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You Don't Miss A Beat, Do You? in Crypt of the NecroDancer

You Don't Miss A Beat, Do You?822 (70)

Complete "All Zones Mode" with solo Aria

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Achievement won on 26 Sep 17
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Posted on 09 October 17 at 17:05
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Alright, if you want to go for this achievement, get ready to die. Probably more than with every other character combined. I think at least half of my playtime in game (100 hours) was spent on Aria alone. But now that you have an idea of what you might be getting into, onto the guide.

Aria is the third story character and by far the hardest of the characters (minus Coda). She starts with half of a heart, which means that any hit will kill you, and if you miss a beat, you will die as well. And she can only use a basic dagger. And she starts in Zone 4 and moves up through the rest in reverse order. Sounds like it's easy, right? Well, she at least starts out with a potion, so you can screw up once before you die. Because of all of this, many items are removed from the pool and only a handful that remain are useful.

First off, I'd recommend using headphones or at least turning up the volume on your TV so that you can hear the game's music very clearly. Otherwise, staying in beat perfectly will be nearly impossible, so audio is a must. Second, never do anything that can cause the coin multiplier to be lost as this counts as a missed beat. Such actions include: hitting a wall you can't mine, falling into a trapdoor, having a song end, doing anything while shrunk, trying to move while sliding on ice, etc. Also, be careful of any enemy gimmicks that can mess up your thought process, like teleporting, confusion, wind spells, or King Conga's irregular beats. Being unprepared for these often can result in instant death or at least the loss of your potion, so be wary.

The biggest piece of advice I can give is to learn the patterns for every enemy. You need to be able to deal with any enemy you come across without messing up in order to make any progress at all. I consider Aria to be about 20% luck between items and enemy placement, 10% not screwing up, which many deaths will come from, and 70% skill/memorization. By memorizing enemy movement patterns, how they attack, etc. most enemies won't pose much of a threat. There's not much I can say to help with this other than practice and keep trying so you can learn.

One of the biggest challenges that I found with Aria was the bosses. Many of runs were cut short because of a boss fight. I will list out some tips for each of the four random boss fights here:

Coral Riff-In my opinion, it is consistently the easiest of the fights. I always would hit one of the two tentacles that com diagonal to you and both of the tentacles that appear either above and below or left and right of you. I would then clean them up before tackling the boss itself. Just be wary that the boss hits all tiles surrounding him when he moves, so stay away before trying to hit him.

Death Metal-Death Metal's difficulty depends on a couple of factors: how much damage you do and when you face him. The more damage you do, the faster you can kill him and the fewer enemies he spawns. When you face him determines what enemies will spawn at the start of the fight. They vary in difficulty and are often best dealt with immediately. There's not much else to say here other than never hit him in the shield.

King Conga-He can be very difficult or very easy depending on a few factors. Again, when you face him matters because of what enemies spawn, but I would not necessarily recommend going after them unless you need to in order to live. Now, there's two ways to actually beat the boss: kill every zombie in both conga lines or bomb his throne. I would recommend going after the conga lines if you have a ring of courage or lack any bombs, but otherwise bombing his throne is much faster and easier in my opinion. Also, an earthquake scroll makes this fight a joke since it kills every zombie instantly, but you still need to kill the boss afterwards.

Deep Blues-This can either be the easiest or the hardest boss fight. If fighting the boss as intended, it is very difficult since the many pieces all have different movement and attack patterns. I can't help much with this, it just takes practice. However, an earthquake scroll will kill almost every enemy on early versions of the fight and damage all of them in later versions, making the fight much easier. However, the easiest way to beat the requires you to be able to do 3 damage per hit after zones 4 and 3 or 5 damage after zone 2. You simply walk into the fight and throw your dagger straight up, killing the king in one hit. It's over in less than a second using this.

Now, unless you are going for a low percent run, which I doubt, items will be integral to success. I will list what I recommend by item slot.

Shovel: Any shovel is good here, I simply prefer shovels to the pickax, but that is personal preference.

Head: Most headwear is useful, but I would avoid ever using the miner's cap because digging walls to buffer is integral for survival. I like the monocle personally because it lets you pick which item to get after a flawless boss fight, but the glass jaw is a good choice for the damage boost. I personally never used the sunglasses despite their damage boost because I hated not being able to see enemies clearly.

Armor: There's only two choices here, and they're both great. The karate gi is my personal choice because of damage, but glass armor is great too so that your potion is not needed if you get hit.

Torch: This one is self explanatory, with the glass torch being the best choice, but any torch being useful.

Boots: The order I would pick in is the following: winged, lead, explorer's, strength. Here, immunity to floor hazards is much more important than damage, especially once ice comes into play. I did not bother with any other type of footwear.

