Blast From The Past achievement in Fallout Shelter

Blast From The Past

Collect 20 Legendary Dwellers

Blast From The Past-0.6
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How to unlock the Blast From The Past achievement

  • Pra1s3Th3SunPra1s3Th3Sun227,031
    31 May 2017 08 Feb 2017 02 Jun 2017
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    This achievement is completely luck based and as such will either come relatively quickly or be one of the last you unlock.
    There are 23 legendary dwellers in the game, all of which are characters from the fallout series. While this may make the achievement seem worse, I have James twice and can confirm duplicates do add to your percentage towards this achievement!
    As far as getting the legendary dwellers, it is entirely possible to have them show up at your vault door. The chances are incredibly slim, and hard numbers on chance are difficult to come by, but 3 merged radio rooms fully upgraded and staffed with high charisma dwellers will increase the odds. [EDIT] While this was possible in the early days of the mobile version, it is now confirmed that in all current versions of the game the only way to get legendary dwellers is lunchboxes.

    The only way of getting legendary dwellers is through lunchboxes. I bought 40 as a test and ended up with 8 legendary dwellers. You may get more and you may get less, but either way youre looking at a fair amount of money if you intend to get this solely through purchasing lunchboxes.
    (Note: it seems I got incredibly lucky with my first set of boxes, Ive since opened about 40 more and got no dwellers. While high numbers of legendary boxes are possible, the consensus from comments seems to be around 1 dweller per 20 boxes)
    Luckily boxes can also be earned through quests and objectives, so keep hammering at those and hope to get lucky!

    As a side note; almost all legendary dwellers come with legendary outfits, weapons or both. The weapons and outfits they carry will add to your percentage for their respective achievements.

    EDIT: Sasha has mentioned in the comments that there are at least a few quests where legendary dwellers can join your vault upon completion. With this being the case and the fact you can earn lunchboxes for quests, it would seem if youre willling to spend money on the game then buying nuka cola quantum (for instant travel time) would be more beneficial than buying boxes!

    As with many of the other achievements, all 20 dwellers must be in a single vault.

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    MagicBullet1985I finally popped the achievement today, not sure if the odds have changed but I got 10 legendaries opening about 180 boxes, making sure to save the game each time. Used mostly Microsoft Rewards points to get credit to buy the majority of boxes so didn't feel like I'd spent a fortune
    Posted by MagicBullet1985 on 14 Jun at 08:39
    ALoneWolf42@MagicBullet1985: You can use Microsoft Reward points to buy Lunchboxes? Okay, I should do that.

    On my iPhone I have 75 freemium-earned boxes and at least 4 Legendary dwellers.. too bad I can't sync that up to Xbox somehow. headspin
    Posted by ALoneWolf42 on 17 Jun at 17:42
    MagicBullet1985Yes, I used my reward points to buy Microsoft gift cards, which were on offer too, bonus!
    Posted by MagicBullet1985 on 23 Jun at 17:27
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  • British LegendsBritish Legends781,814
    14 Feb 2017 13 Feb 2017 10 Jul 2020
    224 84 189
    For a quick and free way to gain lunchboxes that are needed to unlock legendary characters, you can do the following. NOTE this will only work on Windows 10, not Xbox (because you can't adjust the date, only time zones on Xbox One)

    1) Create a new vault
    2) Build the minimum power, water and food resources
    3) Have however many dwellers you wish inside the vault.
    4) Minimise Fallout Shelter window
    5) Open the "Adjust Date/Time" Setting in Windows 10
    6) Turn off "Set time automatically" and click the change date and time button, adding exactly 7 days to the current date.
    7) Alt tab back to the game, it should reload in about 1 second and display a completed daily report.
    8) Click to collect all daily rewards including the lunchbox. Click off the report so it closes.
    9) Alt tab back to the date time window and enable "Set time automatically"
    10) Alt tab back to the game so the in-game time re-adjusts.
    11) Alt Tab back to the date time window and repeat from step 6

    This should allow you to get infinite lunchboxes, one every 10-20 seconds.

