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AKA Swede
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Get 3 stars on all levels

14 November 2017 - 3 guides

How to unlock the Perfectionist achievement

  • GerbasgamerGerbasgamer1,341,993
    20 Jul 2017 20 Jul 2017 20 Jul 2017
    13 4 8
    Below I will list my scores for each level I completed with 3 stars.

    First Steps - 1653
    Fly Momo Fly - 3538
    A Challenge - 4695
    City of Xio - 10070 (9000 should be enough)
    The Gate - 6449
    Guaka - 12900
    Freeing Fry - 3458
    A Friendship - 4057
    Kuton - 5376

    Some general tips:
    While time and the bonus you get from it can be important, in some levels its much more important to get as many little stars as possible (including secret ones).
    Completing challenges will help increasing your score. Try completing as many as possible if you only manage to get one or two stars.
    Try to die as few times as possible in a level and make sure to get bonus health if you lose a life.
    If the achievement is not unlocking even though you gained 3 stars in every main level, play one of the bonus stages and fail immediately. It should unlock afterwards.

    Level specific tips:
    A Challenge - hit the target in the second area of the game, then use the lane on the left side to go back to the previous screen and shoot the little fella across the bridge for 1400 points. There are more stars on the 4th and 5th screen.
    City of Xio - Get as many stars on the flying section as possible. There is a secret star hidden on the right side near the end of the flying section worth 500 points. At the end of the level you need to hit a switch to open the final door. Hit the switch, then try to get your ball to the very right of the screen, where a secret door will open for another ~400 points.
    The Gate - On the second screen, there is a switch on the right hand side, which will lower a platform on the upper left. On the next screen hit the switch then use the opening on the left. Finally on the next screen, there will be two secret opening in the walls that need to be hit three times.

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    SERPENT SUICIDEThanks for the tip Rusty Nail zh.
    Posted by SERPENT SUICIDE on 29 Jan at 23:41
    ChucklestyleHad to go into another level for this to pop. You have no idea how thankful I am that the flying panda level isn't required.
    Posted by Chucklestyle on 06 Feb at 09:27
    XpovosHad a hell of a time with The Gate. I had to complete three challenges on the level so that the extra 15% score bonus pushed me up high enough. Got three stars with 6188. The fourth challenge was beating the level in 2 minutes, so that would be 20% and seems doable.
    Posted by Xpovos on 20 Apr at 02:14
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  • Bu5hr4ng3rBu5hr4ng3r24,388
    31 Dec 2016 31 Dec 2016
    12 5 0
    The requirements to get 3 stars on a level are as follows:

    1. Finish the level in the fastest time possible (I believe it's best to aim for under 3 mins)

    2. Finish the level with 3 hearts of health remaining

    3. Collect as many stars as possible

    If you are finding that you missed some stars on a level, do a challenge from that level then replay the level trying to collect as many stars as you can and finish the level as quickly as possible while trying not to get hit.

    Some of them will take a few tries because it does take some luck. Hope this helps!
  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi2,216,133
    16 Dec 2016 19 Dec 2016 31 Dec 2016
    13 11 10
    Getting 3 stars on the levels is pretty easy. You only have to get 3 stars on the 9 levels that have challenges. You don't need to get 3 stars on the 3 green bonus levels. I would recommend working on the challenges before worrying about getting 3 stars. I got 3 stars on all the levels without trying while beating the challenges for a level. Also after finishing the challenges on a level you'll get a score bonus which will make getting 3 stars even easier.

    *Seems like you just need to play one of the bonus levels*

    If you don't get 3 stars on a level after doing the challenges just play through the level quickly while collecting a lot of stars
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    BiLLzuMaNaTiPlay the levels and get points. You shouldn't even have to try for it just go for the challenges and you'll most likely get 3 stars since you have to play each level 5 times which was the point of me making the solution.
    Posted by BiLLzuMaNaTi on 31 Dec 16 at 03:42
    Sol76Pfff thnx for telling that you do NOT need the bonuslevels. I was trying to mop up the stars in chronological order , but got stuck on the flying level with all the donuts and pizza's ( the dutchy's must have smoked something during some of the work ) but i will skip it as soon as I get back to it. A very big + from me!
    Posted by Sol76 on 02 Jul 17 at 19:58
    BiLLzuMaNaTiLol no problem toast
    Posted by BiLLzuMaNaTi on 02 Jul 17 at 20:25
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