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Ranked Games & The Spades Affiliation

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Ranked Games & The Spades Affiliation

Ranked: Diamond achievement in Prominence Poker

Ranked: Diamond

End a ranked season in the Diamond tier.

Ranked: Diamond-1.5
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How to unlock the Ranked: Diamond achievement

  • TheDude722TheDude722544,164
    14 Dec 2016 19 Jan 2020
    20 24 77
    Edit: Standard point structure and other info added near bottom

    You need to earn a Ranked rating of 1300 or more to be in the Diamond Tier. You must be in this tier when the "season" ends. Each season lasts until end of month minus one day.

    According to prominencepoker.com, the achievements do stack. So if you reach and stay in the highest tier, you'll pop any locked lower tier achievements.

    Here is the info for each tier:
    Tier Name... Points Required... Buy-In........ Season Reward
    Bronze......... <1000................... 5000........... 20000 chips, loot case
    Silver............ 1000-1099........... 10000......... 50000 chips, rare loot case
    Gold............. 1100-1199........... 20000......... 150000 chips, epic loot case, nickname
    Platinum...... 1200-1299........... 50000......... 500000 chips, epic loot case, nickname
    Diamond...... 1300+ ................. 100000....... 1500000 chips, legendary loot case, nickname, golden stogey table item

    There are two modes (Tournament & Head-to-Head) and each mode has its own separate ranked progress.

    When the season starts, you must go through a Provisional phase. In this phase, you play 3 Tournaments before beginning your Ranked Tournament progress and/or you play 3 Head-to-Head games before beginning your Ranked Head-to-Head progress. Each provisional game has a 10000 chip buy-in and a 500 chip Entry Fee. Once you finish your 3rd game in either mode, you get a rating increase or loss based on your performance in those 3 games.

    You gain or lose rating by playing Ranked games. I recommend playing Ranked Tournaments if you can usually make the top 3 almost every time. While winning gets you a good amount of ranked points, you still get points for placing 2nd or 3rd. Play smart poker and you can usually outlast 3 players to get to the money spots.
    A normal Tournament has this point structure
    1st place = 30 points
    2nd place = 18 points
    3rd place = 6 points
    4th place = -6 points
    5th place = -18 points
    6th place = -30 points

    A normal Head to Head game has this structure
    1st = 20 points
    2nd = -20 points

    If a player of a higher rank (diamond/platinum/gold) joins a lower game, the points change according to how much higher their rank is to the rank of the current game. So the lower ranked players' points range goes up and the higher player's points range goes down.
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    If you can add to or modify any of my info, please leave a comment.
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    LuckyKant^On that positioning, I would say it looks like the previous season impacted your score. I also seemed to be higher than expected after provisional h2h.
    Posted by LuckyKant on 07 Oct 17 at 04:51
    JBS 80@ TheDude772 / LuckyConquerer2

    Thanks for the quick replies. This seems to be in line with what I experienced last week. I had planned to get my last 3 tier achievements one per season (Gold last season, Platinum this season, Diamond the next). I guessed you picked up from where you left off ranking points wise, based on how quickly some people hit 1300+ at the start of each new season. But I finished last season about 1115, and after 3 top 3 finishes in provisionals this season I was given a rank of 1086 points. This is obviously lower than 1115 + 3 top 3 finishes should be, but I think higher than a "starting" rank, as is your 1123, so I believe there is some carryover from the previous season.

    However, I don't think I could stomach a 1206 to 1123 drop at the start of next season (or worse if results went against me), so I think I'll try push for Diamond this season. This might be a bit ambitious, as I don't yet know how hard it gets nearer that 1300, but I'll give it a shot. I'm 1135 now and there's 23 (I think) days left, so that's an average gain of 7-8 points per day required.
    Posted by JBS 80 on 07 Oct 17 at 20:07
    TheDude722it gets harder to rank up while you are Platinum for a few reasons... it's harder to match up with other Platinums or higher, so the games have Golds quite often, and if you lose to any of them, your points suffer... then the other Platinums are usually trying to seriously go Diamond as well, so they offer up more competition than the impatient all-in'ers of lower ranks
    Posted by TheDude722 on 07 Oct 17 at 20:53
    TheDude722I just won a tournament, personally knocked out all 5 players, and only got 30 ranked points for my efforts. Totally lame. I miss Full House Poker and WSOP Full House Pro.
    Posted by TheDude722 on 11 Oct 17 at 02:33
    Mike731Pretty sure knocking out other players has no impact to your points earned, yes you get more points towards your rep, but it won't matter for the tourney ranking.

    Personally I think the ranking system is for the most part fair, I mean Connor McGregor got his butt kicked by a 10 year old, should he still be a top ranked contender? Same here, if you are in Platinum and lose to a bronze it's going to hurt more than if you lost to another Platinum player. Opposite, if you beat that bronze player it shouldn't be worth a ton (similar to if McGregor won a fight against the lowest rated fighter, it shouldn't boost his rep anything at all).

    Yeah there could be some improvements, but honestly some achievements aren't meant to be unlocked by everyone....if they were this website probably wouldn't exist. laugh
    Posted by Mike731 on 19 Feb 18 at 21:09
    LuckyKantMMA is a lot different to poker. You cannot train the cards.
    Posted by LuckyKant on 19 Feb 18 at 22:30
    InterracialManaged to wing it and get into the Diamon Tier somehow. Took a long time to unlock this considering I started collecting achievements on this game years ago.

    This popped with the Platinum Tier achievement at the same time. Good grind on this game. Thanks for all the guides and advice posted up here on TA!
    Posted by Interracial on 07 Sep 19 at 12:38
    TheDude722added some info that was long overdue... let me know if I can add more

    if you voted negative in the past and feel the current info is sufficient, please consider changing it to positive
    Posted by TheDude722 on 19 Jan at 20:13
    alcaraz666I dont understand the rage about this achievement, I decided to do it in heads up rather than 6 man tournaments because ei was having more success there, maybe a dozen games and I'm up in high gold, already playing and competing with plats
    Posted by alcaraz666 on 11 Aug at 11:16
    TheDude722Cool... my luck just hasn't been in the cards like that for me. I got close a few times, but most Diamond players don't just hand me wins.
    Posted by TheDude722 on 11 Aug at 20:03
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