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Level 7 Completed on Hard

Level 7 Completed on Hard

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    by level 7, i found killing the enemies pointless as the xp given is useless due to the game ending right after, as well as picking up gold for the same reasons. throughout the game up until this point, you should have purchased the halbert, the sword, and the bow (26000 gold total)

    small notes on the levels leading up to level 7

    the halbert is a great weapon to buy after level 1, due to large range, high damage, and low price. attack speed is normal compared to other weapons as well. it makes the game much easier until you purchase the sword.

    Daeryoon said:

    Definitely buy the halberd as soon as possible. You can reach the enemies from the middle platform with this weapon without them having a chance to hit you at all. Enemies can't jump and will usually wait on the other side of the jump. You can just move closer until the circle turns red, then get a free hit on them. They will move around and come back, usually close enough to be hit again.

    Works well for all levels except 2 since it has no jump over pits to the key platforms, just the fire traps. Once you have the halberd, upgrade agility over everything. Then strength. And lastly endurance. Happy grinding!

    which is a very good tactic to use if you are struggling to finish this game.

    level 2 i recommend avoiding the enemies all together if possible. 20 damage hits for 12 xp isnt worth it. also, the boss is rather frustrating on this level, being in a small space with a rather large attack swing. the key is to keep him on the X on the metal grates on the floor. after every swing he makes he takes a step forward, so this is when you knock him back a step with a careful hit or two. otherwise he may corner you and swipe your health bar down.
    level 2 was the only level that gave me a headache.

    revid cargian said:
    I do also have a tip regarding the goblins of Level 2. While they seem rather frustrating (and they are) to fight, I found that if you move backwards away from them just as they're about to swing, then quickly attack while moving towards them again, you'll be able to get a hit in while dodging their own quick attack. It does take some practicing, but that extra experience can really boost you by the time you get to the soldiers in Level 5 (where their speed is just as frustrating).

    so its really up to you. i preferred skipping the enemies of level 2 and grinding out kills in the level with the orcs, as it was easier to do so. but you are also able to kill enemies on level 2 if you're able to.

    however i have been reading remarks made from others and apparently jumping the pits on level 4 is hard for some, so a small tip i can offer is to either walk, and when you see the edge of the floor disappear from camera view (assuming you're looking strait ahead) jump for it. i always made it by not thinking too much about the jump and just..jumping the gap. if you're scared to make the jump, walk right up to the edge, looking down at the spikes, then jump. no running to build up speed required, as you move at the same speed regardless.

    as for level 7, the weapons i recommend having are the sword and the bow. the enemies are very skinny and by moving around them left or right, you can simply dodge them. to open a door up, walk up to it holding cn_X and as soon as it starts opening get away from it, as there's a high chance a snake is behind you and staying there will take chunks out of your health bar. the enemies are easily avoided, but it may take a few tries to get used to their patterns.

    open all the chests using the above method as well, double back for arrows. i dont know what the max is, but by the time the boss fight rolled around i had 50 arrows on me.

    for the boss fight itself, i highly recommend the bow using the arrows i had you gather. the serpent king swipes rather quickly, and by moving backwards in a large, circular motion around the room and taking shots at him, you reduce the chance of getting hit. i finished the fight with 100 hp.

    if you are unable to obtain the bow, whether you forgot to buy it or you never acquired enough gold, PhatDaemian says that to kill the final boss you need to deal 16 blows with the sword, when strength and agility are maxed out.

    overall, the last level isn't too challenging. avoid the enemies to avoid getting damaged for the fight, and pick up the arrows and keys.

    if you got this level done you probably 100%ed this title so congrats dance

    if there are any questions or ways to improve this solution let me know in the comments below. :)
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    Recovski just in case people of mordor. you can basicly run around enemies and hitting them without even getting damaged... try it. youll be amazed :D
    Posted by Recovski on 08 Sep 18 at 10:50
    thanatos8285 You can hit enemies from the middle platform no matter what weapon you have, you don't need the halberd to do that. Also I strongly recommend NOT skipping enemies. They often follow you, and it's easy for them to sneak up behind you if you pause. Those goblins are tricky and I definitely understand the argument for skipping them. But the timing practice you get from fighting them is very valuable.
    Posted by thanatos8285 on 03 Jan at 02:08
    LAUGHINGOCTOPU5 If you can't kill the boss open the door to his chamber then try to get crushed by it. this will often put you ontop of the map fire an arrow (stabbing probably works) at him from outside the map. this will screw up his bot pathing as he kept running into a wall for me and then you can go into the map delicately and stab him to death. headspin
    Posted by LAUGHINGOCTOPU5 on 23 Jan at 02:45
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