Indestructible. achievement in Rise & Shine


Finish the game on ironman mode.

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How to unlock the Indestructible. achievement

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    Hello guys !

    Hardest achievement of Rise & Shine.In Ironman Mode you'll need to finish the game with only one life,you CAN'T die at all !

    But here's some tips for this mode:

    - The better trick is to pause & quit just before a death or during the animation of the death.
    If you see the game over text,it's dead for your playthrough.Even if you quickly dashboard and quit the game,your save will be erased automatically !
    After restarting the game, you'll be back on the start of your stage,so that's why it's not so easy for the stage 13.You'll need to pass the hardest battle and the hardest boss in a row,without dying.It's the only hard level.After that,the last stage is incredibly easy :)

    - Be careful,because some enemies or traps kills you faster than others,so be prepared to quit quickly (i mean before you take the hit) !
    Here's a not exhaustive list of the things who can instakill you: (feel free to complete the list if i missed some things)
    - close combat robots
    - zombies on stage 6
    - big wheels on stage 7 and 13
    - big lasers from the 1st boss,mid boss on stage 6,at start of stage 7,on stage 9 during the zombies Goomba part
    - zombies Goombas on stage 9
    - the fists of the final boss

    - Don't press any button after dying by the monolith on stage 7 (story related).
    Kill yourself after beating the final boss (story related).
    Both things must be explained cause you can ruin a game easily with the monolith.

    I suggest you to work a lot on Normal mode to learn perfectly all levels,especially the 13th stage (your worst nightmare in this game).
    The game is not too long,you can complete it in about 40 minutes,but it's really frustrating to die on the last level.I really know that feeling.So keep calm and don't lose hope.It's hard but really doable with practice.

    Also,my friend IDarK VorteXX found and awesome second way to do it.It's a little bit longer but safer.Check the comments section to read it ! ^^

    Good luck and have fun !

    Thanks to Zyx and K4rn4ge for the feedback ! toast
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    Karachi KingI ran into a weird save glitch where my progress on earlier levels was reset (lost extra bullets, and couldn't select continue or earlier levels). I was using IDarK VorteXX's save backup method, but I'm not sure if that's what caused it.
    The good news is that I played through the rest of the game using level select, and still got the achievement at the end
    Posted by Karachi King on 04 Nov 18 at 03:11
    Andrinho7xI have the same problem of fatjay4lisa. After more than two hours of trying I passed the golem and made it to the next scene. So I exit to the main menu and close the game for it to upload the save. But when I enter the game I can only load back the save from the chapter you enter the golem. So I have to do the entire chapter again and also the fight inside the golem.
    Posted by Andrinho7x on 16 Nov 18 at 08:03
    Andrinho7xThis achievement is just insane and makes no sense. F*** the developers of this shitty game.
    Posted by Andrinho7x on 16 Nov 18 at 08:04
    Andrinho7xI also tried to exit to main menu after I reach the inside of the golem. I can then load back that chapter. But I close the game and start it again I'm back at the level before. This is driving me crazy. I already lost more than 4 hours of my life...
    Posted by Andrinho7x on 16 Nov 18 at 13:32
    Andrinho7xI do not keep playing because the solution said you need to exit the game for it to upload the save and be able to redownload it later. But at this point I might try to just continue. But if I cannot get it to save somehow I will never be able to play from before entering the Golem to end game without dying.
    Posted by Andrinho7x on 18 Nov 18 at 17:41
    Czesio83method IDarK VorteXX worked perfectly.clap
    Posted by Czesio83 on 15 May 19 at 13:02
    OmarTheMakerDoes the IDark VorteXX method works for all levels? from 1 to 13? or you have to go from 8 to 13 at once? Thanks
    Posted by OmarTheMaker on 14 Oct 19 at 09:49
    MurdaMan09I am doing this in 2020 and I do not think this method works at all anymore
    Posted by MurdaMan09 on 24 Apr at 00:44
    MurdaMan09Yea this method does not work anymore
    Posted by MurdaMan09 on 24 Apr at 01:41
    Clad masterSorry for you.Do you tried both tricks ?
    Posted by Clad master on 08 Jul at 08:34
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