Banned Footage Vol. 1

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Banned Footage Vol. 1

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Ethan Never Dies

Complete Ethan Must Die.

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How to unlock the Ethan Never Dies achievement

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    Resident Evil 7: Ethan Is Alive Trophy/Achievement Guide

    I Earned This On The PS4 When It Launched In January. The start of the video walkthrough shows a trap chest and what to be careful of.

    Ethan Is Alive is a Trophy/Achievement that is earned by completing the Ethan Must Die gamemode that comes with the first DLC pack ‘Banned Footage Vol.1’. This gamemode is very difficult and will seem very unfair and unforgiving at times but it is very must doable if you follow the below steps that I outline or decide to watch the video I will add. Before I add the steps I’m going to list off some important information you must know:

    1. You will start with the pocket knife but will be able to find nearly all weapons and gear (including x-ray glasses, walking shoes, essence and secrets of defence, ect) but unless you get the ‘Survival Knife’ always keep the pocket knife.
    2. Said weapons and gear will be found in boxes that have star ratings indicating the rarity or usefulness of the stuff inside but beware, some of these boxes contain bombs so you may accidently end up killing yourself when trying to get an item.
    3. Enemies and Traps are everywhere in this mode and unless you are finding steroids, you will pretty much die in one hit.

    4. Items are random in boxes and sometimes there won’t be a box where it was before so please note that all playthroughs will be different and I will list below how many boxes may appear in each area.

    The following areas where items may be obtained as you go through them:
    - Outside: 2
    - Main House: 2
    - Monitoring Room: 3
    - Hallway: 1
    - Incinerator Room: 2
    - Lower Laundry Room: 2
    - Morgue: 2
    - Dissection Room: 2
    - Boiler Room: 2
    - Workshop: 2
    - Master Bedroom: 0
    - Storage: 1
    - Recreation Room: 2
    - Grandma’s Room: 2
    - Hallway: 2
    - Bathroom: 2
    - Hallway: 2
    - Garage: 1
    - Upper Laundry Room: 2
    - Kitchen: 1
    - Living Room: 1
    - Pantry: 3
    - Greenhouse: 7

    Now that you know those it’s time to start with the guide itself.

    - As Ethan you will start outside by the gate to the ‘Old House’. Follow this path and enter the ‘Main House’.

    - Once you enter the ‘Main House’ a moulded will drop from the balcony, A fat moulded will start spitting at you and another will spawn on the steps so quickly make your way around the furniture and through the door and head towards the ‘Monitoring Room’.

    - When you enter the hallway heading towards the ‘Monitoring Room’ there will be a moulded blocking access to the basement so continue down the hallway and go into the room where the crow door was located and bait the moulded following you into killing itself.

    - Now head to where the moulded was blocking the path, down the stairs and quickly destroy the egg blocking your path as a moulded is creeping up behind you.

    - Once the door is open rush forward running over the first trap, passing the second trap and running over the third trap and make it to the ‘Incinerator Room’.

    - Once you hear an explosion go off, the moulded from before will be crawling towards you so wait until it comes near the ‘Incinerator Room’ door and knife it. Now run towards the laundry door avoiding the crawler and run over the forth trap and shut the door behind you to save health and ammo.

    - Once in the laundry a moulded will spawn by the machines so kill it then head towards the door in this room. Open it and run back and hide behind the tables to avoid the Fat Moulded spitting otherwise you’ll easily die here.

    - Bait it to spit at you then run through the door it came from and down the stairs to the ‘Morgue’.
    - There is a door to the ‘Dissection Room’ here for some items but there is a tripwire here so either use the flamethrower if you have it to blow it up or do it from the other side of the area. Continue following this path and you will come to a hallway with 3 tripwires, bait the shielded moulded into at least 2 of them and he will die.

    - Now you will be inside the ‘Boiler Room’ and you MUST fight to leave this room so kill the moulded by the door first then lure the second one over the trap in the centre of the room. Once dead leave the room and kill the crawler that will spawn as you near the egg you need to destroy or if you have a flamethrower or survival knife you can quickly destroy the egg and close the door on the crawler.

    - Now you’re in the ‘Workshop’, past here are two traps which are very well crafted to catch people who are off guard. The first will be once you reach the top of the stair case a bunch of pipes will swim from the roof to kill you, so to avoid this run to the top of the stairs then back down. The next trap will be in the ‘Master Bedroom’ with a bunch of boxes all over the place, these are all bombs so to avoid these run on the panel beside where you came out from and drop back into the hole until the explosion happens, now continue on.

    - You will cross the balcony and hear a yell from the other side of the door. That would be jack being killed by new traps that we are going to encounter from this point onwards. Once you open the door and see jack run along the outside balcony to avoid the moulded and you will hear a turret lock on so duck near the end and get into the ‘Recreation Room’ and move towards the centre of the room to avoid the two turrets in here.

    - Destroy the bomb blocking the door and kill the two moulded in the hallway. Once you go around the corner from the bathroom 2 more moulded will spawn so if you bait one into attacking you at that corner you can run past the red barrel to the end of this area and kill both with one explosion.

    - Drop down into the next area from the broken staircase and land in-between the two bombs otherwise they will explode and kill you. From here the upstairs ‘Laundry Room’ can be reached to get some items however you will want to head towards the ‘Pantry’ and destroy the traps inside here. Once you are in the room a moulded will spawn so kill it and claim your loot.

    - Now avoid the turret in the living room and grab the greenhouse key, this will start an un-skippable fight with two moulded and a Fat one. Kill the two normal moulded then lure the fat one over to the turret to have it deal with him.

    - Now head back down the hall towards the ‘Main Hall’ and kill the 4 crawlers that will be down here. Unlock the door and head back outside avoiding the Moulded that will spawn by the dog door.

    - Outside a few enemies will spawn but head behind the trailer and quickly shoot the 3 bombs to kill the Fat Moulded before he spawns and you can unlock the ‘Green House’.

    - Now you’re about to fight the ever so lovely Mrs. Baker but as long as you have your knife and some ammo you’ll be fine.

    - Lure her to the Greenhouse part of the map and into traps that are littered around this area along with a turret that will fire on her if you can bait her right. Now once the turret downstairs has run out of ammo go back upstairs and make the turret up there run out of ammo and this is where we will kill her.

    - The hole in the floor will allow you to circle strafe around and hit her from behind with whatever knife you have leaving her helpless and at your mercy. Kill her and you will have beaten the mode, CONGRATS!

    Here is a video of my run so you have an idea.
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    Rakkman Forever Completed this last night. Don't think i've ever been so pleased to get an achievement done with. The actual boss fight is's just getting there that's annoying as hell!

    Take your time and try not to get frustrated. It is doable so long as you know what you're doing and the RNG is with you! Use turrets to your advantage whenever possible.
    Posted by Rakkman Forever on 31 May 17 at 09:32
    HiddenPrecision I got this first try without a guide. Just got to take it slow.
    Posted by HiddenPrecision on 02 Jun 17 at 09:48
    BigErnM Definitely one of the most frustrating achievements I have ever done. Probably took me about 100 tries. Gave up on it for a few days before reluctantly going back and trying it again. Tips and video guides were quite helpful. Especially the tip about the booby trapped boxes having tape on them. Final boss strategy of dropping through the hole in the floor in the turret room when you get pressured and then coming back upstairs to wait by the entrance to that room with the turret in it was very helpful.
    Posted by BigErnM on 10 Dec 17 at 22:57
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