Out Before Dessert achievement in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Out Before Dessert

Complete the "Happy Birthday" videotape within 5 minutes.

Out Before Dessert+0.4
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How to unlock the Out Before Dessert achievement

  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV157,439
    22 Jan 2017 23 Jan 2017 24 Jul 2017
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    The Happy Birthday tape is located in the main house attic in a locker. Here are the steps to solve this tape, do this step really quick for the 5min limit.

    If you want you can skip telescope steps 5-7 and use the code directly. Is always the same code (chainsaw man – raven on hat – baby)

    Step 1: pick up candle from the mannequin , walk to cake room and listen to Lucas
    Step 2: turn on the stove and light the candle
    Step 3: go to the door with the rope and cut through the rope with the candle, pick up the empty balloon in this room
    Step 4: use the balloon at the pipe (gasleak) in the wall near the stove and you get the quill pen

    If you are too slow or want a little bit time saving you can skip this 3 steps and you can directly go to step 8

    Step 5: go to the toilet, use the toilett and pick up the dirty telescope
    Step 6: clear the telescope at the passage to the cake
    Step 7: use the telescope and look to the monitoring system, you will see a code (chainsaw man – raven on hat – baby)

    Step 8: use the code inside the cake room and pick up the straw doll and also the winding key from the keg
    Step 9: use the straw doll at the stove and you get the dummy finger
    Step 10: Put the dummy finger, quill pen and window key on the mannequin where you got the candle
    Step 11: go to the room where you got the balloon and enter the code LOSER, pick up the valve handle in the next room on the wall
    Step 12: use the valve handle at the pipe in the cake room
    Step 13: Light up the candle at the stove and put it on cake

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    E vee dubAlso, do not bother with the telescope or toilet. Those steps are not needed.
    Posted by E vee dub on 26 Feb 17 at 19:43
    l BlackBrian7 lI haven't done this yet, but could you not just type in LOSER and get the valve, without doing any of the clown steps? Seems like it would shorten it down to almost no time at all (unless it isn't allowed).

    As in doing Step 1-3 then skipping to Step 11-13.

    EDIT: Nevermind, it wont let you enter the password without the tattoo first :)
    Posted by l BlackBrian7 l on 28 Dec 18 at 22:27
    GV Lochitting retry wont work. you have to pull in the tape again to valid the achievement
    Posted by GV Loc on 05 Sep 20 at 00:34
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  • Maka91Maka911,276,779
    24 Jan 2017 24 Jan 2017 29 Jan 2017
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    This achievement opportunity is available after obtaining the Snake Key. In order to obtain the VHS, visit the Kid's Room in the Main House 2F and activate the switch in the lamp shade. Then, climb the ladder and discover it in the cabinet. Now take the VHS to a VHS Player to start it. A VHS Player can be found in the room next to the Kid's Room.

    Once the VHS starts, you have 5 minutes to complete the steps and put the candle on the cake. The steps go as follows:
    1 - Take the candle, enter the cake room and wait for the dialogue to end.
    2 - Enter the combination into the small lock box. The combination will always be Chainsaw Man, Tombstone, Fetus. Pick up the straw doll inside.
    3 - Pick up the Winding Key from the barrel.
    4 - Go to the stove, light it, and light the candle. Use the candle to open the door held shut by a rope.
    5 - Find the yellow balloon in the balloon room. Take the balloon and attach it to the leaky gas pipe. It will explode and give you a Quill Pen.
    6 - Go to the stove and light the straw doll to reveal a Dummy Finger.
    7 - Attach the 3 items to the clown doll in order: Dummy Finger, Quill Pen and Winding Key. Receive the password LOSER.
    8 - Go the the balloon room and open the door using the password. Grab the Valve Handle.
    9 - Go to the cake room and attach the valve handle to the pipe to stop the water.
    10 - Light your candle using the stove and place the candle on the cake to finish the timer and the VHS.
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    E vee dubThe achievement unlocks just seconds after placing the lit candle in the cake.
    Posted by E vee dub on 26 Feb 17 at 19:37
  • SynthSamuriiSynthSamurii111,705 111,705 GamerScore
    24 Jan 2017 25 Jan 2017
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    A lot of steps but pretty easy!

    - Take the Candle into the Cake Room
    - Wait for the stove to become interactive and light candle again
    - Open locked door with the fire from the candle
    - In the far right corner pick up the "Balloon" object and return to the previous room
    - Attach the "Balloon" to the Gas Pipe in the wall
    - After it pops walk into the Cake room and enter the combination as shown and take the Winding Key from the barrel
    - Go to the Clown you first got the candle from and give him the Dummy Finger, Quill Pen and Winding Key
    - Travel back to the room where you go the Ballon and ender "LOSER" into the lock.
    - Grab the Valve off the wall on the right
    - Return to the Cake Room and turn off the water
    - Light your candle on the stove and go eat some cake!

  • Capt EggcellentCapt Eggcellent326,896
    25 Mar 2017 27 Mar 2017
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    The same as all of the above really. The achievement has proved to be quite glitchy for people. Just to confirm, the achievement unlocks as soon as you put the candle in the cake, as seen in my video.

    Any questions, give me a shout.

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