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#Forzathon Puddle Jumper

Jump the Lake Overlook or Splash Down Danger Sign in the BMW Isetta to earn 25,000 XP

06 Jan 2017 until 09 Jan 2017

#Forzathon Puddle Jumper
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Challenge Guide for #Forzathon Puddle Jumper

  • TheOtherBarberTheOtherBarber494,794
    06 Jan 2017 06 Jan 2017 06 Jan 2017
    14 1 0
    I did this one using the Splash Down Danger Sign, all you need to do is back up a little ways on the road after you fast travel as close to the Danger Sign as you can. When you go off the ramp, make sure you go off of it at a left-ward facing angle, trying to go straight ahead will put you in a ravine on your face. Going left off the ramp will make it a very short jump but you're almost guaranteed to land it on your first try!

  • HalidocHalidoc796,710
    07 Jan 2017 07 Jan 2017
    5 0 3
    Alternatively if you are like me and too lazy to go back to the main game I show how to get it at the Blizzard Mountian Lake Overlook Danger Sign. I even hit trees and botch the landing and still get it. For reference the BMW Isetta is 45,000 credits, and I upgraded to C-Class as it starts off at a pitiful 13 hp. Upgrading to C-Class puts it at a whopping 57 hp.

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