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Restart any puzzle and solve it with a different word.

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How to unlock the Versatile achievement

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    The description is a little bit off. "Restart any puzzle and solve it with a different word" is correct, but you actually have to do this 10 times in order to earn the achievement.

    You can do this slowly as you go along, for example using "RAISE" to raise a platform and then restarting and using "RISE," but if you want to get this all in one go and get it out of the way, a really good spot to do this is on Chapter 2 (Part 7 if you're selecting from Checkpoint Select, thanks to RBR Arcade for that information) at the location pictured below.

    Now, you don't have to complete the full puzzle every time. This puzzle has three different aspects to it — opening the jammed piece, slowing or stopping the falling platform and raising the large platform — so you just have to use a different word for one of these every time you retry it. For example, use the word "RAISE" to raise the platform. Don't bother finishing the rest. Now pause, hit "Retry" and use a different word to raise the platform or interact with one of the other objects. You can double check that it tracked your attempt by viewing the achievement tracking. It won't start tracking until your second word, since the requirement is to use a different word than one you've already used.

    Here is a list of words you can use for each part (there are way more than the amount you need here). Of course, you can also use these any time you see these same scenarios in different spots, provided you have the letters:

    Unjamming the two platforms squeezed together: Split, separate, tear, part, release

    Stopping/slowing the falling platform: Halt, hold, stop, wait, slow, still, stall, sloth, slower

    Raising the platform: Rise, arise (if you want to use this one, you'll have to separate "AR" and "ISE" then push them together, else it'll activate when you just have the letters for "rise"), raise

    Shoutout to Steam user Mygodstudio for making a guide that I referenced for additional word choices. Any questions or clarifications? Please let me know toast
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    Random Rinth The picture shows the "seventh part" of Chapter Two. You can make a "lie" here for reversing words. I tried to reverse "press" and got "say". Nice guide. 🙂👍
    Posted by Random Rinth on 18 Feb 17 at 17:50
    KBop a doo Thanks and thank you for the detailed info RBR Arcade. I'm updating the solution with the exact part you provided now toast
    Posted by KBop a doo on 18 Feb 17 at 18:29
    adamrulz Great work, and my ticket only took 9. Did the first, then used all other words. After that skip the first step, and do the words for the crusher. Worked great and again, thanks!
    Posted by adamrulz on 19 Feb 17 at 07:02
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