Artifact Archaeologist achievement in ARK: Survival Evolved

Artifact Archaeologist

Personally retrieve all the Artifacts.

Artifact Archaeologist0
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How to unlock the Artifact Archaeologist achievement

  • nicklesminernicklesminer364,126
    08 Jan 2017 09 Jan 2017 31 Oct 2017
    122 13 64
    In single player just use these cheats:

    admincheat summon artifactcrate_1_c
    admincheat summon artifactcrate_2_c
    admincheat summon artifactcrate_3_c
    admincheat summon artifactcrate_4_c
    admincheat summon artifactcrate_5_c
    admincheat summon artifactcrate_6_c
    admincheat summon artifactcrate_7_c
    admincheat summon artifactcrate_8_c
    admincheat summon artifactcrate_9_c

    Codes have since been enabled for 10/11
    admincheat summon artifactcrate_10_c
    admincheat summon artifactcrate_11_c

    Thanks to dizturbd for posting 10/11 codes originally.

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    FinderKeeperReposting the comment by Darth Maul FTS from 2 December 2018:
    "Just fyi spawn them in one at a time press Y them LB to pick them up achievement popped right after #11"

    That worked. The information in the original solution is incomplete, so I am downvoting it until it is updated with the information Darth Maul provided.
    Posted by FinderKeeper on 24 Jan 21 at 07:23
    Karlos2121I couldn’t get #10 to spawn. 1-9 and 11 did no problem tho…but I was on “the center” map

    I decided to jump into the original map “the island” and then 10 dropped in for me. Achievement popped after grabbing that last one with LB.
    Posted by Karlos2121 on 08 Jun 21 at 17:48
    Shadow QuakerCan confirm that it works 6/11/21
    Posted by Shadow Quaker on 11 Jun 21 at 14:54
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  • AshurimitsuAshurimitsu577,507
    18 Dec 2016 18 Dec 2016 14 Feb 2018
    35 12 30
    I found the easiest way to do this by chance. Load up single player and spawn in the artifacts to your inventory using the commands found here: then go to a supply drop put them all inside then hit take all to get them back and the achievement popped.

    Help from the community:

    Redders 420:

    "Just to be clear exactly what i did, after you have all 10 Artifacts you are going to a drop on the map and putting all 10 in and without closing the item transfer screen just immediately pressing take all to transfer them back over to your inventory again. This worked first time for me. Hope it helps you."
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    Dr4g0n 36nothing even for me, tried everything.
    Posted by Dr4g0n 36 on 28 Oct 17 at 01:00
    guide is stupid and doesn't work
    Posted on 29 Oct 17 at 22:18
    AshurimitsuIt worked at the time achievements were first launched. Quite a few people unlocked the achievement via this method. It is not "stupid", say something constructive.
    Posted by Ashurimitsu on 14 Feb 18 at 13:50
  • bodaggitbodaggit399,835
    18 Dec 2016 18 Dec 2016 18 Dec 2016
    25 7 2
    This is just the exact coordinates of each artifact's cave location in case you actually want to visit each cave.

    The artifacts look like a glowing white upside down pyramid. There will be a rainbow-like pulsation around it.

    Like most of the achievements load up single player (Host \ Local -> Play Single Player) with Admin Cheats on. The admin console is at the top when you hit the START button on your controller.

    Heres a list of all the exact commands you need to type in to teleport to each artifact. You will need to use the 'setplayerpos' command along with the x, y and z coordinate of where you want to go.

    Clever: setplayerpos -32600 -83500 -6600
    Skylord: setplayerpos -252700 -243100 -11500
    Hunter: setplayerpos 54300 264600 -23700
    Devourer: setplayerpos 275600 -271100 -25100
    Pack: setplayerpos 87100 174900 -26200
    Massive: setplayerpos 288000 136700 -24500
    Immune: setplayerpos -101400 101700 -4300 (cave entrance)
    Strong: setplayerpos -144500 -165000 200 (cave entrance)

    For 'cave entrance' you will be teleported outside of the cave. If you spawn in the center, you misspelt or mistyped something as the center (0,0) is the default location.

    Note: My achievement unlocked once I had collected them all and some were in storage at the time.
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    Taipei KindomThanks for the guide. I can't reach Hunter artifact with your coordinate. I used this coordinate : "setplayerpos 48000 268000 -23700"
    Posted by Taipei Kindom on 08 Jan 17 at 08:22
    DonNikosI had used your coordinates to get all 8 artifacts, but achievement did not unlock. I read that you need to collect all 10 artifacts, but i don't know the coordinates for: artifact of the Devious and artifact of the Flamekeeper. Any idea how to find them? Do you know if the last patch removes this 2 artifacts? If so, how can we get that achievement with only 8 artifacts?
    Posted by DonNikos on 19 Jan 17 at 20:47
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