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Starting Over 2017

In Breakdown, pack up the RV and move your community in January.

01 Jan 2017 until 01 Feb 2017

Starting Over 2017
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Challenge Guide for Starting Over 2017

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    1. Just go about as usual in Breakdown.
    If you don't have a save that's ready to move on start up Breakdown level 1, from there find a community.
    2. My suggestion while waiting for the RV mission to pop up is to get 20 "construction material" and 5 "fuel" (atleast that was what I needed) for repairing the RV so you have the materials ready for when you get the mission.
    3. From there repair the RV (takes 30 minutes), also I needed to locate a driver for the repair.
    I don't remember if the item that's needed for the repair is random or if it's always the same on Breakdown level 1.
    4. After that move on to Breakdown level 2 and the achievement should pop smile
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