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You Gotta Know When To Hold 'Em

Complete Survival+ mode in 21.

You Gotta Know When To Hold 'Em+0.2
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How to unlock the You Gotta Know When To Hold 'Em achievement

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    The Game Rules are as follows:

    -Standard Blackjack Rules:

    -Whoever is 21 or closest to, wins the round.

    -If both players are equal, it's a draw.

    -Whoever overextends 21 loses.

    -If both players overextend, the one closest to 21 wins.

    -Deck is shared meaning there aren't duplicates also meaning easier to read/count cards.

    -Game Mode Specific Rules:

    -There's a total of 10 opponents in this mode.

    -Both players have access to powerups (Trump Cards) making this game similar to UNO.

    -Each round consist of placing bets (torture points). It starts at 1 ante at the beginning of the round and going up by using Betraisers Trump Cards.

    -Whoever reaches 10 torture points (Skull in Electrometer) loses the match.

    -No player gets penalized during a draw.

    -Player doesn't get penalized if his Electrometer is at zero (00) when losing the round.

    -Your torture points don't reset during matches meaning that you must beat all 10 opponents with only 10 torture points. Hence, called Survival.

    -Using Trump Cards won't end your turn, asking for an extra card or staying, however does.

    -Round ends when both players decide to stay.

    Trump Cards Rules:

    -Trump kinds include: Permanent (Stay on table until the end of the round), Non-permanent.

    -Trump Types include: Draws, Debuffs, Buffs, Betraisers, Trick, Misc.

    -You can play a maximum of 5 permanent Trump Cards simultaneously.

    -You can play as many Non-permanent you want.

    -You draw Trump Cards randomly at the beginning of the Mode, then per turn in the later rounds.

    I won't cover Trump Cards as it is enough by reading their description in-game, however, if you would like a list of them then the following link has the complete list (Credit goes to the Reddit community and Pumpkin-K1ng for the post):


    10 - The worst Blackjack player in the world

    -Play normal and only trump cards should you need them.

    -Pretty easy by far, only spams shield cards most of the time.

    -Occasionally will try to hit you hard.

    -Tends to stay with only 2 cards (one exposed, one upside down) making it easier to guess his count and beating it accordingly. In short, always aim to beat x + 11 or x + 10, where x it's his exposed card value. Becomes even easier if you possess the highest cards already.

    (9-7) - Average Blackjack players

    -Same as #10 but have access to better Trump Cards such as Happiness and Mind Shift etc.

    -Aren't as dumb as #10. They are still easy though. Just don't lose your trump cards when they use their Mind Shift ones.

    -#7 Loves the Happiness Card. So do you.

    (6) - (1st Boss - Moldedman)

    -Has access to Destroy+ cards and likes to make you draw the highest card in your deck in order to easy ruin your count (Curse Card).

    -You can easily counter his Curse Card by playing an Exchange one depending how high your card is. if you suspect he is about to reach 21 or are already and made you draw a 11. Exchange right away in order to make him overextend and lose the round. Also the Return card in case you don't have an exchange one

    -Save your most devastating combo for when he has used his Destroy+ Card (if you think he has access to one).

    -Save your Go For 24 Cards for when you are really in a tight spot or it will help you win a round where you are about to strike him hard.

    -Pretty easy to beat unless you got naked into this match.

    (5-4) - More experienced Blackjack players

    -Same as all the other standard enemies we have face but with even more powerful Trump cards.

    -These are slightly harder to beat that the previous ones due to them having the aforementioned cards. But as long as you aren't naked during these matches you should be fine doing what you have been doing all this time.

    -The only threat they possess is their Desire+ card that could be a massive blow to you if you possess lots of Trump Cards. Save your destroy cards in case you can't either win or force a draw during this round.

    (3) - (Optional 2nd Boss - Elusiveman)

    -Joke opponent but a dick at the same time.

    -He is scripted to leave the match with his Escape Card, for you to play another opponent but not before dropping some damage on you.

    -Depending on how well you are equipped, you can cancel his trick/beat him before he runs away. If you manage to do so then you get a treat!

    (2) - Last Standard Opponent

    -Will make the best call depending what he got.

    -Has access to the same arsenal as you and slightly more Trump Cards.

    -Can be difficult if you go in naked as he loves to Up your bets aggressively.

    -Think carefully before making plays.

    (1) - (Final Boss - The Boogeyman)

    -The hardest opponent in the game. Has access to the most overpowered cards in the game (I suspect he is Lucas Himself!)

    -He loves to draw perfect hands. Save your Remove cards in order to ruin his play or Exchange if you suspect you will make him overextend with it and/or his drawn card will help you win the round.

    -Save your most devastating combo for after he uses his Oblivion card and trust me, he will always draw that card.

    -Do your best to save your Destroy cards for this Boss, otherwise he will trap you into Oblivion with a single card... Dead Silence... You won't be able to draw any more card and he will just wreck you if you can't counter the Card lol. If that happens consider restarting the game. You just lost.

    -His most devastating card is Desperation. Is the same as Dead Silence but to make things worst both players bets are upped to 100 and he will have access to perfect draw cards to make you lose by default. If that card is played and you can't Destroy it. You won't be able to draw any card ever again. Restart, you just have lost as this has become nothing but a certain lost Mexican Standoff.

    -Take your time before making plays as one play can easily cost you 1+ hour of gameplay.

    -Analyze the cards on table from both players, then act accordingly.

    -Good Luck


    -As a general rule, always memorize the cards already played and who have what cards. As a complementary tip, always remember their actions during the round in order to guess which cards they might have and whether you have them trapped or they got you.

    -Always try to save the best card for the difficult opponents or when you can insta-kill someone.

    -Always count cards, by doing so correctly it will allow you make educated guesses more frequently.

    -If the opponent already has 21 on his count before deciding the winner for that round then he already lost that round. Proceed to unleash a devastating combo from there. Unless they use a Go For Card in order to not overextend.

    -If the opponent is quite close to 21, always remember that that count is without counting their hidden card, meaning that they might be overextended by now. It becomes easier to guess whether or not this is the case by having the minimum count card below the needed sum exposed already on the table regardless under whom. For example; if they have already shown to have 19/21 and both the 1 and 2 cards are on play regardless of under whom then that means, the minimum possible card under their hidden one is 3 meaning they are guaranteed to overextend by now. Just like I keep advising, always keep counting cards.

    -Patience is a virtue here. Don't rush things. Take your time to analyze and think.

    -Standard opponents have access to all normal cards but their chance to get to draw them varies by difficulty (opponent order). The best ones being more common towards the end of the run.

    -Be always willing to take educated risks, better take one bad risk than being stuck for the next 2-3 rounds.

    -Save your best cards for opponents #6, #3, and #1 (5th, 7th, 10th).

    -When the round is lost and nothing can be done about it try to minimize the losses with Shield cards.


    "Happy Geek Giggles!"
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    The SCHWARTZ 00 Whoever at Capcom thought this would be a good idea for an achievement needs to be fired on the spot and thrown out of the highest possible window without a parachute.
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 17 Aug 18 at 21:51
    JungAndReckless Good guide, had a very lucky time with the final boss. He didn't really do much to me and was able to beat him only taking one damage the whole game
    Posted by JungAndReckless on 24 Jun 19 at 01:43
    R3CON 28 This is probably the worst fucking achievement ever conceived and I hate whoever thought up this absolute pile of excrement.
    Posted by R3CON 28 on 15 Dec 19 at 22:57
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