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Veteran Survivor

Defeat ARK's first Ultimate Life Form.

Veteran Survivor0
17 November 2019 - 5 guides

Achievement Guide for Veteran Survivor

  • Rashaka1Rashaka1543,878
    19 Dec 2016 19 Dec 2016 10 Dec 2017
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    Load into a singleplayer game. Pause the game with the menu button. In the box at the top type in "god" without quotes and press the admin command button. Then type in "summon spiderL_character_bp_c" without quotes and then unpause. There should be a large spider infront of you. Get under it and look up at it then pause the game. In the command box type in "kill" without quotes and unpause. The spider dies and you get an achievement.


    Pawa7hEbEsT says, "if you do not unlock the achievement, set the console to "united kingdom" and the English language"

    Lavindathar says, "Spawn the boss, let it run around for 30 seconds. It doesn't work if you kill it instantly."
  • CurbStomp llCurbStomp ll65,871
    18 Dec 2016 18 Dec 2016
    25 2 0
    Ok so first of all the easiest way to get this achievement is to load a single player world. Before you load in however make sure you set player damage to 999 and dino resistance to 999. This can be set on the slider menu screen before you load in. As well as this ensure you have enabled Admin Commands from the same menu.

    Secondly you will want to access the Admin controls from the pause menu and type in "god" and once activated "infinitestats". This will make sure you cant die and give you extra stamina.

    Thirdly you need to summon the boss. Do this typing "summon SpiderL_character_bp_c". Once the boss spawns simply walk up and hit it. The boss will get instakilled and the achievement should pop.
  • JechtShotMark3JechtShotMark3191,572
    14 Feb 2017 16 Feb 2017
  • TripleJakey1TripleJakey1138,473
    14 Feb 2017 18 Feb 2017
  • Forlorn WolfForlorn Wolf166,923
    16 Dec 2016 17 Dec 2016
    7 4 3
    You need to summon the boss at an obelisk or supply drop. It requires all 8 artifacts from the Island, 2 sauropod vertebrae, 4 argentavis talons, 4 rex arms, and 8 megalodon teeth. The bosses are super tough, it is highly recommended you do this on single player.

    For single player you can use commands to spawn in the items to your inventory (or grab the artifacts as it is tied to another achievement). Put Player Damage at 999 and Dino Resistance to 999. Use the command "infinitestats" or "god" before you engage. Use a bow and shoot the boss for about 2 billion damage and get your achievement. You could punch it but minions will get in the way.
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