Last Stand

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Last Stand

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Win 50 rounds of Last Stand.

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10 November 2019 - 4 guides

Achievement Guide for Secret Achievement

  • RDSRDS244,080
    01 Mar 2017
    49 17 21
    This achievement will take the longest time out of the five achievments this DLC shipped with. You need to be victorious in 50 games of Last Stand to get this achievement.

    In Last Stand, your team needs to score 15000 points to win. These points are earned by holding objectives and scoring kills (the latter only with the Points for Kills perk active). To maximize your chance of winning, keep playing the objective. Activate perks when they become active, assault terminals when your team's assaulting and defend your terminals when necessary.

    Other than this I do not have much more tips to give since it will also depend on your teammates.

    You will likely pick up all other achievements in this DLC before getting 50 wins.
  • Holiday9357Holiday9357451,616
    01 Jul 2017 18 Aug 2017 18 Aug 2017
    12 2 2
    As of now there are too many people still playing Last Stand to realistically boost wins. Here are some tips for winning in Last Stand.

    1. Play with friends who have mics.

    Obvious but important. It’s much easier to coordinate actions with people who are speaking with each other.
    2. Farm Shade Tech initially.

    At the beginning have no more than 4 people farm the two landmarks (no more than two people to a single landmark). With at least 4000 Shade Tech you can attempt to capture both Victory Points and Points for Kills when they become available, though Victory Points is the more important of the two perks.
    3. Have a strategy.

    Winning can almost be guaranteed if you a) keep your home objective locked down, b) keep objective B contested between the two sides (i.e. the opposing team does not lock it down), and c) purchase at least Victory Points every time it becomes available.

    The ideal strategy is to a) keep your home objective locked down, b) keep objective B contested between the two sides (i.e. the opposing team does not lock it down), c) purchase both perks every time they become available, and d) have no more than two power players with good loadouts/weapons occasionally disrupt the opposing team’s home objective.
    4. Choose gear sets that benefit the team.

    There are tons of ways you can outfit yourself, but try to pick a setup that helps your team in capturing objectives and winning matches. I used Path of the Nomad - having an extra health bar every four minutes really helps when you are capturing objectives and being shot.
  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade754,982
    01 Apr 2018 15 May 2018
    7 1 0
    The other guides got pretty much everything covered, I just wanted to shed some light for those who are doing it solo. It is possible even if you have low gear. My best tips I have to winning is, if you do have low gear avoid other players and sneak around to capture the victory points multiplier. Then go to the enemy's home base and capture as many as you can. I usually did two then headed back to the victory points multiplier to wait and activate it again. I would rinse and repeat this method usually the whole match. If your team at least holds down B and if your home base has one captured of the three, then when you take one of the enemy's home base points they are no longer gaining any points. So therefore if you can stop their points while capturing the victory points multiplier you're pretty much guaranteed a win. With a little bit of luck and a lot of patience you will eventually get there. Now I'm not saying this will work for everybody, this is just what I did. Good luck to everyone still trying for this achievement.
  • Wylaf BeulbeWylaf Beulbe598,529
    17 Feb 2019 18 Feb 2019
    5 0 1
    I unlocked the 50 Last stand chievo yesterday and I know exactly what is needed to survive the dreadful mode.

    There are 3 main CLASSIFIED gear sets people use constantly:
    1. 5 piece Nomad with Savage Gloves (or 6 piece for 60% dmg resistance on nomad proc)
    2. 5 piece Striker with savage gloves
    3. 6 Piece Predator set. This is the most annoying of the 3 as bleed will kill you even if you manage to escape or survive the encounter.

    All of them use the House with the following talents: #1 Deadly, #2 Unforgiving and #3 Responsive. (#2 and #3 are sometimes interchangeable)

    Stats you need to survive more than 30 seconds on your gear: Health, Chit Hit chance, Crit Hit Dmg, and more importantly BLEED, FIRE AND SHOCK RESISTANCE in that order. otherwise LVL 99 guys will melt you in seconds.

    Secondary weapons are mainly used on NPCS, so a high RPM assault riffle with Predatory and Destructive is a must for Landmark SHD farming. Side arms are rarely if ever used so use whatever you want.

    Any other gear sets are laughed at, unless ur a god at it, like a deadeye set for base defense from afar or a full reclaimer for healz is actually rare and many times it has turned the tide of battle due to the inmunizer box it provides.

    Talents I used on my 5 piece nomad build was Critical Save, Combat Medic, Adrenaline and On the move.
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