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Destroy 500 units with Leader Powers (Multiplayer, Skirmish or Blitz)

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Achievement Guide for Overkill

  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox548,303
    20 Feb 2017 21 Feb 2017 23 Feb 2017
    17 5 9
    My and my friend Erazor found this super easy method to get this. It does require you to coop it, but it will only take about 10 minutes for both people if you do it this way!

    1. Get into the same party in game
    2. Make a Custom 1v1 Strongholds match with these settings:
    As many helpful skull as you can find.
    No Fog of War.
    Choose Atriox
    3. Once the game starts, split the Strongholds between you two leaving ONE stronghold uncaptured!! Thanks WhitePrinceLion, he and a buddy discovered that the game goes into Sudden Death if the 7th stronghold has not been captured and the strongholds are 3 each!
    4. Delete any buildings other than barracks and rebuild barracks on the closest stronghold to #5.
    5. Choose a nice large area on the map where you can gather a LOT of troops in one place and place your global rally point there(hold cn_up).
    6. Spam suicide grunts!
    7. Once the other person has enough or maxed the grunts there, use the Glassing Beam/Superpower to annihilate the grunts.
    8. Alternate the leader powers--the dropships ability will count assuming you have population room for it, and the mines help a little as well.
    9. Just wait for the leader powers to recharge and blast them again! It's really fun actually. laugh
  • Melman V2Melman V2362,425
    04 Aug 2017 04 Aug 2017
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    Method for doing this solo:

    In the main menu go to multiplayer>custom match (Some people have said skirmish doesn't work) pick any map (I picked sentry)

    Game settings:
    Time limit> 30
    Starting population>60
    Additional population per stronghold>10

    Game play options:
    Unit cool down ability>200
    Fog of war>off
    Leader powers>on


    I played against AI on normal difficulty, leader selection Anders

    When the match starts capture the nearest stronghold and try to defend it with a few troops and the leader powers (Ark Defense III & Turret Drop). You will be doing this until the leader power Retriever Sentinel is ready to be used (try to make sure you have 24 spare population points). When it's ready, call it in as soon as possible and keep buying nightingale's to heal it. Any kills by the Retriever Sentinel will count towards the achievement and use your other leader powers whenever they're ready. I had 73% completion when I tried this and got the achievement with about 3 minutes left in the game.
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