The rank and file achievement in Halo Wars 2

The rank and file

Recruit or construct 1 of each UNSC unit in Multiplayer or Skirmish (Launch units only)

The rank and file0
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How to unlock the The rank and file achievement

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    To unlock this achievement you must build one of each unit in the UNSC.
    This will take a minimum of 3 games one as each of the UNSC leaders.
    Different units between the leaders are only the Spartans,ODST and a sentinel
    Captain Cutter - Spartan-Jerome-092 and ODST
    Isabel - Spartan Alice-130
    Professor Anders - Spartan Douglas-042 and the Protector Sentinel
    (The sentinel is unlocked via the research wheel, you will need 1 point to unlock it for research and another for it to be available for purchase, now at a firebase/combat station/headquarters it will be available to buy)

    UNSC units available to all 3 Leaders
    Condor gunship

    ODST and turret drop from research might count if anyone can confirm I'll edit, I apologise I wasn't looking at the achievement tracker when I called them in.
    If I can improve on this let me know, happy hunting.

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    NicoRobinsGhostIf it’s possible to backup your saves you can do it again, just make sure so you don’t lose all your data from the whole game.
    Posted by NicoRobinsGhost on 04 Jan 18 at 05:49
    xXI Uni IXxOk. So right before I went to sleep yesterday I got a notification on smart glass that it unlocked. The Xbox wasn't on at all. Weird.
    Posted by xXI Uni IXx on 05 Jan 18 at 05:57
    NicoRobinsGhostYup that is the connection from the game and Xbox live/servers, happens from time to time just have to wait.
    Congrats though dance
    Posted by NicoRobinsGhost on 05 Jan 18 at 13:57
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    This achievement will likely come naturally over the number of online matches you play during your time on Halo Wars 2, but it can be done rather quickly in a solo Skirmish match against the AI on Easy. If you prefer to knock this out quickly, head into the Skirmish lobby and make these setting changes:

    + Gametype: Deathmatch
    + Starting Supply: 9999
    + Starting Power: 9999
    + Fog of War: OFF

    Now make sure to set the AI's difficulty to Easy and choose a UNSC Leader. Take note that each UNSC Leader has an exclusive Unit to build, so you will have to redo this twice more to build those two Units at a later time.

    When the match starts, begin building a few turrets to act as a proper defense (just in case the enemy attacks you), and then construct and upgrade one Generator and one Supply Pad for additional Supplies and Power. Next, upgrade your Base (the main building) to a Command Center for 1,000 Power (this unlocks Tier 2 Units). Once that is done, upgrade the Command Center to a Headquarters for another 1,500 Power (this unlocks Tier 3 Units).

    You'll then want to construct one of each building: Airpad, Armory, Barracks, Garage. After these have been built, begin constructing one of each Unit from each. You can refer below for a quick checklist of what needs to be constructed for this achievement.

    - Hornet
    - Nightingale
    - Vulure

    - Condor Gunship
    - Douglas-042 (exclusive to Anders)
    - Alice-130 (exclusive to Isabel)
    - Jerome-092 (exclusive to Captain Cutter)

    - Hellbringers
    - Sniper
    - Cyclops

    - Warthog
    - Wolverine
    - Kodiak
    - Scorpion

    - Marines
    - Jackrabbit
    - Protector Sentinel (exclusive to Anders; 2 Leader Points needed - 1 to unlock, 1 to purchase, then you can construct at the HQ)

    Once you have constructed all 18 Units, this achievement will unlock.
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