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Title Update 48

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Free Diver

Stay underwater for 2 minutes.

Free Diver+8.4
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  • Krows GraveyardKrows Graveyard547,724
    31 Jan 2017 31 Jan 2017 11 Feb 2017
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    Free Diver - 30G (Requires Title Update 48)

    Difficulty: Easy

    Estimated Period of Time: Varies

    NOTE: For the time being (until it's patched) it seems you can submerge yourself underwater and then pause the game for two minutes to get this Achievement. Get it while you can or else you'll have to do the following:

    Load up the Elytra Tutorial World. You will need to brew a Potion of Water Breathing using the following:

    1. 1 Bottle of Water
    2. 1 Nether Wart
    3. 1 Pufferfish
    4. 1 Blaze Powder

    Head over to the Fishing Hole at the coordinates: X: -57, Y: 78, Z: -70. Get a Fishing Rod out of the chest and look out at the water. Press Left Trigger to cast out your line and wait until a fish takes it. (You'll see the bobber or end of your line go underwater) Once this happens quickly press Left Trigger again to pull up your line and catch the fish. If you get lucky it'll be a Pufferfish (these are large circular yellow fish).

    Once you have one head over to the Potion Brewing area at: X: 6, Y: 79, Z: -40. Open the chest and get the Empty Bottles, Blaze Powder, and Nether Warts. Now fill a Bottle with water from the cauldron next to you by pressing Left Trigger on the cauldron white a Bottle is in hand. Enter the Brewing Stand interface and put the Blaze Powder in the upper left slot as the heat source. Place the Bottle of Water in the first of the 3 bottom slots. Lastly place the Nether Wart in the top slot and wait until the arrow on the side fills. Once it fills, the Bottle of Water will become an Awkward Potion. Next, replace the Nether Warts with the Pufferfish and wait again. Once finished, the Awkward Potion will become the Potion of Water Breathing (which lasts for 3 minutes). Head over to a body of water (the fishing hole will do) and drink the potion by holding it and then holding the Left Trigger. Then fully submerge yourself and wait 2 minutes to get your Achievement.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Thanks to LordFightALot a solution has been found for anyone that was trapped with relocked Achievements on the day of Title Update 48's release! Do as follows and there is a 99% of it working!

    "This is exactly what I did:
    1. Start up the Xbox (it auto signed in for me)
    2. Manually sign out of your profile on the Xbox dashboard.
    3. Launch Minecraft.
    4. Press Play Game
    5. A popup appears and asks you to sign in. Press Yes [I want to sign in].
    6. The achievements popped right away on the world selection screen."

    If this worked for you, don't thank me, go thank LordFightALot!
  • BloodDiamond174BloodDiamond174This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    01 Apr 2017
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    There is a faster and easier way to do this Achievement. In the main menu go into a tumble lobby, don´t ready up and search for a pool or a Pond. Jump into it and simply wait 2 Minutes. You can not die. Hope this helps.

    Happy Hunting :)
  • trialiatrialia27,042
    25 Jun 2017 26 Jun 2017
    5 1 0
    If you don't want to cheat, there is an easy enough way to get this without following the submerge-then-pause route:

    - Enter or create the tutorial world (the way it is at the time of writing this, June 26, 2017; I'll update this later if necessary). Skip the basics tutorial and go through to the main area.
    - Find the brewing stand (it's indicated by a water bottle in an item frame, on the right-hand side just after you cross the entry bridge. You might like to note that you can also take that bottle if you need it). Brew an Awkward Potion from the available ingredients using Blaze Powder, a Water Bottle (fill one from the nearby cauldron if you need to) and a piece of Nether Wart.
    - Leave the Awkward Potion sitting in the brewing stand while you go over to the fishing quay, which is towards the left side and a bit further in, accessible either through the vegetable farming area or past the villager with the anvil.
    - Take the Fishing Rod from the chest or item frame on the quay and fish until you hook a Pufferfish (they look like yellow suns with faces).
    - Take the Pufferfish back to the brewing stand and add it to your Awkward Potion. This will create a Potion of Water Breathing that will last for 3 minutes, which is all you really need (though it is possible to extend the time to 8 minutes, if you prefer).
    - Take the Potion of Water Breathing to the quay, drink it when you get there, and hop into the water. Sit in one of the deep parts of the water (over your head) for 2 minutes (you can check how much time remains on your water-breathing enchantment by viewing your inventory, or just wait until your air starts to run out).
    - Achievement unlocked! Don't forget to come up for air when you're done. ;)

    For the tl;dr crowd:
    - Go into the tutorial world.
    - Make an Awkward Potion at the brewing stand (Blaze Powder, Water Bottle, Nether Wart).
    - Go fishing for a Pufferfish from the quay.
    - Bring the Pufferfish back to the brewing area and add it to the Awkward Potion.
    - Take the resulting Potion of Water Breathing (3:00) to the quay, drink it, then sit under deep water for 2 minutes (you can check the time remaining on your current potion effects by looking at your inventory).
    - Achievement unlocked. :)
  • C0D LogicC0D Logic143,667
    24 Dec 2019 24 Dec 2019
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    With the newest update this can easily be done in the tutorial world.

    When you spawn into a new tutorial world, skip the tutorials with b to move into the world. Keep going forward until you come across the lake at the end of the trail. In the centre of the lake is a chest in which you want to grab all the items from.

    Next to the chest is a crafting table in the ground. Go to the Mechanisms tab and then one square to the right (the beacon) and then down one to get to the conduit and craft the conduit. Craft it. Just beneath the platform is an already formed conduit. Place the conduit on the wooden block then destroy the wooden block with the pickaxe you acquired. This will form the conduit system.

    Now just sit in the platform under the water by the conduit for two minutes and the achievement is yours!
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