Update 1.0.0: Ender Update

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Update 1.0.0: Ender Update

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Beam Me Up

Teleport over 100 meters from a single throw of an Ender Pearl

Beam Me Up+4.0
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Achievement Guide for Beam Me Up

  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m3991,869
    29 Jun 2017 13 Jul 2017
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    Note: Host only. You can not unlock this achievement by joining yourself or someone else on a different device.

    In this world, kill the ender dragon, then take the teleporter, and press skip to skip the credits
    Go up the ladder in the back, from there, get the ender pearl from the chest and throw these somewhere downstairs. You will teleport to the location where the pearl will land. This will most likely be 100 meter or more away. (the platform is about 80 meters high, and you will most likely throw 20+ meters away.) If it still doesn't unlock, use the higher platform or make sure that you are hosting the world on the device you want to unlock it on.
  • SashamorningSashamorning1,793,698
    29 Dec 2016 05 Jan 2017
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    Note: achievements may not pop immediately, or may not show as having popped. Look at the achievement button in the game to see.

    Posting this for Itzz Sh0wt1m3 since he doesn't have a Gear VR right now.

    You're going to want to go here to his dropbox for achievement worlds:

    Download "SUPERWERELD4.44.zip"
    Once you've unzipped it, go to on your device and open the folder: /sdcard/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds

    (If you are running this off your phone, leave just look for the games folder in the root directory.)

    Open the unzipped folder. You'll see another folder. Move this into the minecraftWorlds folder. Yes, copy all the files when it asks. Now play the world.

    You should start with a very weak Ender Dragon above you. If you like (and it's a good idea to do now), use a potion in your inventory to get a glass bottle and capture some Dragon Breath for this:
    Minecraft (Gear VR)You Need a MintThe You Need a Mint achievement in Minecraft (Gear VR) worth 90 pointsCollect dragons breath in a glass bottle

    Kill the dragon. If you don't already have it, you'll get this:
    Minecraft (Gear VR)The EndThe The End achievement in Minecraft (Gear VR) worth 120 pointsKill the Enderdragon

    Then jump into the End Portal, getting this:
    Minecraft (Gear VR)The End?The The End? achievement in Minecraft (Gear VR) worth 58 pointsEnter an End Portal

    Skip the credits by pressing A twice.

    Now find a high ladder. There's one in the world, or one against one of the back walls. Go to the top, equip the Ender Pearl, look into the distance (in the direction of the ground, to be sure), and press LT. You should go far enough to pop, since height counts for distance.

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