It just keeps going achievement in Halo Wars 2

It just keeps going

Beat wave 25 in Blitz Firefight

It just keeps going0
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How to unlock the It just keeps going achievement

  • Doc6913Doc6913127,006
    17 Feb 2017 17 Feb 2017 19 Feb 2017
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    I found this best to do in CO-OP and below is a quick guide on how we set-up our units and what two decks we used to knock this out. Our strategy actually helped us get to wave 50. Having a deck set-up that's a little more offensive (Forge) helps to beat the early waves, and then having a deck designed with a lot of siege units and guard units (Atriox) for the later game really worked. I will say the Hero's, especially Atriox are key, due in large part to their large amount of health and shields, as well as range and damage. Check out the guide below from my channel and the written description! Not a bad achievement if you can get it all set-up.

    Decks we used:
    Starting Army: Full Metal
    Reactive Marines
    Vanguard Kodiak
    Combat Salvage
    Forge's Warthog

    Starting Army: Bulletproof
    Ironclad Hunters
    Prowling Reaver
    Ironclad Wraith
    Enduring Blisterback
    Atriox's Chosen

    For those that can't watch the video, our set-up is pretty simple. Initial waves (1-10) just hold points B and C while your building up your army. The player using Forge should be the one mainly defending B and gathering energy, while the Atriox player holds energy and calls in Reavers, Blisterbacks and Atriox Chosen. Make sure to push units up far enough to the choke point between points B and C on the enemy spawn side so that they are not moving along the ridge. This ridge is where you want to start setting in as many Blisterbacks (with the Enduring closer to the front in case they get destroyed as you will get the infantry units out of them) and Kodiaks. Use Atriox as well as your Ironclad Hunters and Wraiths to build a wall of troops at the choke point and not allow them to move onto the ridge. From there, the Forge player is protecting B, while you protect C from the front and build Reavers on C to fight the air waves. The remaining units, if set-up right, should not even get anywhere close to C. You should have this pretty well set by about wave 15, and from there you can use more leader powers and continue to build your forces. Don't worry about point A, as after each set of 10 waves the map is cleared, so the forces the enemy AI pushes there will be removed and don't need to be killed unless your grabbing energy. Gathering every energy is absolutely vital, so make sure both players are making a consistent effort to help with that whenever they can. This can also be done with three players, and that helps as it gives more troops and more people to focus on building the defenses. You know you will be set when waves don't even make it to your choke point as they are just smashed by all the siege units. Hope this helps!

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    Black I ViperI have done this alone - first try....its not really hard.
    Posted by Black I Viper on 03 Mar 17 at 16:24
    TropanI reached wave 25 but failed to achieve killing the entire wave but still got the achievement. Second match, so was nice to grab this and not fail last minute!
    Posted by Tropan on 17 Mar 17 at 01:28
    PhenIX613If anyone wants to get this in co-op, let me know. gamertag PhenIX613
    Posted by PhenIX613 on 03 Apr 18 at 21:22
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  • I x ShockWaveZI x ShockWaveZ201,272
    25 Feb 2017 25 Feb 2017 02 Mar 2017
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    This achievement is relatively easy, it's all about having the right setup, it's most definitely doable alone but I offer my help to anyone who needs a CO-OP partner, just simply message me through Xbox live and I'll help you with it.

    The Setup
    It's highly recommended that you go with Forge he's available from the DLC it'll be displayed from the Blitz screen (don't worry it's free)
    Forge is great through his hero which is 'Forge's Warthog' he has the abilities Rally & Shield, Rally buffs the damage of all nearby allies and Shield goes over his health, before he can lose health his shield must be taken out.

    Forge also has the Grizzly tank which is arguably the most powerful front line heavy vehicle in the game, so if you have acquired the Grizzly it'll make your job a lot easier, just make sure to stick some Nightingales near it (these heal.)

    Last of all for Forge a definite requirement would be the Kodiak, these units are heavy artillery that do incredible damage at long range.

    The alternative option: Shipmaster

    I loved the Shipmasters arsenal through the Blisterback which starts off as an air unit but you can set it up as a heavy artillery using by pressing Y whereever you wanna deploy it.

    The Locust and its closest relative The Bloodfuel Locust are also essential, these fire at long range using a beam as their weapon, put these next to the artillery units to maximize the effect.

    The main objective

    Okay so what you'll be doing from here is setting up your main army up at B, stick a stealth troop at C until you have a suitable army at B, then put 2 Grizzilies (Forge) or 2 Marauders (Shipmaster) at C and this is all you need at C.

    Now put a group of Marines at the opposite end of the map for the power drops, if power drops closer to you send 1 unit, it's not worth the risk of leaving our artillery exposed.

    Okay now we're gonna setup artillery between our 2 objectives, setup a couple up at the back and a few on the overpass, make sure the defence is strong so no enemy units can get to them, you can just deploy a Cloaking Field in the worse case scenario if you're the Shipmaster.

    From here just keep building your army and increase the number of artillery units, if you get the number to 5-10 that'll most definitely suffice to defeat all the waves, the last wave can consist of about 20 hero's but it may fluctuate and vary, but the artillery splash damage was taking them out in no time at all.

    That pretty much covers it all, any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!
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    BarrwgJust scrapped through by the skin of my teeth. Those brute warlords just melted through my troops. But until that point they had 0% toward victory so I managed to just idol out that wave at my base. Defo do coop if you can!
    Posted by Barrwg on 09 Mar 17 at 13:51
    FG CrisisThanks for the help bro!
    Posted by FG Crisis on 12 Mar 17 at 02:52
  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT191,328
    22 Feb 2017 22 Feb 2017
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    This can be done solo or with a friend (easier with a friend). This strategy requires the use of artillery/long range units to hold B and C. Build up a wall of artillery/ long range unit (Kodiak, Blisterback, Locust, etc.) between B and C. From this position most enemies will be spawn killed as they enter the line of sight of your units. I was able to make it to round 50 using this strategy in co-op.

    Here is a video guide with English commentary!

    Here is a playlist of guides for this game!
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    mastergamer015Wow, literally just did this solo with the forge set up, 3 more seconds and I wouldn't have got this achievement. I also bagged the on fire one as well.
    Posted by mastergamer015 on 22 Feb 17 at 21:44
    ShinobiGarthman, i died right as wave 25 started using this basic strat, crapping out guys and putting the artillery on the cliff.
    Posted by ShinobiGarth on 16 Nov 17 at 07:21
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