time because I really wanted Empowered Gems).
    You'll also need 400 Dragon Coins, 4000 Fire Gem Dust, and 100K Flux to craft the Dragon.
    Posted by Larkias on 05 May 17 at 04:58
    ikilledbeckaI’ve just hit the 1M destroyed and my achievement isn’t unlocking. Any ideas and how to fix it? Before if you went to the achievements in your profile that would cause it to unlock but that’s currently not working for me.
    Posted by ikilledbecka on 12 Nov 17 at 06:38
    Legohead 1977My upvote includes the comments, the Primordial Fire dragon and it's fast firing really helps this.
    Posted by Legohead 1977 on 19 Apr 18 at 14:55
    KiRRAYNEThought I was close to this, but then I checked my /stats. Only 150,000 blocks destroyed so far redface
    Posted by KiRRAYNE on 27 Sep 19 at 14:20
    KiRRAYNEUp to 900,000 now, not really focusing on it since I still have other time consuming achievements that will take another 50+ hours.

    Fortras is another great Dragon for destroying blocks. You have to repeatedly press it, but it destroys more blocks at once. I also use this Dragon to get to Dungeon bosses quickly. He shoots straight down instead of forward so it's easier to aim.
    Posted by KiRRAYNE on 17 Feb 20 at 18:20
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