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A++ all Cheese Hunt levels.

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Noodles Jr
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Noodles Jr
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Posted on 27 February 18 at 05:23
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Without a doubt, the hardest achievement in the game, purely because of the hellish levels that are Garage and Garden. Every other level is very doable, but these two levels suuuuuck. Before diving into this guide, it's worth mentioning that your integrity at the end of each level does NOT affect your rating. All that matters is time.

There are two very important tricks to know when doing this gamemode. Without these, you probably wont make it very far...

1. Small Item Flying

Small Item Flying or "SIFing", as I'll be calling for the sake of not needing to write it every time, is a glitch that you are going to need to learn to execute well, as it is the key ingredient in perfecting this gamemode.

SIFing is accomplished by grabbing a small object with one of the grip points of the cracker (using either cn_A, cn_B, cn_X or cn_Y) and then launching yourself with a fling using any other available grip points on the cracker. This will cause you to launch incredibly far, literally from one side of a room to another if you get a decent throw. The reason this works (I believe) is because at every intermediate point in time, the small object you are grabbing is seen as a stationary object. This means that as you hold the left stick in the direction you want to move, you are essentially pivoting around a stationary object, hence giving yourself more and more momentum as you fly through the air. Because of this "midair pivoting" concept, you can actually aim where you want to go, while flying. You can NOT do this if you are not holding a small object. Simply hold the left stick in whichever direction you want to go, and you will go there.

Keep in mind that grabbing the object uses grip, so at some point, you will have to come to a landing and let your grip recharge, by letting go of the small object you're holding. If you are only doing a launch or two, then you'll probably be okay. If all of this went over you're head, then watch the A++ playthrough of Bathroom and you'll see me use it a bunch.

2. Saving Integrity

In Cheese Hunt, you have the added obstacle of needing to maintain integrity while finding all 5 pieces of cheese. This can be frustrating when you're trying to go quickly, as you will have to make risky jumps and lengthy falls for the sake of time. One method I have found, which seems to work 80-90% of the time, is to hold down both bumpers and both triggers, just before you strike the ground. This will usually prevent you from losing any integrity, irregardless of how far or long you flew.

The reason this works is the same reason that you can jump from a high altitude and grab a wall right above ground level, without taking damage. The second you grip something, your momentum is immediately set to 0, and therefore the game wont deal any damage to you, and doesn't think you were struck with any force. When you strike the ground, if you aren't gripping something, you strike the ground with momentum and will take damage. But if you grip it, your momentum is negated and you'll be fine. The only way you can take damage is if the center of the crackerbread makes contact before the corners, which can only happen if you land on an uneven surface, or if you land perfectly flat (which usually doesn't happen).

This will be extra essential to us, as when you are SIFing as crackerbread, you will often collide with the "stationary" object that you are holding, while you are flying. Because there is a buffer between when you can take damage, you will never take more than 12.5% damage when doing a SIF launch (I never took more than that at least). This also means that if you are SIFing, you likely wont take damage upon striking the ground/floor, as you had just taken damage a second ago. Unfortunately, if a corner of the crackerbread is holding something, that corner cannot be used to grip regularly, so there's no way to avoid taking damage in midair using the previously explained technique.

With all that garbage out of the way, let's get onto the first level...

Level 1: Kitchen - Difficulty: 2/5

This level actually isn't too bad. Start off by climbing the Jenga tower and knocking down the piece of cheese. Grab the cheese but do not collect it (collecting cheese is done by laying on top of it, just touching it won't collect it). Use the cheese to SIF over to the side of the table (SIFing speeds you up so we'll be abusing SIFing with cheese a lot in this walkthrough). Drop the cheese and collect it, then climb up the side of the table. Collect the cheese off the table and then quickly make your way over to the wall and head up to the shelves above the counter. Grab the cheese out of the first shelf, then launch over to the cupboard and climb up to the top. Make your way over to the next piece of cheese (I almost fell here so don't do that). Collect the cheese and SIF over to the far end of the cupboards and drop down onto the microwave. Here, drop the cheese and collect the final pieces. 2:11 will do for A++.

Level 2: Lounge - Difficulty: 2/5

This level is fairly forgiving, but it may take a few attempts because the first jump can be a pain. Fling yourself down onto the box with the mugs and try to land on the box without falling. Collect the cheese and make your way over to the TV stand (you can SIF there with the cheese if the opportunity arises, but don't waste too much time trying to grab the cheese). Climb up the shelf, collect the cheese, roll across the TV and then hop down onto the cat thing. Collect the cheese and then head over to the brown chair. Climb up the chair, then up the boxes. Collect the cheese, or grab it for SIFing to the fifth cheese, if the opportunity comes up. Hop onto the ground and make your way over to the coffee table. Collect the final cheese on the box on the floor. In the video, you can see me get stuck on the fourth cheese for a while, but I still pulled off the A++, so it's quite lenient. Aim for 2:24 or less.

Level 3: Bedroom - Difficulty: 2/5

This is the level where I first discovered SIFing, completely by accident. Right off the spawn, click cn_A to grab the other cracker, then throw yourself off the shelf and fly to the bed. Collect the cheese and then make your way over to the dresser. Climb up and then knock over the cowbell. Collect the cheese from under it and then climb up to the shelf with the skateboard. The cheese under the skateboard is a bit awkward, but you want to get under the skateboard and then "throw" the skateboard off the side. It's a bit hard to explain, but it's clear to see in the video. Once the skateboard is on the floor, collect the cheese. Climb up to the top of the door and roll your way over to the wardrobe. Grab the cheese and SIF over to the computer monitor. Once here, collect both cheeses. 2:04 should guarantee you an A++.