    NOTE: Make sure to go back to the automatic date time, if you continue to advance 7 days each time the game seems to crash. Reverting back to the present each time stops this happening.

    Update: It has taken me a grand total of 631 lunchboxes to get 20 legendary characters. Imagine how much that would have cost if you'd purchased them...

    Edit: One final precaution, only open the lunchboxes when you have the present time set. Do not open them in the past or future. I found when I did this my achievement progress would stop updating. Maybe a coincidence, but I wouldn't risk it.

    Welcome to the grind.
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    KumekerionJust got the achievement using this method. I saw a legendary dweller about 1 in every 25 lunchboxes. Occasionally, the dates would get mixed up where the game wouldn't be on the first day of a week. At those times, I would have to push the computer's clock up less than 7 days to get things back in sync.
    Posted by Kumekerion on 28 Mar at 19:31
    British LegendsGlad it still works for you
    Posted by British Legends on 28 Mar at 19:45
    Y2Kasper10Jesus. While this is a great trick, I don't know if I want to invest like 4 hours for 1 achievement... even if it is the only achievement left for me. lol
    Posted by Y2Kasper10 on 24 Jun at 23:49
  • Achieve all dayAchieve all day376,857
    17 Aug 2017 17 Aug 2017 21 May 2018
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    This guide is to compile scattered information into a more descriptive guide.
    I sincerely recommend reading through the 'common questions/answers' section pronto!
    This guide will be in two sections:
    1) How to obtain Legendary Dwellers
    - 1.1 The 'Freebie' Dweller
    - 1.2 Quests: Which?
    - 1.3 Lunchbox Method (Credit to British Legends)

    - Update: Picture of all Legendary Dwellers + Names -

    2) Common Questions/Answers
    - 2.1 Do duplicates count?
    - 2.2 My Lunchbox Method isn't working?
    - 2.3 Have I glitched my achievement?
    - 2.4 Can you get Legendary Dwellers from the Radio Station?
    - 2.5 What about the Piper-Quest?

    1) How to get Legendary Dwellers

    1.1 - The Freebie Dweller
    To begin with - - , when you begin you may buy a 'starter pack'. It does cost real money but does include a legendary dweller for a relatively low price. It's not required, I didn't, you don't have to, but this is your time/money graph not mine.

    1.2 - Quests
    There are three legendary dwellers to be gotten from quests:
    1) Three Dog - Horseman of the Post-Apocalypse Part 3 - Quest 3/6
    Has been reported that some people have had the opportunity a bit later in the
    quest-line than this, but he *will* be in this quest-line unless you turn him down.

    2) Preston Garvey - A Settler Needs your Help! - Quest 5/5
    Just remember to *accept* him into the vault at the end.
    3) Sarah Lyons - Climbing the Ranks - Quest 4/4
    Same as above.

    1.3 - The Lunchbox Method (Windows 10 only)
    This method is the method of the previous guide from 'British Legends', I give him full credit and recommend you read his guide for this part, but if not here's a brief summary.

    Firstly, if you weren't aware you get a free Lunchbox once a week from your objectives interface (the thing that pops up when you enter the game each day).

    While you're in-game: go into your time & language settings (sub-part of your general computer settings), then date & time, then turn your 'set time automatically' setting off, change the date to 7 days ahead, collect lunchbox and open the lunchbox before you change the settings back. Then, turn on the auto-update feature, turn off again and repeat. Here's a picture!

