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The End... Again... achievement in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

The End... Again...

Respawn the Enderdragon

The End... Again...0
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How to unlock the The End... Again... achievement

  • Cemetery GirlsCemetery Girls565,473
    01 Feb 2017 01 Feb 2017 01 Feb 2017
    42 5 11
    Like others, I was having problems with this achievement. The Ender Egg is right in the middle untouched, and the 4 End Crystals are all in the correct spots. For whatever reason, maybe due to it not being supported because it's an old world, the Ender Dragon wouldn't spawn. But luckily, there's still a way to get the achievement without having to start a new world.

    What you need to do is go into the options of your world, and select "reset The End", which will make the Ender Dragon spawn as normal. Once you've went into the End and killed the Dragon now you should be able to make it respawn by placing the 4 End Crystals on each side of the exit portal, across from each other. Should look like this:
    External image

    So the positive is that you'll still be able to get the achievement. The negative is you have to fight the Ender Dragon again. Oh well, if you did it once you'll be able to do it again!

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    Homunculus FuryNo worries I had assumed it was a translation. Or it was something new. Wasn't trying to bust your balls. I never did much enchanting in the game, thankfully you can read the enchantments now instead of guessing. Just to bad you need lapis AND EXP now
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 04 Feb 17 at 17:39
    Homunculus FurySo I got a silktouch pickaxe and it will not let you pick up the crystal. So again be sure to save BEFORE placing crystals!
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 11 Feb 17 at 09:09
    MikeProcuratorIf anyone is willing to let me join for this and the dragon breath I would greatly appreciate it
    Posted by MikeProcurator on 03 Jul 20 at 19:43
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  • TheLadyLoreleiTheLadyLorelei251,128
    02 Feb 2017 02 Feb 2017 18 Feb 2017
    69 34 19
    Just to help out anyone who, like myself, didn't already have an established world to get this on I will give some tips on how to use the tutorial world for this achievement. Mostly just where stuff is, but it should still help. You can also combine this achievement with "You Need a Mint", just bring an empty glass bottle with you to the end (there's some in the base).

    Before that though, I will highlight that if you walk into a tutorial area, you can open a chest, remove some items, close the chest, and then press cn_B to close the tutorial. After doing this you can walk over to a different tutorial and back into the first area, open the chest, and all the items will be restored. You can use this method to get a large amount of crafting materials and other useful items. The tutorials did eventually vanish though, not sure why unfortunately. At any rate, use it while you can.

    Now that that's done let's proceed.

    1. As you run through the passageway to the main base, you will trigger some fireworks. Turn around and break the tripwire for some easy string to make a bow with. Saves the hassle of spiders.

    2. There is 10 blaze powder in the chest at the brewing stand in the base. There are also ghast tears. These will help in making the ender crystals and eyes of ender.

    3. There is a nether portal at X 128, Y 50, Z -119 in case you need more blaze rods for the powder. Try the chest reset method first, but otherwise don't fret, the portal comes out straight into a fortress, so plenty of blazes.

    4. To kill the blazes take the diamond sword in the enchanting chest. Also use the reset method to take the bottles o' enchanting, for quick levels.

    5. In addition to the enchanting chest, there are bottles o' enchanting in the chest next to the anvil and furnace, as well as the elytra chest.

    6. To get some ender pearls, you can buy them from the clerics located at X 98, Y 78, Z -207. The ender pearl is a tier 3 trade, so you will need lots of gold to unlock tier 3 trades. The best source of gold are the elytra rings on the side of the towers. The ender pearls cost emeralds so be sure to bring some of those (mine the emerald rings if you need more.)

    7. If you want diamond armour you can mine the diamond elytra rings. I only did this to be safe, if on easy you probably don't need diamond armour but it's there so why the hell not. Otherwise just make iron armour out of the iron blocks at the Golem tutorial.

    8. If you want to enchant your gear before you go to face the dragon you can use the chest reset method to get loads of bottle's o' enchanting, then use them all and go to the enchantment table. What I did was put my bow in and try for the infinity enchantment, so I didn't have to worry about arrows.

    9. The end portal in the tutorial world is located at X 172, Y 33, Z 105. Bring your 12 eyes of ender and slot them into the frame to activate it. At this point I turned auto-saving off and made a save right before jumping in. Also bring a pickaxe so you can mine your way up to the dragon.

    10. If you get to the dragon and find that the damn end crystals healing it are indestructible, quit out of the world and load back in, making sure to select the "Reset the End" option. I encountered this issue, and this was the fix I found. Once your back in, make a save and the problem should stay gone.

    11. When fighting the dragon, if you pillar up to the cages and mine them you can just fly down with your elytra, make a save, then snipe all the towers with a bow.

    That's all I noted down during my run, overall it took about 6ish hours, but that's with all the scouting. Hope it's useful to someone. Happy achievement hunting!!!
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    Project TortureThis is a solution to killing the ender dragon. Not respawning it.
    Posted by Project Torture on 09 Feb 18 at 10:16
    Lucid IntellectNot helpful at all down vote until fixed.
    Posted by Lucid Intellect on 14 Mar 18 at 02:11
    SavageBarkingYeah, this is a solution for "The End" not this achievement.
    Posted by SavageBarking on 17 Aug 18 at 06:02
  • koratyboykoratyboy771,115
    04 Feb 2017 05 Feb 2017
    29 0 5
    Here is a quick video guide on how to get the achievement. I show how to get gold, emerald and diamonds pretty fast but all you have to do for those materials is mine the rings that you can fly trough. Then at the end I also show how to get the ender dragon's breath. I hope it helps!

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    MajinDustinOk thanks! I'll pack some dirt to bring with me next time lol
    Posted by MajinDustin on 09 Feb 17 at 04:16
    GYS GHOSTIt's a great guide! With me, however, it did not work, the crystals of the end does not explode, do not know why, if he launches an arrow, "bounces." If you hit them with your hand, nothing happens, but if I place that I've crafted in the ground and touch them it explode :(. I can not slay the dragon of the end!angry
    Posted by GYS GHOST on 04 Apr 17 at 18:29
    GYS GHOSThttp://xboxclips.com/GYS+GHOST/0b283dbc-0d83-44ba-bcfb-d50c0...
    " Reset end" and the problem dead.
    Posted by GYS GHOST on 10 Apr 17 at 19:34
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