Level 4: Bathroom - Difficulty: 1/5

This is the route I'm most proud of. This is the route I used to get 1:09, which is the world record. Second place on the leaderboard has 1:30, so this route really works. The video is a 1:26 run, which isn't bad either. Climb out of the medicine cabinet and up to the top. Grab the cheese and SIF over to the second piece of cheese on the shelf near the door. Collect it, then SIF over to the toilet seat where the third cheese is. Collect it, then SIF over to the table to your right. Here, collect the piece of cheese that you used to get here. Climb up the wall to your left up onto the shelf and grab the cheese. Use it to SIF over to where the fifth cheese is. You can land on the side of the bathtub to be safe, or you can go straight for the soap, if you're looking for a WR. Either way, you should have plenty of time. A 1:42 will get you an A++ for sure.

Level 5: Garage - Difficulty: 4/5

The time on this level is quite lenient, but every part of this level can be very frustrating, so it's not an easy A++ by any means. Start off by climbing up the wall right beside you, around the dial. Head up the wall and do a backwards fling onto the rafters. From here, traverse across the toolbox bridge. This toolbox is very frustrating, but a decent fling can get you over it quickly, just try not to get stuck IN the toolbox. Head over to the cheese on the sign and collect it, continue across the sign and take a left over the keyboard. Take two rights and collect the cheese by the mouse trap. Try not to touch the mouse trap, as if it activates, it will flip over and block the cheese. After that, fling over to the box to your left and fling into it. On the back right corner of the box, there is a third piece of cheese, which can be frustrating to collect because of the countless packing peanuts around. After collecting it, climb up the side of the box opposite the side you entered from. Fling out and work your way up the garbage bin. With a decent fling from the box, you can actually fling onto the top of the garbage without needing to climb it. From here, grab the cheese and SIF over to the stack of chairs in the corner of the garage. I messed up this part in the video by accidentally collecting the cheese so I couldn't SIF, but I made up for it with good movement on the ground. Climb up the chairs and worm your way through the wood beams into the inside of the chairs, where you will collect the final cheese. 2:19 should be enough to get the A++. I got 2:16 in the video but I also messed up my initial climb of the garbage bin, so the time is lenient enough to be obtainable.

Level 6: Garden - Difficulty: 5/5

This is the hardest level in the game. Not just of the gamemode, but of the entire 36 levels in the game, this one blows every other level out of the water. You are going to need a beyond perfect run, and you're shooting for 2:18, which is exactly what I got in the video, despite really only having one minor time loss. Start off by hitting cn_A to grab the cracker, and then fling over to towards the side of the roof, to the right of the brick pile. At some point along the way, the cracker you are holding should break. Grab a piece of it, and then fling over to the light on the opposite side of the garage door. Climb up on top of the light and collect the cheese. I had issues collecting the cheese if I was standing upright, so try to lay horizontally and flip down to cover it. Then, wait until your grip is 2/3 full and then work your way up and to the right. You're going to want to position yourself about 1/3 of the way from the right of the garage door. Then, climb straight up and flip yourself up as high as possible. You'll be hit by the wind and flung onto the car's roof/hood. Be sure to hold both bumpers and triggers as you fly through the air so you don't bounce off the car. Head over to the windshield and try to grab the cheese (not collect it). Use this cheese to SIF over to the garbage bin way on the other side of the garden. If you accidentally collect the windshield cheese, it's not the end of the world, as you can still make it to the garbage bin quickly (as I did in the video) with decent movement. From here, collect the windshield cheese, then climb up to the top of the garbage can, which is a lot harder than it sounds, and may require some practice. Once up top, fling onto the sunflower leaf behind you. Try to aim slightly to the left of the leaf, as the wind pushes you a bit rightward (as you'll see in the video, it's a very slight push from the wind, but it's not negligible). From here, try to grab the cheese and SIF your way over to the shed. Again, I accidentally collected it, but made up for it with good ground movement (apart from when I fell into the pond, but I saved it). Once you're at the shed, collect the cheese you're potentially carrying, then head up the shed. On the corner of the shed, there is cheese #4. Grab it (if you collect it, the run is dead, so start over) and SIF onto the lily pad in the pond. This looks a lot harder than it actually is, but if you'd like to practice it a few times first, you can SIF from the start of the level to the shed and practice the jump. Once you're on the lily pad, collect the cheese and the level will end.

Level 7: Petrol Station - Difficulty: 3/5

This level isn't particularly easy, but it's infinitely easier than the last one. To start, position yourself on the end of the shelf and fling yourself to the shelf directly beneath you (in the video, the other cracker fell through the floor magically and shattered next to the cheese, I could have used it to SIF, but there's no way in hell you can replicate that glitch, so I didn't use it). Fling onto the ground and head towards the mudflap of the garbage truck, climb up it, into the garbage truck. Collect the cheese, then fling onto the knocked-over sign. Climb up it and slip through the crack at the top of it. Climb up the middle of the gas pump and grab the cheese from the top of it. From here, fling onto the skateboard and climb onto the car. Grab the cheese off of the very top of the car, then fling off the right side of the car. Climb the gas pump all the way, on top of the large machine above it, where the bottle is. The fifth cheese is here. 2:36 will suffice.

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