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Locksmith in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Locksmith46 (15)

In Rave in the Redwoods, recover the piece of Soul Key.

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Achievement Guide for Locksmith

Mild Gonolini
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Mild Gonolini
Achievement won on 03 Apr 17
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Posted on 03 April 17 at 21:01
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This is the easter egg for the Zombies map, Rave in the Redwoods, unlike the zombies in spaceland easter egg, where it was made much easier solo, this is actually best done with 4 people, I did it with 2 people, and it was quite easy, but from what I hear it is made much harder with 3 people, so try to avoid that as best as you can.

I found this to be far far easier than Zombies in spaceland, so if you managed to struggle through that, this won't be hard at all. There are no prerequisites for this easter egg, that being said, certain fate and fortune cards will make this alot easier. The majority of this easter egg involves killing the slasher in a limited amount of time, so most of the FaF cards are weapon spawns which will allow you to deal massive damage against him, you in total have to do this 3 times, while it is possible (and really not super difficult) to do these fights sans FaF cards, I suggest you don't risk, being as if you fail it one, you will lose a random perk.
I suggest you bring (if possible)
-Scratch post (spawn a claw, will nuke him in about 5 seconds)
-Dragon breath (Spawn a claw, again, shreds him very quickly)
-Raining bullets (spawn an infinite ammo powerup, use this and spam your upgraded bows on him.

Besides these, I only really suggest you bring in a perk insured for the boss fight, so you keep your perks if downed.

I will be making this guide assuming you know the map, how to turn on power and access pac-a- punch.

Step 1: Building and upgrading crossbows

This is technically not required for the easter egg, but I'll mention it anyway, because these are quite easy to build and very powerful, the steps for each crossbow upgrade are the same.

Unlocking the crossbow

Before you can upgrade the crossbow, you need to unlock it first. To do this, head over to the pac- a- punch island and head into the cabin, a slightly ajar bathroom door has a bucket full of hotdogs, hold cn_X on this bucket to pick up a hotdog. Now take the zipline back and head to to the mess hall. Basically, there are 3 deer heads around the map, which you must throw your sausage at using cn_LB, however, you must be in rave mode to do it (I suggest you do this before round 10, so you don't have to worry about the slasher.
To enter rave mode, you must collect a pouch from a killed zombie, and throw it into a fire anywhere on the map, it lasts about 10 seconds, but if you find these groups of blue butterflies, you can extend it (they are all over the place) so it is quite easy to hit all 3 in one rave mode. The locations of the deer are:

-In the mess hall, to your right as you enter from the docks, above the fireplace.
-In the cabin area, coming from the mines, the second cabin on your left, behind some bunk beds on the left.
-In Spawn, there 2 here, but only one will work, if you come up the stairs from the power room, you will see it right in front of you on the wall.

Upon throwing your sausage at a deer, it flies off the wall, and starts to float around, shoot it with any gun, and collect the glowing symbol it drops.

Doing all 3 will give you access to a cabinet in spawn with 4 crossbows in it (called the Vlad). By itself, this weapon kind of sucks, but it is easy to upgrade and becomes very powerful.

Upgrading the crossbow

Around the map, in various locations, there are a total of 4 little glowing animal statues, there are a large number of possible spawns, and you'll need to find all 4. This list I copied from, so all credit goes to them:

Picnic table to the right of the “Camp Wolf” sign.
On the cabin balcony across from the Racing Stripes machine.
On the staircase landing behind Bang Bang in the Old Mines.
Outside the Mess Hall, look on the ground near a bench by the Camp Cabins debris door.
In the Recreation Area, look in the trailer with the open back. Look near the bed on the end table covered with beer bottles beneath the weapon buy wall.
On the docks in the Bear Lake area, look in the corner where white tables are pushed into the corner. One white tables has an overturned table on top with a statue location.
Behind the Slappy Taffy machine on the Bear Lake beach, look under the leaning canoe.
In the Adventure Course. Up the first set of stairs as you enter from the spawn room direction.
On the wooden platform near the single wall section at the base of the climbing wall in the Adventurer Course area.

Grab all 4 and head to the rave area. By the speakers near the front, there are 4 spots which you must place all 4 animals on. Once done, you need to kill zombies near these statues, I'm not totally sure what constitues a "kill" in this case, because it is inconsistent, one thing I know for sure is gas grenades always count. You will know the kill counted if the zombies explodes into a red mist when killed.

Once you get enough kills, you can grab all 4 statues. Now you need to find a larger statue around the map to place these smaller statues, there are multiple locations for each animal and are fairly obvious. Once placed, you will need to get a few kills with your Vlad near these statues. Depending on the animal it will give you a different upgrade for your crossbow, I suggest everyone grab an upgraded crossbow, it will be very helpful later.

Step 2: Kevin Smith

This can be done at any time as soon as pac-a-punch is open. If you head into the cabin where you access PAP, you will see world renown movie star Kevin Smith in the rafters (he did clerks guys, I mean come on). If you interact with the radio in this cabin, he'll talk to you or something, wait for him to shut up and he gives you a task to collect three scraps of a photograph, which is basically the whole easter egg.

Scrap 1: Recreation area

If you head to the rave area, and go behind the wickerman type thing on the stage, you will find this first scrap, you won't be prompted to pick it up, but hold cn_X as you walk through this area and you'll grab it. Now head to the large bonfire near spawn (where there is a fallen tree), you'll see a white plastic chair in this area, you will be prompted to begin a ritual here.

