Collecting a dream achievement in Halo Wars 2

Collecting a dream

Collect all the Skulls (original campaign)

Collecting a dream0
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How to unlock the Collecting a dream achievement

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    Collecting A Dream Achievement Guide

    The skulls are back as is the usual in a Halo game except rather then having to search out an objective then have to search for the skull they are just given to you as you complete the objective. The following guide is a complete Text guide until I complete my video guide which I will add afterwards.

    If you have any questions please leave a comment and I will get back to you asap. Also any negative votes please leave a reason why, thank you.

    Mission 1: The Signal
    This mission does not contain any skulls.

    Mission 2: A New Enemy
    Skull: Grunt Birthday Party - Capture Four of Decimus’ Power Nodes
    This skull can be earned shortly after building your first base as 4 Power Nodes will spawn around the immediate area and will show up on the map as a Bolt symbol. Simply send your infantry units to capture these points and after all 4 belong to you the skull will unlock.

    Mission 3: Ascension
    Skull: Paintball - Destroy the Banished base
    This skull can be acquired after creating your first base. Directly north of your base is a heavily fortified Banished base which needs to be destroyed to unlock this skull. Don't touch the A, B or C capture points and you have infinite time to do this.

    Skull: Pain Train - Destroy the hidden facility’s four structures
    This skull can be acquired after creating your first base. When you get your first set of hornets head to the lone island south-east from your base and you will find a Banished base. Bring along 4/5 hornets and destroy this base for the skull.

    Mission 4: One Three Zero
    Skull: Bountiful Harvest - Don’t let any of the four prison squads die
    This skull will be earned at the very end of the mission by keeping the prisoners from dying. During the mission you will come across multiple prison sites containing your guys with some Banished protecting them. Kill the Banished and free your people and make your way to the end of the level. Once here you will be doing a wave based stand off so put the Cyclops units into the garrisons and hide the other units behind the building to keep them safe. Using your spartan and leader powers you can easily survive the waves and get the skull.

    Mission 5: The Cartographer
    Skull: Emperor - Destroy both minibases in the central chamber
    This skull can be earned just after you open the red barriers. To the north of your base where one of the Conduit's are located, the path splits off left & right. On each side of these paths there is a Banished base that you must destroy and only after both are destroyed will the skull unlock.

    Mission 6: Lights Out
    Skull: Pestilence - Release all 10 UNSC Prisoners.
    This skull can be earned near the end of the mission. When you start the mission you will find the first set of prisoners that you must release in the spawn area. After using the Portal which brings you to your second major base building site, head to the right of that area and you will find 3 prison cells with the remaining prisoners that you need to get. After releasing all 10 prisoners in the mission, you will unlock the skull.

    Mission 7: From The Deep
    Skull: Total Annihilation - Complete the mission without Spartan Alice being downed
    This skull is earned at the end off the mission. The simple advice is to keep her away from the battlefield if you are worried about her dying, however I put her inside a scorpion on the beach and just let her continue to destroy any and all units that came to her. At the end of the mission a scarab will spawn so make sure that you have built plenty of scorpion tanks to quickly kill and you will unlock this skull.

    Mission 8: Hold The Line
    Skull: Sickness - Keep the barricades intact
    This skull is earned at the end of the mission. This is a wave based mission so to defend your position there are barricades to the north and south of your base. Your job is to create units and defend these barricades so to do that, start getting some income and building turrets then send all of your units that you make to the choke point that all enemies will funnel through (below the mini base site to the right of your base) and after holding off for 30 minutes the skull will unlock.

    Skull: Hold The Line - Particle Cannon stays above 50 percent health
    This skull unlocks at the end of the mission. If you are going for the above skull then no unit should reach the Particle Cannon so fret not and knock out 2 birds with one stone.

    Mission 9: Under The Dark
    Skull: Things That Make You Go Boom - Eliminate all three Brute Warlords
    This skull is earned after killing the third warlord. There are 3 warlods in this mission that you must kill and are reletivly easy.
    - The first warlord is located to the very north of where you spawn.
    - The second warlord is located directly south of Alice's starting position.
    - The third warlock is located at the very south of Alice's starting position and requires passing through two red gates to reach.

    Mission 10: The Foundry
    Skull: Wuv Woo - Keep The Scarab Alive During The Entire Mission
    This skull will unlock at the end of the level. This skull is pretty simple so once you capture the scarab unit just keep it alive throughout the entire mission. Take it slow and don't get too cocky.

    Sugar Cookies - Keep the scarabs health above 25%
    This skull will unlock at the end of the level. If you are going for the skull above then this is simple so again, take it slow, send your other units in before you go and you will get this at the end of the mission.

    Mission 11: The Halo
    Skull: After Party - Rescue Bravo Base
    This skull will unlock after rescuing bravo base. To the north of your starting position there will be a power node, go capture it and Cutter will contact you and tell you Bravo base is under attack and a health bar for it will appear. Go a little more north and you will find Bravo Base being attacked by Banished so kill them then claim your reward.

    Mission 12: Last Stand
    Skull: Nightmare -Keep the Control Room Shield over 50%
    This skull will unlock after defending the control room. The key here is to meet Banished force with the appropriate UNSC counterforce, and do it quickly. You have no base, so resource/production issues don’t exist. The only construction work necessary is to build and upgrade Turrets. You start out with several squads of Hellbringers and Marines, plus two Nightingales and your three Spartans. You also learn that the Spirit of Fire’s Leader Powers are now all unlocked with reduced recharge times. Complete this with the shield over 50% and the skull will unlock.

    Skull: Shadow - Kill the two Brute Warlords and stop their reinforcements
    Captain Cutter will eventually report that Brute Warlords have moved onto the field to oversee Banished troops. As he explains, eliminating them will disrupt the enemy’s chain of command. Locations for the two Warlords appear on your Minimap, but you can’t see their insane number of troops through the fog. These are both very tough targets, especially in the early minutes of the mission, before you gain higher-tier troops. Each Warlord possesses a powerful contingent of mixed units surrounding him, plus a few Engineers for healing and repair. Wait until the Spirit of Fire delivers some heavy armor before you try a counterattack against the Warlords. It’s risky, but in the lull after a Banished assault on your four passages, quickly assemble a strike force led by all three Spartans. (Be sure to leave a few defenders at each passage; the Turrets alone can’t hold off an assault). When you reach the Warlord’s clearing, immediately send Alice, Douglas, and Jerome leaping to hijack three of his tanks. Then drop the Leader Powers on the Warlord and his minions. Take them all out, no survivors.

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    a banned flaskcan confirmed fixed with latest update finally just got it
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    Epsilon ThetaDo you need to keep all prisoners alive in mission 6?
    Posted by Epsilon Theta on 19 Nov 19 at 14:07
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    Usually I would put a text guide to explain achievement but because the top guide is such a good guide I don't think there is anything to add to it. I have made a video guide for all of the different levels and again credit to the top guide as they have helped me with one or two levels.

    level 2: 0:05
    level 3: 1:29
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    level 5: 6:00
    level 6: 7:10
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    level 12: 13:30

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    Here is my video guide to this achievement!!
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