Into the Nether achievement in Minecraft (WP)

Into the Nether

Construct a Nether Portal.

Into the Nether0
Online/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeBuggy +Buggy -
Gamer Gamer Date Won
Netherlands Itzz Sh0wt1m3 Itzz Sh0wt1m3 22 February 2017
USA snrubauhsoj snrubauhsoj 22 February 2017
England Zedarboy Zedarboy 22 February 2017
Canada YODA12320 YODA12320Xbox Game Pass loses a quick completion and five more games soon 22 February 2017
Canada JPL1982 JPL1982! 22 February 2017
England Gaggman0507 Gaggman0507 22 February 2017
England RexJerichoHardy RexJerichoHardyWolfenstein, DOOM, The Elder Scrolls, Quake, Fallout, Halo & Forza, 7 greats under one roof. 23 February 2017
Brazil CPI Fairer CPI FairerVoltando aos poucos 23 February 2017
USA Sliktor SliktorXbox can never have enough Final Fantasy! 23 February 2017
England TUAAM TUAAM 23 February 2017
Belgium DeBroin DeBroin 23 February 2017
USA NutriWhip NutriWhip 23 February 2017
England Saint Yates Saint Yates 23 February 2017
USA Shadow Kisuragi Shadow KisuragiI feel like someone pulled an April Fools prank special for me this year. New Windows Phone DLC... 23 February 2017
USA Streak Leader Streak LeaderPrivacy settings suddenly out of whack on TA. Nothing has ever changed in my settings on 23 February 2017
USA Beard BeardOfficial gamerscore for February 126,970! 23 February 2017
England Vito084 Vito084Has anyone else not got the punch card complete after srarting the punch card and pre-ordering Hitman 3 on the Microsoft rewards app? 23 February 2017
USA PuRe Pretzel PuRe Pretzel 23 February 2017
England Pixie Ninja Pixie Ninja 23 February 2017
Japan はこわんのりすけ はこわんのりすけNO XBOX NO LIFE 24 February 2017
England Dwaggienite DwaggieniteJoin my discord server! 24 February 2017
Saudi Arabia Ex GHOSTface Ex GHOSTface 24 February 2017
Germany Casino83 Casino83Power Your Dreams 24 February 2017
Colombia SW4T Richard SW4T RichardOcupado en GEARS POP 24 February 2017
Canada lI Majora Il lI Majora IlWas wondering when the Hat in Time DLC would make it's appearance. Let's fucking goooo 24 February 2017
USA Wintr17 Wintr17 24 February 2017
Germany angelofdeathWHV angelofdeathWHV 25 February 2017
England Stealth David Stealth DavidCongrats ZW_ for winning Twitch sub draw for April 15th www.Twitch.TV/StealthDavid if you need a easy resub link 25 February 2017
England DAZTK DAZTK2016 GTASC Team Runner Up: The N4k3d Midgets 25 February 2017
Sweden Spelare666 Spelare666 25 February 2017
Canada Sashamorning SashamorningI think it's time for someone to file a class action over Gears POP! The industry needs to be put on notice. 25 February 2017
Knightstar0816 Knightstar0816 25 February 2017
USA Salsbar SalsbarWindows Phone Hype! 25 February 2017
USA Artie Artie 26 February 2017
England Jon81D Jon81D 26 February 2017
Finland Jappe JappeFew years of Neverwinter and 6 months of Black Desert. Time to get back to achievement hunting? 26 February 2017
J89Z J89Z 26 February 2017
Germany Grobanite Grobanite 26 February 2017
USA jpgorajec91 jpgorajec91Grinding out Gears of War 4 26 February 2017
England Slim Panatella Slim Panatella 26 February 2017
Scotland Enter gamertag Enter gamertag. 26 February 2017
julzz 1 julzz 1Wiodns Phnoe 26 February 2017
England tonyboykid tonyboykid 26 February 2017
USA AL1 AL1Any suggestions for hidden gems on Game Pass? I can't figure out what to play. 26 February 2017
Ireland CoOlErHaSh CoOlErHaShgoing for 400,000 27 February 2017
Scotland NCRRANGER1254 NCRRANGER1254 27 February 2017
Canada Finnan FinnanAnyone max rank in Happy Wars with 3 controllers willing to let me wail on them a while to get wins and kills in quick match? 27 February 2017
USA J Pinder J Pinder 27 February 2017
England Racxie Racxie 27 February 2017