Ring: Here, two different types of ring are useful: damage and peace. Peace will make the floors much easier because you will deal with fewer enemies and weaker enemies, making getting hit less likely. Three different rings boost damage, and two have side effects. Courage is useful, but if you aren't used to it's effect, then don't use it. War is good because of the knockback, but just remember that it happens and it will be a big help. Other rings, like luck and gold, are useful until you find one of the rings mentioned earlier. I never used shadow or phasing because their effects did more harm than good for me. If possible, turn the ring of becoming into the ring of wonder, but this is very situational and is not worth focusing on if a better ring shows up first.

Consumables: All consumables are useful in the sense that they allow you to stand still for a beat, allowing you to stagger yourself compared to enemies that move every turn. However, other items have other effects as well that have varying levels of usefulness. Since you can't take damage, food is only useful for wasting a turn and for the beat of invincibility that they give when eaten. Holy water is extremely useful against Death Metal and most mini bosses because of their high health, especially before you have many damage boosting items, but is only ever useful situationally otherwise. The heat transplant can be good to give you a breather and plan out your moves a against enemies, and is especially useful against King Conga, but I often found myself moving in time with the music anyway out of habit, so it might not be super useful either. Every scroll has utility, but some have more uses than others:
Shield-Casts a shield which protects from all enemy attacks (but not missed beats). Can be quite useful for any boss, but is most worth saving for the final boss.
Earthquake-Very useful for King Conga and Deep Blues, which I talk about above.
Need-Potentially the most useful scroll because it acts as a second potion. If used after using your potion, it gives you another one. Holding onto one for this purpose is highly recommended, just be careful not to use it after your glass shovel breaks because it will give you pickax instead of a potion if you don't have a shovel.
Riches-Gives some extra gold and is only really useful at 3x multiplier. It gives 50, 100, and 150 gold at each multiplier.
Fireball-Shoots out a line of fire horizontally that deals 3 hearts of damage. If used at a good time, it can make minibosses easier to deal with and some bosses as well. Not the most useful scroll, but can kill some enemies if needed.
Freeze-Freezes all enemies within a certain radius of you. These enemies cannot move, attack, or block attacks. Can be a lifesaver in tough situations and can help make boss fights a lot easier. Just be careful because it also turns water tile into ice, which can kill you if you aren't prepared for it.
Fear-Can give you a moment to collect your thoughts by making all of the enemies run away from you, but since that's all it does, it isn't very useful.
Transmute-Only really has one use: creating a ring of wonder. Like I mentioned above, this is worth it if possible, but should never take priority over other rings and scrolls that are readily available.
Gigantism-This scroll only ever shows up if you kill a large version of an enemy. It can be useful against minibosses and bosses because of the damage boost, but that's about it.

Spells: Most of the spells overlap with the scrolls since they have similar effects. Whenever possible, though, pick up a spell (unless it's transmute in a shop). The bomb spell works as a rechargeable extra bomb, so it can help you whenever a bomb would be useful. I would recommend picking up a shield spell for the same reason as the scroll. Fireball and Freeze share the same purpose as their scrolls, only more useful because of the recharge.

Now that we've gone through the list of items I would recommend and each of the bosses you face, you should be good to go, right? Well, we've yet to tackle the final boss of the game's story: the Golden Lute. This boss is quite challenging because the damage you deal is capped and it has some frustrating abilities.

The way the fight operates is that the boss moves its head every other beat and moves its whole body every once in a while as well. The head can damage you when you are near it and it will shoot a line of fire at you if you are in a horizontal line from it. Also, when it moves its body it will deal lethal damage to anything in its path, including you and any enemies. Throughout the fight, there's rows of statues that will shoot fire out in a random row every so often as well. The lute only takes damage with its head and only your dagger can damage it. However, when hit, the boss becomes "confused" which causes it to move every beat and is offset from you because of it. This can be fixed by: hitting one of the skeletons that spawn throughout the fight, using any item or spell, using one of the movement trap tiles that exist in the arena, or trying to hit the bosses body, which wastes a beat but doesn't make you lose your multiplier. Once you hit the boss while it's confused, or once the confusion wears off, it will do one of three effects that it cycles through: first it will confuse you, second it spawns two dragons (red and green the first time, red and blue after that), and third all of the statues fire off their lines of fire in a sweeping pattern starting at the top with each row going the next beat. This last one will persist even if you kill the boss, so it is possible to die even though you won the fight. No matter how much damage you do, it will take a minimum of 1 full cycle or 3 times confusing the boss, and more depending on if you hit the boss while its confused.

This is not an easy fight, but I mentioned above to have a shield spell and/or scroll for this fight for a reason: the fight is laughably easy using a shield. If you have both items, just pop one, hit the boss until it is about to run out, then use the other. Since you can't get hit, all of the difficulty of the boss is gone. If you only have one, you will likely have to fight the boss normally for some of the fight, but it still takes a lot of difficulty out.

If you can successfully defeat the lute and escape the arena, congratulations! You've finished the story and arguably the hardest of the base 9 characters! If you have any suggestions or you disagree with anything I've said, let me know. Also, all of this is based off of my experience with Aria, so if something works better for you then it did for me, then go with it. This is not the definitive way to win using this character, just a lot of suggestions.
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