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Beam Me Up

Teleport over 100 meters from a single throw of an Ender Pearl.

Beam Me Up-0.7
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Achievement Guide for Beam Me Up

  • ScoobyDoobyD0ntScoobyDoobyD0nt1,001,685
    01 Feb 2017 31 Jan 2017 03 Feb 2017
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    to get an ender pearl, you need to deal with an enderman and pick the pearl up after the enderman has been slain. once in possession of the pearl, take 2 stacks of 64 of any block (i used dirt) and place them under you by jumping and placing a block. once on top of the 2 stack pillar (128 blocks high) simply throw the pearl using left trigger. do not worry if the pearl looks like it disappears it takes a while to drop all the way down. the achievement unlocks once you spawn on the ground.

    *edit* according to mama berry, you can trade with one of the purple robed 'cleric' villagers in the village, near the starting spawn in the Elytra tutorial world, a couple of times. There's enough emerald blocks lying around to have more than enough emeralds! After a couple trades they should hopefully offer Ender Pearls, likely between 5-7 emeralds a piece. Hope that helps!

    *edit2*gobey17 pointed out that the cleric villager spawns in the village to the left in the elytra world (at X: -97, Y: 86, Z: -37)
    You do however need a handful of gold ingots to start off with to give to the cleric in exchange for a emerald (meaning having to mine a gold block with a iron pickaxe to make some, which one block can be found where the Elytra wings are on a small pillar). Then just gotta give a few more emeralds to get the ender pearl. Thanks for the tip Mama Berry!

    so there are 2 ways to do this from what i see.

    1. kill an enderman and get the pearl. stack up 2 blocks and throw the pearl forwards (at the horizon ((horizon goes left to right))). done
    2.take the blocks or iron from the chest at X:-30, Y: 80, -79. there is wood right next to it and a crafting table. make yourself some iron pickaxes.
    at X: -23, Y: 86, Z: -121, there is a gold block. across from it, at X: -9, Y: 86, Z: -119, are 2 blocks of emeralds. take those down as well. using the gold and the emerald, trade with the purple robbed cleric villager at X: -97, Y: 86, Z: -37 to obtain the ender pearl. make an iron shovel and dig in the hillside for dirt, or use the iron pickaxe for cobblestone. get 2 stacks go all the way up and throw the pearl at the horizon.
  • Epic ghost cEpic ghost c96,171
    20 Jul 2017 22 Apr 2018
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