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Land Rush

Acquire 5 Staple Homes within the first month of the Homestead update.

21 Feb 2017 until 23 Mar 2017

Land Rush
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Challenge Guide for Land Rush

  • AmagiciaNamdGobAmagiciaNamdGob166,011
    25 Feb 2017 24 Feb 2017 07 Mar 2017
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    Thanks Beanpotter!!

    Figured this out, you need $121,000 to buy 5 homes and inns do not count. Here are the cheapest 5 homes to purchase to get this challenge:

    Barbed Hook Private Room 11k
    Flaming Nix Deluxe Garret 13k
    Sisters of the Sands Apartment 12k
    Humblemud 40k
    Snugpod 45k

    After you purchase and load into the last home the challenge should pop though I did add privileges to these homes just not sure if you needed to do that for the challenge (comment below if you find out either way and I will update my solution). Hope that helps.

    Good Luck!!
  • Dite DielleDite Dielle189,428
    07 Mar 2017 07 Mar 2017 07 Mar 2017
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    For anyone that may have trouble getting this, like all the other ESO achievements that I know of, this challenge is actually connected to an in-game achievement.
    Land Rush is essentially to get the Citizen achievement while the challenge is active.

    This is can be found under Journal > Achievements > Housing > Property.
    It is a three-tiered achievement with Homeowner for 1 staple home, Freeholder for 3 staple homes, and Citizen for 5 staple homes.

    This is mainly important to know for people with multiple characters. Since the in-game achievements are still character-based, while you don't need to re-purchase the house, you do need to visit all five houses with one character.

    I bought Captain Margaux's Place with my main, and then went to my crafter to buy the rest (since she had done some of the Auridon storyline), and the achievement (and challenge) didn't pop when I bought the last house. It popped when I visited CMP with my crafter.

    AmagiciaNamdGob's list does have the cheapest ones, so if you're looking to get the challenge before it's gone, go ahead and grab those.

    For those of you who want to get homes you like first, then the Fextralife link in the other solution would be best for picking your favorite five from the list, but remember that the Apartments also count as "Staple Homes."
  • mcnichojmcnichoj189,931
    21 Mar 2017 01 Mar 2017 21 Mar 2017
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    Staple Homes are new housing added in for the update.
    Certain criteria needs to be completed before you can buy any of the houses.
    One of the criteria is completing the free "A Friend in Need" quest that you have to buy from the Crown Shop under the "QUEST STARTERS" section. You will be awarded your first housing upon completing this quest but it does not count as one of the five for the challenge.
    Read more about each specific house here:
    Houses cost different amounts. You can bypass the in game cost or having to do specific house required quests by paying in crowns but I advise against this unless you have left over crowns from an ESO Plus subscription. The two more expensive of the cheap Staple Homes cost about 2,000 crowns each which is the equivalent of $20. So you would be looking at spending over $50 if you bought all five needed with crowns.
    Achievement tracker does not update at all after you buy a house but you can always check how many you got by going to COLLECTIONS > HOUSING > STAPLE HOMES. Just remember that the free Mara's Kiss Public House does not count as one of the five, so in the end you should have six Staple Homes.
    You also don't need to do anything special after you buy the house, you can just open up the Crown Store and then fast travel to the next, buy and repeat.
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