Morbid curiosities achievement in Halo Wars 2

Morbid curiosities

Collect half of the Skulls (original campaign)

Morbid curiosities0
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How to unlock the Morbid curiosities achievement

    26 Feb 2017 28 Feb 2017
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    level 2: 0:05
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    level 5: 6:00
    level 6: 7:10
    level 7: 9:00
    level 8: 9:36
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    level 10: 11:55
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  • flashwingfelixflashwingfelix68,156
    29 Jan 2018 30 Jan 2018
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    This achievement only requires you to get half of the following skulls:

    Difficulty does not matter for these. You can play them one easy and use the helpful skulls to make it even easier.
    These skulls are collected by completing an objective instead of finding a physical object.

    Grunt Birthday Party skull:
    Mission: A New Enemy
    Capture every power node. They are marked with an electric/lightning symbol on the minimap.

    Paintball skull:
    Mission: Ascension
    Destroy the main Banished base in the northern part of the map.

    Wuv Woo skull:
    Mission: The Foundry
    Keep the scarab intact for the whole mission

    Pain Train skull:
    Mission: Ascension
    Destroy the hidden Banished base that is East of your base. It's an island and you have to access it by air units.

    Bountiful Harvest skull:
    Mission: One Three Zero
    Keep all of the rescued prisoners alive.

    Emperor skull:
    Mission: The Cartographer
    Destroy the two minibases. They aren't that hard to find. At the bottom of the stairs that lead to the main Banished base, there are two small paths that go left and right, leading to two different Banished minibases.

    Pestilence skull:
    Mission: Lights Out
    Free all of the UNSC prisoners. They are marked on the map with a unique symbol from the start.

    Total Annihilation skull:
    Mission: From The Deep
    Complete the mission without any heroes being downed.

    Sickness skull:
    Mission: Hold The Line
    Complete the mission with all barricades intact.

    Firestarter skull:
    Mission: Hold The Line
    Complete the mission with the particle cannon's health above 50%.

    Things That Go Boom skull:
    Mission: Under The Dark
    Kill all three brute warlords. Just explore the map and you'll find them. They're not that hard to kill, as long as you have a decent force.

    Sugar Cookies skull:
    Mission: The Foundry
    Keep the Scarab's health above 25%. Use restoration drones and nightingales to make it easier.

    After Party skull:
    Mission: The Halo
    Rescue Bravo base before it is destroyed. Be sure to kill ALL enemies as they are attacking form three different points. Once it is saved it will turn green and you will unlock the skull.

    Nightmare skull:
    Mission: Last Stand
    Keep the control room's shields above 75%.

    Shadow skull:
    Mission: Last Stand
    Kill both brute warlords in the left and right sides of the map.
  • Darkness Yiss27Darkness Yiss27251,948
    17 Feb 2017 18 Feb 2017
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    Here's a link to all skulls (plus the phoenix logs)
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