Lone Wolf achievement in Halo Wars 2

Lone Wolf

Complete any solo mission on Legendary (except The Signal) with all skulls on (original campaign)

Lone Wolf0
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How to unlock the Lone Wolf achievement

  • BaronVoNewmanBaronVoNewman1,156,634
    19 Feb 2017 19 Feb 2017 07 Mar 2017
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    EDIT: Looks like spartan loses health now. Basic strategy should still work just play more cautious in the beginning!

    Mission 2 : A New Enemy

    At first glance this looks like the hardest achievement in the game due to the Pestilence Skull. BUT the skull drains the health of allied units AND enemy units which makes this a breeze.

    The strategy is as soon as you start send in all available units to the first camp and take out all units. You will then receive more units once its cleared. Once you obtain kodiak support simply gain vision of the enemy and they should take out the base for you. Once the mini base is destroyed attack the bigger base at the bottom of the hill. Every time you lose units more units show up.

    Now with your base built IMMEDIATELY build turrets to defend your base so enemy units don't destroy your base. At this point you will have two warthogs spawn in front of your base. Once they are destroyed two more will take their place meaning you have unlimited warthogs. Build all supply pads + one generator then take your units and move to take the right base. Once that base is down build all supply pads on that base. Add turrets to this base too. Now that you have two bases wait about 2-3 minutes for resources to stockpile then set your rally point to the right of the final base. This will allow your warthogs and marines to destroy the base without pulling much aggro from enemies on the left. Immediately destroy the red canisters to take out 2-3 base structures.

    Now with the base destroyed set your rally points close to Decimus and train as many marines as possible. When a marine dies just train another. This works best at the right base since it is closer Now sit back and wait for him to die by the constant stream of marines and your two constantly re-spawning warthogs!

    Congrats you just unlocked 40 gamerscore! toast

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    BaronVoNewmanGlad this still works well over two years!
    Posted by BaronVoNewman on 14 Mar 19 at 20:44
    HitherWave74543Is not poping for me, idk why, i have all the skulls activated and leg diff too. Any sugestions?
    Posted by HitherWave74543 on 17 Mar at 01:37
    z RagnaroK zGreat guide. I would like to offer a few suggestions that you might consider adding to your guide.

    1. To get this achievement to unlock you must play on Legendary difficulty with ALL skulls on. I originally assumed that it was the 13 scoring skulls that the achievement description was referring to, but you must play with all 15 skulls (both scoring and non-scoring) for the achievement to unlock.
    2. Utilize the garrisons. They are especially useful for holding the power nodes from getting recaptured, as well as leap frogging up the hill towards the enemy base (where Decimus spawns at the end of the level).
    3. While your troops lose health with the skulls on, they do not die outright. Your spartan also does lose health but doesn't ever outright die. Keep in mind that when the spartan does go down, there will be a small nuclear explosion following his incapacitation. This is very useful for taking out armored vehicles and groups of enemies. So always try and get your spartan as close to enemies as possible so that the explosion helps take them out. It does not hurt your own units either.

    Thanks for the great guide! Happy achievement hunting.

    - Rag
    Posted by z RagnaroK z on 30 Mar at 21:21
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  • Shel2theburneShel2theburne310,186
    21 Mar 2017 22 Mar 2017
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    Here's a visual walkthrough on getting this achievement created by myself:

    Settings: Mission 02, Press Y on mission select and enable all skulls, choose Legendary for the difficulty, follow the mission as I have in the video.

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    BoemstackReally usefull guide, Thanks!
    Posted by Boemstack on 29 Jun 17 at 16:02
    flashwingfelixVery helpful video! I got the achievement fairly easily, but not without getting angry whenever the Banished leader powers hit me
    Posted by flashwingfelix on 31 Jan 18 at 04:03
    Shel2theburneHappy it helped you out!
    Posted by Shel2theburne on 31 Jan 18 at 15:51
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