Upon doing so, you will be thrown into rave mode and zombies will start spawning around you. You need to shoot the arms off a number of zombies, it does not matter whether you kill the zombies or not. The best gun to use for this is any kind of weak shotgun, because you want to shoot their arms off before killing them. Keep in mind you are timed doing this, once the rave mode goes away, what's worse, if you do run out of time, the game steals a random perk from you which is obviously quite annoying, so you do not want to fail this obviously.
Once you gib enough Zombies, a small blue light will shot up where you placed the photo scrap. Interact with it and the slasher will spawn.

This guy is very dangerous and does a ton of damage. If you've taken any damage, his chainsaw charge will down you instantly. He has a fair amount of health, and as before, you are timed. Because of this, you will likely want to use a FaF card here. Spawning in either the Claw or F-spar is your best bet, as they will both kill him incredibly quickly. Keep moving and spraying him, avoid the zombies, and you should be fine. Upon killing him, a max ammo spawns and you can collect the next scrap.

Scrap 2: Spawn lodge

Before grabbing this next scrap, again go talk to Kevin Smith (this was the guy in Jay and Silent Bob, you can't go wrong). Now head to the spawn building, the next photo scrap is sat right in front of the juggernog, or tuff nuff perk machine).

Now head over to the recreation area, place the photo in front of the stage, again, infinite zombies spawn. This time, you need to gib their legs off. Normal guns won't do this, but a shotgun will, as well as explosions. The gas grenade is very useful for this as well, this I found to be much easier than the previous one. Again, once done, interact with the photo to spawn the slasher, exactly the same, its suggested you use a faf card, once he's dead, you get a max ammo and can grab the card.

Scrap 3: Power room

This piece (looks like a skull now) is in a pile of bones in the power room, beside the zombie on a wheel. Again, talk to Kevin, the genius behind "Tusk", and you can grab this. Head to the beach, by the lake where you can enter the water you place the skull. This time you need headshots, pretty simple, use accurate guns, double tap will help. Once done spawn the slasher blah blah blah, same thing, use a FaF if you need to.

Step 3: Boss battle

Yes, you're already on to the boss fight, this easter egg is quite short. For this easter egg, I suggest you have full perks, an upgraded crossbow, and an assault rifle, hopefully double upgraded, at least upgraded once, I also suggest you have perk insured activated. When I did this, I actually downed really early but me and one other guy with full perks got through it no problem.
To initiate the boss fight, head down to power, on the adjacent to the wheel bloke, there are some buttons on the wall, all players must hold cn_X on a button at the same time. Now head to the boat that takes you to pac- a- punch and you'll see the director of "Zach and Miri make a porno" Mr. Smith in the boat. Jump in, he'll say some garbage and eventually fall out, once you gain control, the boss battle truly begins.

You'll see the slasher has grown quite a bit, and rave mode is permanently activated. At the base of the stairs leading to the pap room is a max ammo, grab this often, it respawns on a timer fairly frequently. You need to keep moving avoiding the slasher and zombies. There are a large number of steps to this boss fight, the area is very large so it is actually pretty easy.

First of all, you will see 4 glowing circle like things around the area, you need to charge these up with zombies souls. Doing so will raise a blue skull into the air, once enough souls fill the skull it forms a very large blue beacon. You need to have all 4 reach this position, the problem is, if a skull goes too long without kills, it starts to fall back down slowly, so I suggest each person worry about a set of skulls, using their crossbow to quickly kill zombies. This is easier than you might think, if you run low on ammo feel free to grab the max ammo. Once all have been filled.

Next, a large circle will appear on the ground somewhere, you need to lead the slasher into it. He will often do a launch type attack, so watch out. Once he's in there the circle changes colour and you need to shoot the slasher a few times. Doing so will activate the actual fight with him. Around his body there will be these purple glowing symbols, which is where you can damage him. Note that you will be brought out of rave mode during this part and zombies continue to spawn. For this part, you will want an upgraded bullet weapon, like an assault rifle. Damaging the symbol enough will cause it to move, which you must shoot again. This is very easy, train up the zombies and keep moving, shooting everytime you have an angle on the slasher. Once you totally destroy all the symbols, he will jump onto the roof of the cabin. Be ready to run to a green circle! He is about to launch a very deadly a attack, pay attention to where he is looking and he will cast a green circle in this area, you take alot of damage if you are not in this circle. Skeletons will spawn at this point, so spam out your bows at your feet, as you can't really move. Once this is complete, you've done 1/3 of the boss fight. Now just do all that again!

Fill the blue skulls, get him to land in the blue circle, shoot the symbols on his body and stay in the circle. Do note, during this sequence there will be these blue barriers blocking off some areas, so be careful you don't get trapped, you can actually revive people through these barriers if you need to.

Finish this second one, and again do the exact same thing a 3rd time (this battle is very repetitive). Once you survive the third skeleton bit, the slasher is open for attack completely now, so just unload everything you've got into him, try to aim for his head if you can. This is quite easy, he has a ton of health but it goes pretty fast when you keep spraying at him. Once dead, he drops the soul key piece you can pick up giving you the achievement

Do not forget to get the tables turned achievement at this point!!! You can only do this after completing the full easter egg, if you end the game first you will need to redo the entire thing to do this. In the power room, you now have access to the buzz saw thing (called Smiley) the Slasher was using. Grab it and enter rave mode. Wait for the slasher to launch at you with his charge attack and hold cn_LT to saw him. After about 3 or 4 seconds he'll die, and you'll be given this achievement. It is very easy, but you do not want to forget to do this before ending the game, you'll be pretty pissed off I imagine.

So there you go, this easy easter egg is done, congrats! Again, 4 is the best number of people for this, but I did it with 2 and had no problem if you're struggling to find guys. If you have any questions about this guide, feel free to comment or just message me directly, good luck!

The guide below is from MrDalekJD on youtube, all credit goes to him

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