Last Stand

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Last Stand

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Objectively Good

Capture an objective, build both Fortifications and unlock both Perks.

Objectively Good0
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Achievement Guide for Secret Achievement

  • RDSRDS238,634
    01 Mar 2017 01 Mar 2017 09 Mar 2017
    34 5 8
    This can be done over multiple games. All you need to do is capture/activate the following objects at least once:

    -Objective Terminal. (Terminals in the areas marked with A, B and C. You need to capture one terminal in both A, B and C once. Capturing 50 terminals earns you another achievement). Simply run as far forward as you can during the start of the game to get a headstart on capturing for either A or C. Once you captured one terminal, head to B as fast as you can to capture a terminal before enemy players show up.
    -Turret. You can find these in your starting area (either A or C.) Recognizable by the turret icon, activate one for 250 SHD Tech (there are three turrets available).
    -Pulse Beacon. Same location as the turret. Recognizable by the pulse icon, go there as fast as you can to activate it since there's only one beacon available. Costs 250 SHD tech to activate.
    -Points for Kills Perk. This can be found around B and close to a Landmark (clearing the Landmark will earn you loads of SHD tech needed to activate the perk) These only become active after a short while.
    -Victory Points Multiplier. Mirrored location in comparison to the Points for Kills perk.

    Activating any perk 10 times will award you this achievement.

    Good luck Agents.
  • OperativeEmeralOperativeEmeral258,114
    05 Jun 2017 05 Jun 2017
    11 0 0
    Just in case anyone was wondering, you do NOT have to get all the requirements in the same match. I built the two fortifications (the turret and pulse) in one match, I got one of the two perks in one match, I got the three objective captures in one match, and then the Achievement unlocked after got the second of the two perks in a different match. And as for capturing an objective in each of the three zones, you do not have to fully capture the entire zone, just one terminal. I only captured one terminal in each of the three zones in one match and it counted toward the Achievement. So don't stress about trying to capture the entire zone in one match, you just need ONE terminal in EACH of the three zones.

    It's best to just go down the list of each of the requirements and cross them off your list once you've done them once so you don't stress about it in future matches.

    - Build a Turret.
    - Build a Pulse Beacon.
    - Capture an Objective Terminal in Alpha, Bravo and Charlie.
    - Activate the Points for Kills Perk.
    - Activate the Victory Multiplier Perk.
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