    It does take a while, yet this is by far the quickest method.
    It took me 492 Lunchboxes after getting the 3-quest dwellers:

    Update: Here's a pic of all the Legendary Dwellers:

    And their names, in alphabetical order:
    Abraham Washington, Allistair Tenpenny, Amata, Bittercup, Butch, Colonel Autumn, Confessor Cromwell, Dr. Li, Elder Lyons, Eulogy Jones, Harkness, James, Jericho, Lucas Simms, Moira Brown, Mr. Burke, Preston Garvey, Sarah Lyons, Scribe Rothchild, Star-Paladin Cross & Three-Dog.
    2) Common Questions/Answers

    2.1 - Do Duplicate Dwellers count?
    Yes. Here's a screenshot of my duplicates after getting my achievement:
    Moira is highlighted to prove it's her as she got pregnant before I snapped the pic'.

    2.2 - My Lunchbox method isn't working... why?
    The most common problem is that you are part of the way into your week and have set it 7 days in the future, which does not equal a lunchbox.
    Turn your auto-set time back on to the correct time, then go into your objectives and check your current progress into the week; then set the time ahead however many days you need to get to the lunchbox.
    THEN after that FIRST 'fix', set it 7 days ahead until your done your lunchbox boosting.

    2.3 - Is my achievement glitched?
    If you've been opening lunchboxes on a different day than you acquired them, possibly yes.
    By this I mean, opening doing the time/date trick, obtaining the lunchbox but then switching back to the correct time before you open it.
    This doesn't glitch it for certain, but it has been reported to.

    2.4 - Can I get Legendary Dwellers from my Radio Station?

    No. This has been confirmed by developers, it was possible for a short time but not now.

    2.5 - I heard about a Legendary-Quest for Piper?
    Yes, you did. However, this is an exclusive for the Apple version.
    I know, upsetting. But we have the time/date method and they don't.

    I hope this guide has been helpful! If you have any negative critique or ways I can update this to be more helpful, feel free to inbox me!
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    JiveGoblinThis isn't popping for me unfortunately :/ I have 23 legendary dwellers alive and in the vault. first 14 were gained "legit". Used the lunchbox method above for the rest. Any ideas on why it might not be unlocking?
    Posted by JiveGoblin on 08 Jan 19 at 19:09
    Achieve all day@CobraCommand3r1
    There is a myriad of glitches that are frequently reported about this game, the odds of this being glitched for you for any of a hundred potential things you may have done are high.

    However, I will tell you what I can about human error. If you have mistimed some of your box openings as described in the guide when performing the lunchbox method it is highly probable that some of your dwellers haven't 'counted'. If this is the case, there are a few possible outcomes.
    1) Fully restarting the game may cause your game to acknowledge your achievement completion at your game's next weekly reset.
    2) Unlocking another legendary character (either legitimately or the lunchbox method) may force a character recount.
    3) The game is honestly just awful at unlocking achievements, it is possible that this issue will rectify itself with time; many of my achievements (that were even unlocked pre-lunchbox method) took anywhere from a few hours to several days to pop).
    4) It is sadly possible your game is in a permanently broken state regarding this achievement, it has happened and that will be up to you to determine when you begin to consider this possibility as the most likely one and will likely have to start a new game.

    Again, this game has far, far to many glitches and it is highly probable you have encountered one. If I can help in any other way, please let me know.
    Posted by Achieve all day on 11 Jan 19 at 01:21
    x DiS7uRbeDAfter some time in the game i kept track of my statistic and this is the summary:
    I currently have 21 Legendary dwellers obtained this way

    - 1 from the welcome vault tec box
    - 1 gained through quest (Sarah Lyons - Quest: Climbing ranks)
    - 19 gained through lunchboxes (here i show you which "numbers" of lunchbox gifted me a legendary dweller... i think it is important because it let everyone understand how often you can get one!)

    Lunchboxes: 302-325-352-382-406-407-413 (These were my last 7 boxes that gifted me a legendary dwellers, i haven't kept track of the previous ones...)

    Moreover another important point is that if you want Preston Garvey's quest to unlock you must first complete the "Vaultopolis" quest and "A Wasteland tail" quest (the Bigsby dog quest just to be clear, i say this because it has a very different translation in my language)
    Posted by x DiS7uRbeD on 16 Apr at 08:41
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