High-Score Hero achievement in ULTIMATE MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3

High-Score Hero

Earn 500,000 points in Arcade mode.

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How to unlock the High-Score Hero achievement

    12 Mar 2017 13 Mar 2017
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    H3L xSHARINGANx found a very easy way to get 500,000 points in Arcade mode. Using this method I unlocked 'High-Score Hero' on my first attempt I tried for it on Xbox one. There is no detailed explanation or huge amount of skill required.

    Essentially you will be picking three laser spamming characters- Sentinel Force (Bomb) with Iron Man (Unibeam) and Doctor Doom (Plasma Beam) as support. Put the settings to: VERY EASY difficulty, INFINITE time and HIGHEST damage. In each match you will need to do four simple things in this order:

    1. Switch characters 6 times. This will get you 1500 Points a pop.

    2. Perform a Snap Back attack. This will get you another 1000 Points.

    3. If you manage to perform steps one and two without taking any damage (it takes a bit of luck), back away from opponent and spam Sentinel's H and low H laser beams coupled with either support's lasers until two out of three opposing characters are dead. If you do take damage, press Start and return to character select. You won't lose any points from previous fights by doing this.

    4. When your opponent is down to his last attacker and low on health, use X Factor for 2000 points and initiate a double or triple cross over combination to finish the fight.

    Repeat these four steps for the first 6 battles and you should get between 72,000 and 75,0000 Points per fight

    For Galactus, repeat steps one and three (not two) for the two enemies at the beginning. When Galactus himself comes out, here's what I did:

    Switch characters to Iron Man and head in as close as you can get. Activate X Factor and spam low L kicks until his health is about half way down. By this time your gauge should be level 3 or 4. Activate a triple cross over combination and Galactus should die.

    This method takes a lot of trial and error and luck. Galactus doesn't follow a strict fighting pattern so sometimes he might flatten or poke your Iron Man early. Keep trying and you'll eventually have him punch the middle of the stage with his fist three or four times, missing Iron Man. Providing you get a perfect in every match and don't forget to activate X Factor etc, you should have around 510,000-520,000 Points by the end.
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  • SangriazSangriaz3,106,992
    07 May 2017 09 May 2017 09 May 2017
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    This is how I got the achievement.

    1. Sentinel
    2. Iron Man (Unibeam)
    3. Magneto

    Very Easy Difficulty, Infinite Time, Lowest Damage (Some suggest Highest damage but I found Lowest damage gives you more points due to Assists)

    Default controls are being used for the following part. QCF means rotating your stick from downward position towards the opponent (quarter circle forward).

    If you get damaged at all at any time while trying for this, immediately press menu button and go to character select and try again. First, switch out your character 6 times. Switching out is holding LB or RB. Now, go for a Snapback (QCF+RB or QCF+LB). After that, with Sentinel, keep pressing B + LB. This will shoot Sentinel's laser, and bring out Iron Man for his Unibeam assist.

    When the first opponent KOs, go towards the middle of screen, and try for another Snapback as soon as the second opponent appears. Back away and do the laser thing again.

    When the third opponent appears, activate X-Factor (A+B+X+Y). Then, shoot laser with B (do not use LB here) a couple times. Once the laser connects, immediately cancel into Combination Special (LB+RB). This will most likely kill the opponent. If not, spam lasers.

    You should have around 460-480k by the time Galactus fight starts using this method. Kill Galactus in anyway possible, and that will probably get you over the 500k mark for the achievement.

    Here's a video showing how to do this if you prefer visual guide:
  • GottleGottle693,554
    05 Jun 2019 08 Jun 2019 08 Jun 2019
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    Don't be scared, there is a very, very easy way to earn this achievement.
    You won't need to be good, nor finish each match with a perfect.

    Here's the plan:

    I suggest to use Sentinel (unibeam), Ironman and Dr Doom, but it's really up to you.

    - Select very easy difficulty, with lowest damage level, and infinite time.
    - Check your rivals: what you need is to individuate and keep alive a character with projectile
    Kill other rivals (cn_down+cn_B with Sentinel), and once you are versus your designed rival keep pressing cn_left, and press cn_RT right after the enemy attack hits you (while defending).
    You will earn 650 pts every single time you successfully do it. Without limits.

    You could keep spamming advance guard, but you can easily perform those moves to accelerate the path:

    - Press cn_LB/cn_RB (Crossover Assist) for 250pts.
    You can only bank it 24 times per match, so you'll earn 250*24=6.000pts
    - If the enemy hits you too much, remember to switch character holding cn_LB or cn_RB:
    this will slowly fill your (red) healt bar, and will also give you 1.500 pst (6 times per match).
    - Once per match you can also fill your (red) healt bar (only for your active character) by
    performing an X-Factor move. It will aslo give you 2.000 pts.

    You will see how many points you collected after each match, so yuo can consequently adjust the lenght of the remaining matches based on how many points you still need.
    You'll have 6 normal matches+ Galactus fight to earn 500.000+, so you're aiming at about 72.000 pts for each fight. I got more than 500.000 pts in the first 6 matches, just to be sure.

    PS: Please note that during some special moves you can keep spamming cn_RT while defending, and get several advance guards consecutively (that's easy vs Galactus, if you still need points).
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